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Quest Sah in Skyrim Heat - Based TV show Pacific Heat

Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by Sah, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Sah

    Sah Well-Known Member

    Mar 2, 2015
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    Sah “guys guys, this was very disappointing, no team work, and total lack of commitment, our approach is reckless; we just can’t rush in with all arrows blazing!”
    Archer Sah “what about some arrows blazing?”
    Sah “No”
    Archer Sah “what about one arrow blazing?”
    Thief Sah “I want to protest!!!!”
    Pacifist Sah “what’s the matter honey?”
    Thief Sah ”why do I have to do all the sneaking?, everyone is looking at my butt”
    Pacifist Sah “well, It would help if you put on some panties”
    Sah “guys we are getting side tracked”
    Archer Sah “what about half a arrow blazing?”
    Sah “our focus is on how to take out Nimhe the spider in Markarth?”
    Thief Sah “we could use insect replant?”
    Pacifist Sah “or a real big glass?”
    Archer Sah “we can go and visit Hroki”
    Sah “Horki? witch one is that?”
    Archer Sah “Silver-blood Inn ....sabertooth g-string"
    Sah “Hroki ,,,,ohhh yea, I remember her!”
    Thief Sah “it would make a good slingshot”
    Sah “good idea, Archer Sah are you listening? ....It’s your job to take out the giant spider”
    Archer Sah “uhmmm what? ....still having flashbacks about the sabertooth g-string”
    Sah “hello. The giant spider, you go in g-string blazing”
    Archer Sah “good... lets go see Hroki."
    Sah "where are the rest of the guys?”
    Pacifist Sah “Mage Sah is in Winterhold trying to stop the mages from moving to Hogwarts”
    Sah “what about Assassin Sah?”
    Pacifist Sah “dont tell me you forgot?"
    Sah “yea that's right, Assassin Sah is having electroshock therapy for multiple personality disorder, still thinks she's the Night Mother!”


    Sah "quiet guys, this is a quick insertion, its in and out, who's got the list?"
    Pacifist Sah "that's me, its all under control"
    Sah "OK this is the plan, we kill the spider and grab all the loot on the list, Archer Sah will cover us with the slingshot, you did remember to bring it?"
    Archer Sah "yes I did, Thief Sah is wearing it"
    Sah "Thief Sah take it off, we got work to do"
    Thief Sah "I protest!!!!! every one will be looking at me again"
    Pacifist Sah "oh shut up, you like it"
    Sah "are we ready?, on the count of three, one........two ........"
    Pacifist Sah "uhm sorry, but are you sure we are after loot?, the list says Christmas tree, wrapping paper, sticky tape, cards, lights, shiny balls ext...but nothing about loot?"
    Thief Sah " I knew it was a mistake to bring her along"
    Sah "will deal with her later, but I need you to take off the slingshot right now"
    Archer Sah "yea stop stalling and take off the slingshot"
    Pacifist Sah "yes stop stalling, people have paid good money for this"
    Thief Sah "why are you holding a video camera?"
    Sah "its going to be one of those days"


    Sah "surprise, look who is back? .... Its Mage & Assassin Sah"
    Assassin Sah "tra la la, tra la lee, da da dum dum, dee dee..."
    Sah "see told you the therapy would work"
    Assassin Sah "Let's kill someone?"
    Archer Sah "yep! she is back to normal"
    Mage Sah "so what did I miss?"
    Archer Sah "the usual, Thief Sah forgot to put on her slingshot again"
    Thief Sah “I want to protest”
    Pacifist Sah "oh not again, that's all you do, just protest?"
    Thief Sah "what did I say?, I've got rights too"
    Pacifist Sah "one day I am going to hurt you bad"
    Thief Sah "looks like you're angry?"
    Pacifist Sah "I'm not angry!"
    Thief Sah "you sound angry?"
    Pacifist Sah "well, I'm angry now, but I wasn't before"
    Mage Sah "so whats the plan?"
    Sah "we came to Skyrim to pursue a dream, and now that dream's turned into......"
    Mage Sah "a nightmare?"
    Sah "can you let me finish?"
    Mage Sah "oh, sorry"
    Sah "as I was saying, the dream"
    Pacifist Sah "what dream?"
    Sah "uhm well ....it's lost its impact now?"
    Mage Sah "is it the one about being stuck in a cage like some animal at the zoo?"
    Sah "what cage?"
    Archer Sah "uhmm ... that was not a dream"
    Pacifist Sah "what do you mean, not a dream?"
    Archer Sah "remember that stripper part time job?"
    Thief Sah “I want to protest”
    Pacifist Sah "here we go again"
    Sah "guys, about the dream?"
    Archer Sah "I think she liked it? Being leered at like some animal at the zoo?"
    Sah "I was speaking metaphorically"
    Mage Sah "witch part? about the dream or stripper job?"
    Assassin Sah "Oohhh... Just... Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab! And then... Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab!"
    Archer Sah "thats right Assassin Sah, No tip ... Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab!"
    Thief Sah "I think that's why the strip joint closed down in the first place ....bad tippers"
    Sah "as I was saying, the dream"
    Assassin Sah "He he he he he he he he he he...Thief Sah? its about time you get a new job"
    Thief Sah “I protest !!!!!!”
    Pacifist Sah "I am going to hurt you"
    Archer Sah "I will go get the video camera"
    Thief Sah “what do you need the camera for?”
    Sah "this is turning into a nightmare"
    Mage Sah "see I told ya"

    Inspired by the TV show Pacific Heat
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  2. Sah

    Sah Well-Known Member

    Mar 2, 2015
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