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Quest Shezarrine - The Fate Of Tamriel: In need of modelers, texture artists and level designers

Discussion in 'Skyrim Mods' started by anbeegod, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. anbeegod

    anbeegod New Member

    Jan 23, 2017
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    The civil war of Skyrim was over, with the assassination of Emperor Titus Mede II as its ultimate result. The emperor's heir, Prince Julius Mede, had ascended the throne as the new emperor of this dusking nation, who would soon increase the empire's tension with the An-Xileel that governs the Black Marsh, and cause further conflicts with the Aldmeri Dominion down south; while High Rock's nobility had plunged the province into starvation and chaos, and Skyrim had yet to recover from the war that plagued the realm, Cyrodiil was left alone.

    As the politicians and nobles worried and planned for their own safety in the wars to come, the new emperor focused only on the search for an Elder Scroll, lost to the ages, buried in a ruin that had never been marked on maps and in history. The reason behind his search was unknown, but if one thing was certain, it would be that this Elder Scroll bears knowledge that can change the understanding of the people towards this very world.

    Julius Mede's search shall led the hero of Skyrim to the summit of the White-Gold Tower. There, the two shall confront each other; there, the hero of Skyrim shall unveil their true and final destiny; there, the fate of the world shall be decided; and there, the gods shall have their final tournament in this arena.

    In this story, the hero of Skyrim will learn of their true identity as Shezarrine, the mortal incarnation of Lorkhan, and bear the burdens and powers that this title would bestow them. The player will travel with Onmund, an aspiring and intelligent mage, in their journey for the Elder Scroll that Emperor Julius Mede desperately wanted; as the Elder Scroll would hold the key to all answers regarding Shezarrine's final destiny.

    Other details:

    The theme of this story is generally dark, grim, and mysterious, and there would be a great deal of freedom provided to the player regarding dialogues and choices in quests. In this mod, you can roleplay to your liking, and interact with the characters however you desire.

    I have written a certain extent of philosophy and ideology in the story, however, players who find that boring can definitely ignore them, while the players who are interested can discuss and even debate that with the characters, and that's one of the keypoints of my mod - freedom.

    This mod rewrites Onmund, effectively making him a follower with 3000 lines and a unique personality. Onmund will be one of the five key characters in the story, with the other four being Emperor Julius Mede I, the son of the late emperor Titus Mede II; The High Archon, leader and founder of the third Aldmeri Dominion; Ingvi, the sister of Onmund; and the player themselves.

    The story takes place after the end of the Skyrim Civil War, the Dark Brotherhood and the College of Winterhold questline, which makes this mod a post-ending quest mod, i.e. the true ending. Logically, I'd list the completion of the main quests (Alduin questline) as one of the requirements to begin the story, but I understand a great deal of people are using alternate start mods, which effectively remove them from the identity as a Dragonborn. I would make this mod compatible with the idea.

    A great deal of (1) the conflicts between men and elves, (2) the world state of Tamriel, are mentioned in the dialogues and background infos, but the arch scope will be about the civil war of Aetherius.

    What you can do in this mod:
    1. Unmake the empire
    2. Unmake the Aldmeri Dominion
    3. Destroy the world
    4. Save the world
    5. Become ruler of the continent
    6. Help the Dominion in its way of conquering all lands except the Black Marsh (No soul can defeat the An-Xileel in its domain, this will be explained in the story)
    7. Kill 1 or 2 gods (the number depends on your choice)
    8. Befriend, antagonize or romance a follower with comprehensive background and personality, who is the key to all events in this mod
    9. Kill the emperor and the High Archon, the leader of the Aldmeri Dominion
    10. Crumble the final Tower

    What you might not be able to do in this mod (meaning either I have no similar plans or I am unable to do due to technical constraints):
    1. Travel to new lands (this mod will work like Hearts of Stone of TW3; not just because it would be better for this mod's storytelling, but also because I suffered angst and helplessness, as well as emotional pressure while I attempted to create new zones in Creation Kit)
    2. Actually rule Tamriel as its ruler (if you get the ruler ending; because your freedom would be greatly reduced should you become a ruler, which is impractical for Skyrim's game mode)
    3. Get tons of fight (this mod mainly focuses on conversations; though you can fight and kill 99% of this mod's characters and still progress the story)
    4. Have epic side quests (NOT side content; the follower will have thousands of dialogues about things other than the mod's main story)

    Conditions of starting this mod:
    1. Have NOT joined the College of Winterhold (a new safe is recommended because the follower has remarks on almost EVERYTHING of vanilla game as well as DLC)
    2. Join the College of Winterhold after installing the mod

    Conditions of starting the questline:
    1. Complete the College of Winterhold questline (the whole story DEPENDS on the outcome of the College of Winterhold questline)
    2. End the Skyrim Civil War (MIGHT NOT be a requirement in the finished product; currently, certain parts of the story depends on the outcome of the CW, but since CW itself is so lame yet long thus shuneed by practically everyone, I'm considering deleting the parts related to CW outcome so that completion of CW will not be necessary)
    3. Destroy the Dark Brotherhood OR finish the Dark Brotherhood questline (for sometimes before we usher in the new, the old must be put to rest)

    Though the completion of other questlines (Alduin, DLCs, Daedric) is unnecessary, there will be tons of dialogues and scenes that result from their completion; for example, the High Archon (leader of Thalmor) will say "killing Alduin is a mighty deed, but insignificant compared to the task ahead"; another example being you asking if you can use the Ancestor Moth method to read a new Elder Scroll obtained during the mod, given you've completed that certain quest of Dawnguard; the most notable feature is that, you can use Bend Will on characters in many occasions, opening new paths and possibilities for the story.

    The theme of this mod will be grim. You shall not find sunny-optimism in the story - Tamriel is at its darkest age ever since the Interregnum. The author of the story is not a fan of optimism nevertheless.

    I've been asking for help in place creation and modeling for months with no one actually offering to help. Though the processes of place creation and modeling almost made me want to kill myself and be done with it, and I've thought about giving up modding and perhaps quitting video games (that's what these two things had done to my mind a few months ago; makes no sense, but that's what angst and total desperation are), what was started must be finished. I don't know if anyone would ever join me in this mod's creation, but it will be completed regardless - what might change is the quality and finishing time of the final product.


    Estimated to have more than 8000 lines in total, with about a half being Onmund's.

    Multi-arch questline.

    New locations. (the biggest and probably one of the only 2 problems I have for now)

    Numerous options in the adventures.



    Writing and CK implementation 60% done.

    Place making/level designing 10% done. (It's very difficult for me, and I've already tried my best to do it)

    Asking for:

    1. Level designers with CK experience

    2. Scripters

    3. Modelers

    4. Texture artists

    What you can gain by lending your hands in this mod:

    1. Experience

    2. My eternal gratitude and friendship


    gahatimdragon@hotmail.com (Email or Skype)

    anbeegod#9578 (Discord)

    Some screenshots of the stuff made (my major strength is writing, level designing isn't my strong suit)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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