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Open Skyrim Viking Build

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by Yingvar war wolf, May 26, 2017.

  1. Yingvar war wolf

    May 16, 2017
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    Im loving the viking series very much. Ive seen some other viking builds but I was wondering if you guys had any ideas. This is what I have so far.

    He comes from Scandinavia. They decided to hit the next land to raid. They were headed to England but during a cold and windy storm were knocked off course. Then a thick icy cold fog hit the boat. Many of the men lost consciousness and so did you. When you awoken you had hit land. Half of your crew dead of the cold. You and the other half led a march upon the place they call "solitude" You were out numbered 5/1. Your men still fought. All dead except you. You were wounded and lying on the ground. Men were going around with great-swords stabbing wounded soldiers to kill them, but when they got to you the general told them to halt. He showed great interest in me because I had lead the charge. He said If I would join his "legion" Then he would spare me. I disagreed he sent me to a holding cell were he questioned me for three days. Every time he asked me if I would join him I told him no. He insisted on the fact that I was a "nord" I told him I was a norse raider. He didn't believe me He sent me to helgen. I couldn't believe that these men were soldiers I could kill them with my bare hands.

    Follow the man who looks like your people out of helgen.

    Race: Norse (nord)... Im from Scandinavia and dont know why these people call me kinsman... I eventually come to the conclusion that nords must be kin to my people.

    Gender: male/female I used a male. However there were shield-maidens.

    weapons: most vikings used an axe and shield. I will use that mostly, and use an iron battle axe as it looks similar to the dane axe vikings used. Steel battle axes in skyrim have double heads witch vikings did not use. I will use an iron axe for a while as it looks similar to the mammen axes back home. When I begin raiding I will use a hold guards shield. Before that I will use hide. Swords in Scandinavia were only owned by the wealthiest of vikings. Swords costed so much to forge as they were different and better in combat then a standard axe. so probably after Im a thane of a hold or two I will forge an iron or steel sword. I will use iron a lot because vikings really didn't have acces to steel so it will be a strange but cool and strong material. I will probably use iron till lvl 10. Orcish will be allowed at lvl 15. Orcish swords look very close to what is called a seax it is basically a short sword.

    Armor: VERY LOW LVL lol. I will use clothing and a leather or hide helmet combined with bracers until lvl 7 as many vikings used clothing. at lvl 7 I will have a pick at fur, hide, leather, or hold guard as well as iron gauntlets. This is as far as I go with armor. At lvl 10 I will be allowed to get a steel helmet and bracers and boots if I chose. NO HORNED HELMET. Now I have thought and I may use stormcloak officer armor at around lvl 15. Remember this is not to be a try to see how op I can get this is a challenge and historical accuracy build. Maybe at lvl 20 If you want you can use scaled or dragon scale armor if you dont like low lvl.

    Archery: I will use a long bow until lvl 7. then hunting bow untill lvl 12 then forsworn. At lvl 15 I can use orcish and that is as far as I go. As for arrows I can use any arrows I please at any time.

    For clothes After I graduate into armor I will use clothes when I know Im not killing someone... Or ill use them while doing everyday stuff. I will ware regular clothes as well as the fine clothes with the fur cloaks as it looks pretty vikinglike. I will use clothing while in my home if Ill be there a while because having a casual breakfast in chainmail would be odd.

    Magic: I have a knowledge of ancient norse carved runes. A shaman taught me a set of powerful runes known as frost runes. It is the only magic I will use.

    Pillaging: I will pillage villages only. No hold citys I am only one man. I will pillage villages in certain holds but leave others alone. I will take what I want and kill anyone who tryes to stop me. Though I may not do this or stop doing it. IDK about that part. When I start raiding with the stormcloaks I will feel at piece. You could settle for raiding bandit camps.

    Companions: Fight for money... Easy gold my friend heck yea.
    Stormcloaks: I want to kill the empire that sunk my longboat and slaughtered my clansman.
    Dark Brotherhood: In norse culture things like assassinating people made one loose their honor meaning when they died they would not go to vallhalla.
    Thieves guild: Necessary to sell items from pillaging villages. Technically vikings were thieves but raiding thieves.
    Mages college: Im no mage. But It may prove useful for furthering my rune knowledge.
    Main quest: Not a faction but I will do it because it will bring honor to my name as a great warrior.
    Stormcloaks: Kill the puny soldiers who killed your crew and sunk your longboat. Not to mention tried to kill you.

    Carrying capacity: AHHH the dreaded role play tip. You may be thinking that your just going to load this guy down with 300 pounds worth of armor. Your not. For your items in weapons. axe and or sword. One two hander (btw vikings didn't use war-hammers) and then a bow and arrows. You can carry up to 3 other weapons to sell. For armor or clothing. One set of armor/clothing. One set of warmer armor/clothing. If your to lvl7 and using armor carry one or two sets of clothes as well. Try to limit 15-25 potions. Potions are hard to limit so its not set in stone. Maybe also 15 ingots at a time. If you want to carry an extra sword or armor piece for yourself to use it should be fine... But try to save a lot of carrying capacity for riches and treasures. For carrying treasures its up to you how much.

    Roleplaying tips.
    Do not ever try to buy you way out of things. Fight. Use intimidation as much as possible.
    Bar brawls are very viking like. And a very honorable way to make coin.
    Be slightly addicted to alchohol. Nord mead is your favorite as it has a bit of a stronger kick that the stuff back home.
    A home in dawnstar would be perfect. as it is snowy and has many ships.
    Try not to use armor boots. Think about it why would boots help in a real fight unless someone is going ham on your piggies you dont need armor boots with light armor. However with a build this challenging If you need it go for it.
    Try playing on a slightly lower difficulty to make it seem like your character is a great warrior. Vikings could take many cuts.
    Do not fast travel. Trust me Its way more fun.
    For money get jobs at inns. Pick crops for farmers. Chop wood. Hunt. With the carrying capacity limit gold will be harder to come bye. Witch makes it more realistic.
    Try not to use other peoples stuff. Their armor is fitted to them not you. If you want to pick up someones sword that you killed though. It should be fine. If you want to use the armor off of someones body you need to improve it first.
    If your riding a horse you can carry extra items and act as if you strap them to your trusty steed. I would say 2 extra weapons and armor pieces.
    Treat your horse with care, Gold is hard to come by these days.
    I limit the carrying cap so that gold is harder to come by making weapons and treasures more valuable.
    When doing the thieves guild main quests. Dont be sneaky a lot. Do what you have to do. At golden glow come it burn the hives. Kill the elf get the cash and all his treasures. BAM.

    I hope this was a good build do yall have any suggestions.
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