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PC Post Useful Console Commands In This Thread

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Skullrattla, May 11, 2012.

  1. Skullrattla

    Skullrattla Button Pusher

    Dec 25, 2011
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    Please also post a description of how to use .

    Type the console command only in bold italics and/or use colour.

    Here are a few I know of:

    tcl (Toggle Clipping): Allows you to get unstuck when stuck in the landscape. Just move through anything , any direction. Turns off gravity for your player too. It's a toggle , you enter it once to turn on, then again to return to normal. Can be used to fly (but the game will probably crash if you go too high or too far)

    showracemenu Brings up the character creation menu, allowing you to change your character (changing race can create problems or mess up your skills, changing looks is fine)

    fov Followed by a number set the field of view. try 95 for widescreen, wide angle.

    set timescale to followed by a number, does what it says . 20 is game default. 1 is real time but creates problems. Changing timescale in general may create quest-related problems, according to various unconfirmed reports I have seen. Can be set to high values and used for time lapse effects if your PC can handle it.
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    Jan 24, 2016
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  3. mushiii

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    Oct 25, 2017
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    Great work I will share soon best things
  4. JoeReese

    JoeReese Well-Known Member

    Sep 14, 2012
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    player.setav carryweight 1000 Sets your carry weight to 1000 lbs, but only for that gaming session. Useful for looting large areas, without having to run to a container.

    tfc 1 Stops all action and lets you zoom the camera around, to take screen shots. If you're in 1st person, you will be invisible. If in 3rd person, you will be visible. Good for screen shots.

    tfc Returns you to normal after tfc 1 command, but it can also be used as the initial command. Works the same way, except does not stop action. tfc again returns to normal.

    tm Toggles menu hud, so you can take screenshots without a compass bar in your way. Be very careful with this one. You're typing blind to turn it back on.

    help Lets you find the console ID of items, NPCs, spells, locations, etc. Console ID needed for many commands.
    Searching more than one word needs quotes (ie: help grimsever vs help "glass sword")

    player.placeatme (Console ID without parentheses) (quantity without parenthesis) (ie: player.placeatme 0123456 1 would spawn one of whatever that fictional ID might be, at your feet)

    player.additem 0123456 1 Gives you one of the item with whatever console ID you type in.
    *To give an item to an NPC, open console and click on them with the console mouse, til you see their ID number, then use additem 0123456 1, don't put player. first)

    player.removeitem 0123456 1 Does the opposite of above

    player.drop 0123456 1 You drop the item on the ground, rather than having it just removed into the cosmos

    tgm Toggle God mode. You become invulnerable and your spells and abilities take no magicka or stamina. Useful for surviving when taking screenshots of epic battles.
    Also makes your carry weight unlimited, but unlike the setav command, you will see that annoying "you are carrying too much" while you're in and out of inventory.

    coc whiterunbanneredmare "Center on Cell" teleports you to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. (Or wherever you choose to go. Use the help command to find the name of the cell.)

    cow tamriel 4, -4 "Center on World" teleports you to exterior world spaces, by x, y coordinates, in this case the Whiterun gates. Find a list of map coordinates online, or use a mod.

    Both of these are useful for getting into and out of places blocked by glitches, or when you can't fast travel, for whatever reason.

    player.addperk 0123456 Gives you whatever perk you type the ID number for. No quantity needed. player.removeperk 0123456 gets rid of it. (Good for testing mods)

    player.addspell 0123456 Does the same for spells. player.removespell 0123456 makes it go away.

    (NPCs, use addperk or addspell without player. and removeperk or removespell the same way)

    setessential 0123456 0 Makes an immortal NPC killable. 1 makes killable NPCs unkillable. (Useful for getting rid of Maul in Riften. Does not work on Brynjolf)

    These are the ones I use most. There are tons of potential commands out there. Never make a console change without making a hard save (no quick or autosave) first, just in case you screw up and have to revert to a previous save.

    Here's the best site I've found for console commands. The wikia site is good too.


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