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Skyrim Jack of All Trades Character

Discussion in 'General Skyrim Discussion' started by Lytro, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Lytro

    Lytro New Member

    Jun 19, 2012
    Is it possible to create a jack of all trades character. I was wanting to create one, but I can't really think of how to make the character. I want to know what race would best fit this character, with their abilities. Also I want to know what skills are needed and what skills are unnecessary because their are only so many perks that you can get. Another thing is, is a jack of all trades character a good idea on master?
  2. Uther Pundragon

    Uther Pundragon The Harbinger of Awesome Staff Member

    May 9, 2012
    Most people would say to not try and make a jack of all trades character because perk points are limited and in Skyrim, perks matter more than skill value. Imo anyway. However, if you are doing to for RP then I say go for it!

    Mostly if you try to become a jack of all trades this will mean your non combat skills will go toward your overall enemy level thus making them harder while you are weaker as you won't be focused solely on combat skills.

    But I say go for it. Some of my most favorite characters have been gimped. :)
  3. tigersharkdude

    tigersharkdude Member

    Nov 29, 2011
    Go for it, Im having an epically good time with my level 69 Nord.

    I can get you a full build and in detail if you want. True perk points are limited, but if you choose the right perks in Enchanting and Smithing and take both to 100 early on in the game..you can create enchanted armor that will help a lot (especially with the duel enchant perk).

    My character is great with a board and sword, all magic skills are at 100 (with 100% fortify destruction cost on gear set). Im good with a bow (enchanted and smithed daedric, with a few perks..bow does 200+ damage). Basically its pretty easy, and its really fun because you rarely encounter an "oh sh**" situation
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  4. Lytro

    Lytro New Member

    Jun 19, 2012
    Thank you, and I would like a full build and in detail if you could give me one. I would appreciate it.
  5. tigersharkdude

    tigersharkdude Member

    Nov 29, 2011
    I will post in this thread in the morning with a writeup
  6. Siah

    Siah Member

    Mar 25, 2012
    ^ basically what tigersharkdude said. One of my favorite builds was a spellsword necromancer with particular perk focus in conjuration, destruction, one-hand, with some in smith, ench, and alteration. I'd personally pick between destruction and archery for perks as both are distance focused and you still want perks to spend elsewhere... but the bound weapons are pretty excellent early on.
  7. Admiral Snackbar

    Admiral Snackbar it's a...well, you know.

    Jun 14, 2012
    I'm working in a JOAT character myself. Imperial spellsword... I'm only level 25, but my plan is to focus combat to archery and one handed, swords only, so as to overcome perk limitations. I will max out smithing, and dabble in enchanting. As for magika, I am only adding perks to destruction and restoration, while ignoring all others. This is my first time playing, so time will tell.
  8. Streets

    Streets The Gentleman Owl

    May 17, 2012
    I also agree with tigersharkdude, if you get into enchanting, you can have different sets of armor to reduce all your magic school casting costs to 0 or low, so you don't have to take those cost reduction perks and can still use all the magic.
  9. RoG Delta

    RoG Delta Member

    May 28, 2012
    I would say for a jack, put points into conjuration (twin souls is beast), speech (fence can be really nice, plus selling stolen stuff), enchanting (dual enchant + insightful enchanter+ enchanter 5/5= 2 free schools of magic) some destruction (dual and intense flames or whatever) smithing (prob right side+ arcane) archery or whatever your character wants to do.
  10. ShadowGambit

    ShadowGambit Active Member

    Jun 17, 2012
    Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam
    You can be a Jack of all trade: having all skills or so at level 100. That will take you to level 81.

    Remember, Jack of all trade means "good in all, master of none". But for a good build in Skyrim, I would just say "Master of few". The few being Enchanting and Alchemy.

    You will have 2 main limitations in your build : Number of perk points (only 80 max) and .. Carry Weight limit (you will have to carry around A LOT of equipment). For example, you will have to carry a shield, a 2 handed weapon, a One Handed weapon, a dagger and a bow as weapons. As armor, at least one set of Light armor and 1 set of heavy armor... and 5-6 sets of clothes enchanted with different bonuses to cover all your non combat skills.

