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Private Pirates of the Elder Scrolls: Curse of the Sea Sponge

Discussion in 'Active Stories' started by Cordelia, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Cordelia

    Cordelia Global Moderator
    Staff Member

    Feb 19, 2013
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    The Sea of Ghosts murmured with each gently lapping wave, sharing its secrets with the stones and sand of Broken Oar Grotto's shore. Fog clotted the air, and rendered the cavern's already remote entrance all but invisible. Not far off, and tethered to a frozen sand bar, the fog churned and swirled in the exhausted steam of Tamriel's greatest marvel: The Sea Sponge.

    Her Dwemer engines sang beneath her reinforced hull, but generated barely more than a hum to any close enough to hear. On a clear day, she remained in sight of the grotto, if you knew where to look, but on this morning, with the sun yet to crest the hidden horizon, she was nothing more than a notion in need of a map to find.

    The grotto had once been home to others -- a bloodthirsty band of buccaneers who would sooner sell their mothers than part with their treasure. They hadn't stood a chance.

    But then, whoever did when the pirates of The Sea Sponge decided to move in?

    [Closed RP for the crew of The Sea Sponge, and Invite Only members of the public.]



    Cordelia: Captain

    KaitoGhost: First Mate

    M'aiqaelF: Second Mate (Ike)

    Anouck: Quarter Master

    Catbug Sqeagy: Ship's Sponge (the first Sea Sponge)

    lastphoenix: Ship's War Czar (offensive, and occasionally offensive)

    Melee: Ship's Medic (See; Markiplier: Surgeon Simulator 2013 for "do not seek medical help")

    Gidian: Melee's Practical (minion)

    Irish: Ship's Cook

    Lady Imp: Ship's Wench

    Skies: Ship's Battle Butler (for Hire)

    Janus3003: Helmsman, and ship's Shepherd Book.

    Nyoxios: Shipwright and Mechanic

    nordicowboy: Crewman

    Krys: Ship's Musician (The Girl Who Waited)

    Naginata: Ship's Navigator

    Currently Inactive/Less Active Members:

    Buffington Battle-Born
    Jei El
    Captain Nagisus
    Nocte Aeterna

    [Have at it!]
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  2. KaitoGhost

    KaitoGhost Sea Sponge First Mate

    Dec 27, 2012
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    The incredibly handsome and charming First Mate ( :p ) stumbled gracefully onto the deck, pausing a moment to take a pull from the bottle of rum he clutched firmly in his weathered hands. False dawn was upon Skyrim, which normally would have given shape to the featureless landscape. Not this morning, however. Not even the moons were visible in the thickly swirling coastal mists. He was alone in the world.

    Almost alone. Kaito rubbed his eyes with his free hand, trying to wipe away the previous night's excesses, and peered once more through the haze. At the stern of the ship, nearly invisible in the shapeless gloom, stood the night's watch. Hungover as he was, the First Mate couldn't remember who was on duty. He hoped that whomever the unlucky soul was, he or she had been smart enough to limit themselves during the revelry. He gave a friendly wave to the shape, and strode to the bow of the mighty vessel.

    His breath left puffs of vapor in the morning chill, which quickly disappeared into the fog. Kaito took another drink of rum, to fight off both the hangover and the cold, and placed the bottle on the railing. He enjoyed these quiet mornings to himself; a few precious moments of peace, before his duties began. He turned towards the Sea of Ghosts, welcoming the biting chill of the salty breeze upon his face, and waited for both the Sun and the crew to rise.
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  3. Lady Imp

    Lady Imp Rabid Wolverine

    Dec 6, 2012
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    Lady Imp was woken by the gentle swaying of the Sea Sponge as it sat at anchor outside of Broken Oar Grotto. She smiled to herself, the self-satisfied smile of a woman with far too much confidence for her own good. Her steel blue eyes drifted over to her left as her hands went behind her head in her usual morning stretch. Next to her lay a burly Nord, face obscured by golden locks so that only his sharp nose was visible. Imp assumed that he was handsome, the copious amounts of rum drank the night before clouded her memory so that she had no recollection of who this man was. All she knew as that he was not a member of the crew.

    She lay there in bed, gazing at the Nord, stroking her breast as though it would help her to recall the events of the night prior. She found herself desiring a repeat of what likely happened, a good morning workout to help burn off the calories of last night's rum. The Nord let out a sudden snort as though his nasal passages had finally cleared out, and Imp took this opportunity to graze her thigh along his arm. Through the tresses she could see an eye open and a smile creep along his face. She returned his smile with a seductive grin of her own, a look she had mastered in her years working as a barmaid in the Winking Skeever in Markarth.

