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(Roleplay Build) The Lunatic

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Ratlance, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Ratlance

    Ratlance New Member

    Apr 10, 2012
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    The Lunatic:
    Is completely mad and obsessed with fire and at a young age his obsession led to the demise of his family.

    In a small village in Morrowind he first learned to cast a small candle of a flame, which he used to burn the local insects, but this candle of a flame beckoned him, called to him to let it grow, and let it grow he did. His knowledge of fire consumed him and his parents encouraged him, thinking that they had a genius for a son who would deliver them out of the small life and into riches... they even let themselves think he might be able to rival the legendary Neveraine. The fire had a different idea and spoke to the boy, telling him to burn guars and the boy cherished how the guars squirmed and ran in fear till they plopped dead on the ground.

    One day burning the guars was not enough, and he began burning other children in secret; this overjoyed him to no extent. People began looking at him and he heard them talking about him, saying he was crazy, saying he was killing all the children. They had no proof though, and the boy did not care.

    On one dark night when the flames would show the brightest, he burnt down the small village and all the people in it. He could hear his family screaming, and people crying out while he danced with the flames laughing in ecstasy, for he had a new family now, a family that understood him... the fire.

    Exiled from Morrowind, he found himself on ship to be taken away and imprisoned for life. The ship fell into an unlucky storm and crashed upon the shores of Skyrim where his captors led him to the imperials to be beheaded...


    As the Lunatic you are a master of flames, but with the mastery comes a sort of insanity. You are enthralled by the look of Thalmor , it brings up a warm feeling inside to burn those fancy douches and then wearing parts their robes just adds to further insult; also, the robes just look nice.

    Your focus is feeding the flames and causing terror amongst the citizens of Skyrim. To cause terror you play with their minds and burn the citizens whenever you feel the need. Although the wisdom of age has taught you that listening to the fire usually ends up bad and in jail and to grow in your mastery you must sometimes listen to the idiots. Also, with the harsh life of growing old your character sometimes does some good for absolute no reason... maybe he starts to feel lonely in his madness.

    Being the dragon born absolutely delights you. You knew you weren’t normal like all the other frost loving idiots of Skyrim and truly were gifted by the fire. You love anything fire related, and fire dragons are a particular delight to kill for you. Actually anything to do with souls and their capture is a delight, because it brings life to your flames. You detest anything that is frost or likes it, so you detest almost all nords and rather see them burn.

    Dark Elf.jpg

    Physical Features:

    You are of course a Dunmer for their innate resistance to fire and love for it. You are also of a slight skinny build due to not specializing in armor, but you can have some muscle due to your use of the axe. You have absolutely no hair on your face, since it has been permanently burned away. Your face should also be covered with some crazy red warpaint and lots of dirt (I chose the Red Skull for warpaint).

    - Azura: Sometimes the Dunmer ways are just to deeply rooted in you.
    - Stone: First mage then Atronach.
    - Talos: Faster Shouts.
    - Deadra: They pique your interest and help your powers grow.

    Unhooded Thalmor Robes or Hooded Black Mage Robes (look awesome)
    - Wear regular robes from the College of Winterhold till you can enchant.
    - Found at the Thalmor Embassy or end of College of Winterhold quest line.
    - Hooded Black Mage Robes can be found through the quest, "Hitting the Books." Found in the circular Library room on a shelf.
    - Enchant Hooded Black Mage Robes with Fortify Destruction and Restoration.

    Mourner's Cap (If not wearing Hooded Black Mage Robes)
    - Enchant with Fortify Destruction and Fortify Restoration
    - Can buy in Solitude at Radiant Raiment.

    Thalmor Boots and Gloves
    - Enchant Gloves with Fortify One Handed and Fortify Magicka
    - Enchant Boots with Fire Resistance and Fortify One Handed

    - Fortify Destruction and Fortify Restoration

    - Enchant with Fortify Destruction and Restoration


    War Axe:
    - Enchant with Fire Damage and Fiery Soul Trap to have 2 enchantments that deal fire damage.


    Major: Destruction, Enchanting, One Handed

    Minor: Conjuration, illusion, Restoration

    -Destruction: Novice -> Adept (Enchanting should take care of the rest), 2/2 augment flames, Intense flames, dual cast, impact, Rune Master.

    -Enchanting: 5/5 Enchanter, Fire Enchanter, Insightful, Corpus, Extra Effect.

    -One Handed: 5/5 Armsman, 1/1 Fighting Stance, 1/1 Savage Strike, 3/3 Hack and Slash, Dual Flurry 2/2, Dual Savagery.