    For the perk I would only take what looks like the most essential to me in each skill tree. Here what my skill set up would look like:

    Smithing (4)
    • Steel
    • Elven
    • Advanced Armor (will cover light AND Heavy armor)
    • Arcane Smithing
    Elven armor will take you to the cap with your Light Armor perks. Steel Plate will take you to the cap with your Heavy armor perks. And that' WITHOUT a shield.​

    Archery (5)
    • Overdraw 2/5
    • Eagle Eye
    • Steady hand 1/2
    Your bow will do about 140+ damage, depending on the type of bow you are using. Elven bow will do the best damage though, because of your smithing.​

    One-Handed (3)
    • Armsman 3/5
    You will do about 105+ damage with your weapon, depending on the type of weapon you are using. Elven weapon will do the best damage though, because of your smithing.​

    Two-Handed (3)
    • Barbarian 3/5
    You will do about 125+ damage with your weapon, depending on the type of weapon you are using. Elven weapon will do the best damage though, because of your smithing.​

    Heavy Armor (4)
    • Juggernaut 1/5
    • Fist of Steel
    • Cushioned
    • Conditioning
    Block (3)
    • Shield Wall 1/5
    • Deflect Arrows
    • Elemental protection
    The Goal here is to get the 50% elemental protection​

    Alchemy (7)
    • Alchemist 5/5
    • Physician
    • Benefactor
    So you can get +147% fortify potions. You will need all type of potions outside of poisons and invisibility (because you have the spell).​

    Sneak (4)
    • Stealth 1/5
    • Backstab
    • Deadly Aim
    • Assassin Blade
    The left tree will not be necessary if you use Invisibiity and Muffle spell/enchantment.​

    Light Armor (4)
    • Agile Defender 1/5
    • Custom Fit
    • Unhindered
    • Wind Walker
    Pickpocket (3)
    • Light Fingers 1/5
    • Night Thief
    • Extra Pocket
    Extra pocket will be much needed in this build​

    Speech (3)
    • Haggling
    • Allure
    • merchant
    You can sell any type of merchant to any merchant. Example, a Blacksmith will buy ingredients from you with this perk.​

    Lockpicking (5)
    • Novice
    • Apprentice
    • Adept
    • Golden Touch
    • Treasure Hunter
    In any other build I would NEVER put any points in this tree. It is useless, even more with the Skeleton key. But because it is a JACK OF ALL TRADE, i tried to make the best of it.​

    Enchanting (8)
    • Enchanter 5/5
    • Insightful enchanter
    • Corpus enchanter
    • Extra Effects
    The Goal is to make pieces of apparel with +29% Smithing and Alchemy or Fortify (spells type). Also +48% archery/One-Handed/Two-handed.​

    Conjuration (6)
    • Novice
    • Mystic Binding
    • Soul Stealer
    • Summoner 1/2
    • Atromancy
    • Elemental potency
    Atronach is more versatile than undead. and Jack of All Trades are about versatility.​

    Alteration (5)
    • Novice
    • Apprentice
    • Magic resistance 3/3
    Obviously, it is to get the much needed Magic resistance. Also detect life, waterbreathing and Paralyze are useful.​

    Restoration (4)
    • Novice
    • Regeneration
    • Recovery
    • Respite 1/2
    Illusion (4)
    • Novice
    • Animage
    • Kindred Mage
    • Quiet Casting
    Quiet casting appies tio all spells and even ... shouts... you know, a Quiet Shout :)

    • Novice
    • Augmented Shock 1
    • Desintegrate
    I chose the Shock damage because it is the least resisted and because the Desintegrate is the most useful "low health" perk.​

    Final Word

    As I said, Good in all but master of the few. All trees are covered, even if some like lockpicking are useless in my point of view. 80 perks spend. Also, I would advise 200 Magicka, 450 health and 450 Stamina, to be able to carry more. In the same idea, choose the Lover stone at the beginning and the Steed stone at the end game.​

    Critics are welcome
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  11. tigersharkdude

    tigersharkdude Member

    Nov 29, 2011
    Here are my perks (and yes I have two unused perk points ATM)
    Skyrim Perk Calculator - Plan the perks for your Skyrim character before spending them!

    Health- 450
    Magika- 390
    Stamina- 190

    Gear Set (everything is made by myself)
    Armor Rating- 712
    Amulet- destruction speels cost 25% less, One-handed does 40% more damage)
    Ring- destruction speels cost 25% less, One-handed does 40% more damage)
    Armor- Daedric Armor, 262 rating ( destruction speels cost 25% less, Increase health 50 points)
    Boots- Daedric Boots, 162 rating ( Carrying capacity +37points, One-handed does 40% more damage)
    Gauntlets- Daedric Gauntlets, 162 rating (One-handed does 40% more damage, Bows do 40% more damage)
    Helmet- Daedric Helmet, 127 rating ( destruction speels cost 25% less, Bows do 40% more damage)

    IF you need anything else let me know
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