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New to Skyrim and mods ... help !!

Discussion in 'Completed and Released Mods' started by orca45, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. orca45

    orca45 What we do in life, echoes in the eternity !

    Feb 12, 2013
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    Hi folks,
    Your help is super important to me and I am very grateful in advance. I just bought an iMac. I know that you probably prefer to play Skyrim in PC but in my case, it is not that I do not like PC but the fact that I am a photographer and I found that iMac was better for my job than PC.
    I have been playing Skyrim in PS3 but to be honest, I would love to play it using MODS and I never played this awesome game either in PC or Mac. Whoever is playing Skyrim in Mac thru bootcamp ( only please ) with a legal version of Windows 7, please help me.
    My Mac has :
    - Intel i5
    - 1 TB fusion drive
    - 24 GB of RAM
    - Nvidia GeForce 780m 4GB of memory
    - USB Super drive ( just in case )
    ... I think this is enough to play even Battlefield and the best game out there at the moment. Because I am new to Skyrim and mods in PC/MAC, I need your help and details procedures if you are so kind to help me.

    I would like to focus on some mods :
    - better faces for women and men
    - able to build my own house anywhere I want and the way I want it ( this is a most to have for me )
    - more weapons and armors ( be able to customize them and enchant them )
    - more magic ( especially Destruction magic )
    - more enemies .... ( I do not know if this is possible ... but killing 2 or 3 at a time is just to easy ... need to face more so the game will become more interesting ) ....
    - use console commands to increase some levels ( thru cheating ) if I want to ... ( how to use this in a MAC computer )

    Other than that, I do not really care. I know that having better look for the environment and water will boost Skyrim to look so beautiful, but I think that mod is memory consuming and I would like to keep my memory for more important things like the list above.
    I do not know what should be the order to install all the package. As I said, my Windows is legal and I am not planning to have anything that is not legal at all. I know that STEAM is the way to go and bootcamp is also the way to go, but I do not know the procedures for installation; also I do not know in what order should I start playing my game. I've hear a lot of stories in the net but I do not know which one is the proper way so my game will not crash.

    If you can help, you do not have to use this forum if you do not want to. You can email me to my personal email address with your detailed explanation and here it is : orcama60@gmail.com .... thank you so much in advance and let's continue playing the best game ever created !! Last but not the least ... I am a very grateful person. You do for me, I do for you ! Perhaps if you live in Florida and you need a professional photographer for your birthday and or wedding, it will be free for you and I my word counts.

  2. Travis25

    Travis25 New Member

    Jul 28, 2014
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    Hey Maurice has anyone helped you yet?

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