    -Conjuration: Novice -> Apprentice (Will only summon Flame Atronach), Summon 2/2, Atromancy, Elemental, Twin Souls, Dual Cast.

    -Restoration: Novice -> Apprentice, Respite, Regeneration, Recovery 2/2, Avoid Death, Necromage.

    -Illusion: Novice, Hypnotic Gaze, Aspect of Terror (Raises fire damage.)

    Shouts: Become Ethereal, Slow Time.


    Fire Dance.png Fire Dance: The flames and him become lost in a romantic dance and burn all those who try to interfere in this loving romance.
    Flame Cloak + Ethereal -> Dual Savagery.
    Fire Works.jpg Fireworks: The lights! the lovely lights and people cheering!​
    Slow Time + (Fire bolt -> Fireball -> Incinerate)
    Madness.png Madness!!!: Everyone shall know my name, and my name is Fire!!!​
    Ethereal + Fire Storm + Slow Time
    Burn it all....png Burn it all...: Like insects, sometimes things just need to die.​
    Wall of Flames + Slow Time
    Idiots.jpg Idiots: A circle of healing and flaming axes, come touch me, I dare you!​
    Guardian Circle + Dual Flurry
    In Love.jpg In Love: You summon two fiery women to spread warmth and love.​
    Fire Atronach + Twin Souls.

    Winterhold: Have to become stronger somewhere and maybe some idiots can teach you a thing or two.
    Dark Brotherhood: Paid to burn people... Yes please!
    Main Quest: Dragon born = not normal = more fiery power... Yes!!!
    Civil War: A chance to burn Nords, okay. Join the imperials, the Stormcloaks have more Nords.

    Level Ratio:

    Health for the first few levels, then Magicka, with very little going into Stamina.
    Probably put most points into Health, since enchanting will take care of the rest later on.

    Helpful Links:
    Fiery Soul Trap Enchantment: Fiery Soul Trap - The Elder Scrolls Wiki
    Ethereal Shouts: Become Ethereal - The Elder Scrolls Wiki
    Slow Time Shouts: Slow Time - The Elder Scrolls Wiki

    [ Currently playing this build on expert, so somethings on this thread may change due to difficulties or roleplay issues. If you have any questions please ask. I hope you enjoy. ]
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  2. Ratlance

    Ratlance New Member

    Apr 10, 2012
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    So far so good. I made a few changes, got rid of the investor perk and dual cast in conjuration. I don't believe investor is good for the roleplay aspect and think Rune Master is better. Runes are also just great fun when sneaking around. I changed the dual cast in conjuration to 2/2 summoner to help with sneaking.

    This build has been a lot of fun so far, and he is definitely a glass cannon... I have been taking on sabre cats and frost trolls at level 8 though without much problem. Runes have been a life savor. I recommend getting become ethereal as soon as possible and also getting enchant up so you can get a fire axe to help you.

    Currently level 12 with 140 Magicka, 170 hp, 100 stamina.

    Skills: 41 destruction, 33 Conjuration, 29 Illusion, 43 enchanting, 24 one handed, 22 speech.

    I find this character levels up really fast, so I'm trying to be extra careful in balancing out his skills.

    I just got the first ethereal shout and now plan on going to solitude to get slow time at Hags End then attempt to get Azura's Star and join the College of Winterhold.


    Ok, I changed his armor to Thalmor and will change to Hooded Black Mage Robes when my enchanting is maxed; it just looks so much cooler. I have now reached level 23 and have both the ethereal and slow time shout. Ethereal is awesome and can kill mages easily with it.

    This character has been a blast to play. The stacking damage of fire is great and then hitting them with a fire enchanted axe is devastating. I mostly use the flames spell and just unlocked Terror in the illusion tree to make this spell more powerful.

    Also, really enjoying how easily he can die, even though I don't die often, but the battles are excitingly close. I decided to use restoration, just to keep me in the action more.

    Plan on unlocking Intense flames soon, so I can enjoy people running in fear of me. I have really only been putting perks in destruction and enchanting with a little in the one handed (which is one of my lowest skills), but will start going more into Restoration and conjuration soon.
  3. 13ravoZulu

    13ravoZulu New Member

    Jun 16, 2012
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    Definitely gonna try it out, but I think you made a mistake on the Restoration tree. Regeneration isn't a 2/2 perk. I think you forgot to add Recovery? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Ratlance

    Ratlance New Member

    Apr 10, 2012
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    your right. i meant both recovery 2/2 and regeneration. i will make sure to fix later, on my android right now.

    Edit: ok fixed, hope you enjoy this build. I am about level 28 now and still going strong.

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