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OMG vampirism + necromage is incredible

Discussion in 'General Skyrim Discussion' started by dbukalski, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. dbukalski

    dbukalski Member

    Dec 21, 2011
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    Necromage = 25% boost effects on undead
    Vampirisim makes you dead by game standards

    Ive read soo much stuff about skyrim on all the wikis. Obsessively so. The only referance I read was that healing spells would be more effective when cast on yourself. Fair enough. grandhealing using both hands(separate spells) would heal for 750. Kinda cool but I only got necromage so I could raise the vakihil vampires(lvl48) as thralls. And role play a vampire coven

    Today I was looking at my stamina which is normally 100 base + 72 from enchantment. Except it was at 190. So I started searching through active effects where the extra 18 was coming from. And I noticed all my active effects enchantments were 25% stronger.

    47% one handed fortify becomes 58% x 4 = 232% instead of 188% like normal
    32% fortify restoration becomes 36% x 3 = free cast(instead of the usual x4 needed)

    But it doesnt stop there. Because I created legendary daedric armour using fortify alchemy/smith gear and fortify enchant potions of 32%, fortify smithing potions of 133% all before getting the necromage boost

    My smithing gear is better. my smithing/enchanting potions are stronger from the better alchemy gear. What used to be

    full set daedric armour(1 juggernaut perk) of 570 armour becomes 766 and after unfathomable depths it was 973. With full heavy armour perks(+130%) it would be 2237.

    I forgot to check my maces but they started at 536 and after getting unfathomable depths quest were at 948 per mace. I run orc so 2x damage, power attack 2x damage, dual weild 75% power attack boost that puts me at 13272 damage in one power attack

    Not using any cheats. Just fortify alchemy/smithing gear + fortify enchanting/smithing potions. Also unfathomable depths quest. And finally necromage + vampire 25% boost to enchantments
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  2. ShadowGambit

    ShadowGambit Active Member

    Jun 17, 2012
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    How did you get 32% fortify restoration? So far I can only get 29%
  3. Streets

    Streets The Gentleman Owl

    May 17, 2012
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    Thread's a bit old, so he may not answer that. I think the answer is that he had maxed Alchemy and Enchanting so that he could get 32% by using the Alchemy/Enchanting loop before being a necro vamp. After being a vampire, then taking Necromage perk in Resto would bump that number up to 36%. You also have to re-equip your armor after taking the Necromage perk to get the effects to take place.

    I think you probably know about the Alchemy/Enchanting loop, but here is a thread on it in case:

    Alchemy > Enchanting > Smithing Loop | Skyrim Forums
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  4. VampyreFox

    VampyreFox New Member

    Aug 14, 2012
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    I wish there was a way to get the healing bonus (that forced me to get it) without all the super enchantments and buffed perkskills making the game easy. unless i get necromage last but thats not worth it :/

    oh and to get an army of the strongest enemies. like the original poster mentioned

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