    "Good morning, Handsome," she cooed gently, smile not leaving her lips. "Are you hungry? I got some [REDACTED] for you right here if you want." Her finger went gently in her mouth as she glanced at him coyly. The Nord sat up and stretched. "Thank you lass, I always loved a homemade sweetroll." Imp reached over on the table next to her and handed him the baked confection. "Mmm, that really hits the spot," he said with a satisfied grin as he shoved the last bite of the pastry in his gaping mandible. "Is there anything else I might get this fine morning?" he asked with a glint in his eye. "My fee covers [REDACTED]" she said sweetly. "You've gotten your rum and your breakfast. Looks like you've gotten what you paid for. You must be getting going now, we're going to set sail soon." This was a frequent line she used to get rid of men she had gotten bored with, and quite frankly, she was already starting to grow weary of this warrior, despite his handsome features and hair that was prime for pulling. In reality, she had no idea if and when they were leaving port, nor did she care. All she knew was that she was ready for someone new.

    She escorted him topside, making sure to avoid the first mate, standing at the stern with a glazed look on his face that could only have been brought on by too much rum the night prior. Imp was less than interested in hearing his inevitable snarky comment about her exploits brought about by his jealousy that he wasn't the one warming her bunk that night. She walked with the Nord to the side rail of the ship. "Can I get something to remember you by?" he asked with a grin. By now Imp was growing weary of his attempts at flirting. "Don't you still have the taste of my [REDACTED] on your lips? Surely the sugar is enough to get you. Good by, Handsome. I'm sure our paths will cross again." And with that, the Nord climbed down the side of the ship and into the rowboat waiting for him below.
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    Irishman: 17 Points (I giggled like a schoolgirl at least 3 times reading that! hehe) Apr 10, 2014
  4. Seanu Reaves

    Seanu Reaves The American Demon

    Aug 16, 2012
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    The gentle rocking of the boat, hinted that the boat had finally docked. With a soft groan and a few other guttural noises, a young man arose from his bunk. His eyes had a peculiar slant to them, indicating one of partial elven descent. Well eye, He mused with a giggle as he put on his eye patch, made of fine leather accented with thin golden thread, on over his deadly white and blind right eye. His name was Zhengi, though many opted to call him by his nickname of Skies. The only people who seemed to call him by his real name was the Captain herself and the second mate. He swinging his legs from his bunk and Zhengi jumped down from his second level bedding. Landing like a Khajiit, he slowly stood up and stretched. He proceeded quietly because it was apparent many where still in bed. He began to rummage through his dresser drawers, rummaging as quietly as he could through his weapons. Selecting an ebony dagger and sword, he placed them on top of the dresser. I still have some time before the boss… Captain, He thought and corrected himself. Awoke. Everything should be tip top form. He cracked his neck and sighed in relief. The contract renewal went through smoothly. Sometimes he would wonder why he opted for an open contract, but he remembered it was for safety when employers are a worse lot. It really didn’t matter, the more he thought about it. His contract is almost a formality at this point, a technicality. Not like he had anywhere better to go, yet.

    He began to dress, simply putting on his armor over a fine shirt. It was a dark brown leather carapace, made for comfort as well as being as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Smoothed polished boots and cuirass, perfect for someone who was keen on hitting over being hit. As he tightened the straps he tucked his fine pants into his boots. Almost as an afterthought when his boots were on, he began rummaging through the pouches and bandoliers he had. Organization had seemingly gone out the widow, but he soon found what he wanted. A small harness to secure his sword to his back instead of his hip, and an even smaller harness for his left wrist. He actually rarely had to use either weapon, but it was his mantra to try and be as prepared as possible. Slipping his hand into the harness he began to secure the dagger onto it, making sure the blade could be in his hand in an instant. He realized time was slipping away, so he moved faster getting his sword secured to his back, and opening the last drawer to look at all the fine clothes jackets he had, he stared at his options. This was often the hardest choice of the day for Zhengi, and it was definitely an important one. At least to Zhengi, who prided himself in looking good while performing his duties as close to perfectly as possible.

    He settled on a reddish brown fine coat, and finally left his room securing a large bracer onto his right arm. He moved through the decks like a ghost trying to not make a sound. He soon made his way onto deck to watch the night sky as it turned to day. It was to be a quiet sunrise, with the seas and wind played a beautiful song as the engines idled. He moved to the stern, staring at the wall of fog, waiting to be vanquished by the sun. Something about the Sea of Ghost was haunting yet calming at the same time. Speaking of Ghosts, Zhengi thought with a small laugh to himself. He didn’t go to the first mate, he barely even moved his head to acknowledge the wave. Though he did watch the First Mate walk over to the bow. With a small smirk Zhengi closed his eye, reaching out with his other senses. Feeling the mist tickle his arms, waiting for the sun’s warm gaze to fall upon him.
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