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Oblivion at Level 20

Discussion in 'Oblivion Discussion' started by Kohlar the Unkilled, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Kohlar the Unkilled

    Kohlar the Unkilled Time for some ale

    Dec 1, 2013
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    At level 20, it's a completely different game. :beermug:

    At level 20, I'm no longer completely over-powering my opponents like I was through the majority of the game. I just cleared out a cave of necromancers for Meridia and it was a hell of a fight! It's fascinating to witness the various ways which mages can render you impotent in battle. Oblivion gates at level 20 really are renderings of hell.

    Now that I can cast master level destruction spells, it's time to make a trip to my room at Arcane U, to my private spell-making alter. I wonder what kind of awe-inspiring spells I'll be able to come up with?

    What are some of the experiences you all have had with this game at higher levels? What were your impressions?
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