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Need help choosing between 2 character ideas

Discussion in 'Skyrim Help' started by Skyrim1997, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Skyrim1997

    Skyrim1997 New Member

    Aug 23, 2019
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    so... CHARACTER 1
    I have this young, good looking light dark elf who grew up in Riverwood and lived there all his life. He has an viking undercut/ponytale and red eyes. He spends the days making fun of the Woodelf with his tall nordic friend. Pushing him in the water. fluffing Camilla Valerius and cuckolding hadvir. He starts fights and is very wreckless. Gets in fist fights with patrolling Imperial soldiers and is a prankster. But he is not a murderer.

    He snuck into the mountain and stole back the Claw on his little adventure but didn't harm a living person. He wants to go out and conquoer the world one day. Ambitious dreams. Same way as he took back the Claw and become the man in Riverwood. He came back into town wearing his blue, beautiful mage robe with exotic magic weapons from the mountain.

    He is not some bandit who grew up with other killer bandits, learning to kill and be a sadistic killer through childhood. It is like nature vs Nurture thing. He would of made a good bandit if not grown up with a bunch of good townsfolk in Riverwood. Instead he is just a cocky, wreckless young man. He has very low inhibitionHis theme song is basically Slide by Calvin Harris.

    He will venture out in the world ofr once and end up in Morthal... Become a hero there maybe... Marry the future Princess, daughter of the Jarl. That gorgeous white, nordic princess girl who sees visions. He will live in a big manor and become a lord in the dark forest with his gorgeous princess turned Wife. But he won't be a murderer. He wasn't raised like that.

    If you do presets on the Dunmer race there is this long haired, Dunmer tattoo'd red eyed, old looking, dirty faced dark skinned dark elf with a big beard. He is in no way good looking except maybe for his red eyes and ripped body. I make him have a huge fantasy like nose also.

    I want to play the game how it was ment to be played.. I am a nobody but eventually this old looking, scary looking, dark elf becomes a hero of Morthal.. Passionately fluffs and marries the gorgeous, princess girl of morthal who sees visions like her mother... He maybe becomes Dragonborn.

    He buys land after slaying the vampires... He builds a big home in the dark lands and swamps or forest... He lives the good life as a lord. Settles down with his beautiful trophy wife.. I love the contrast between his dark dirty skin, elf eared/nosed red eyes ugly face, with her divine pure, 10/10 features. Doesn't hurt she is also royalty.

    This character DOES kill people. He is a dark triad personality for sure.. But I like the realism of the other young good looking character also. He is no murderer.. Just a wild, crazy young dark elf who goes to jail, gets in fights and is very crafty. But he is to good looking.. Its to easy to say OHH he got the Princess of Morthal with his good looks.

    But I like the story how he grew up in riverwood all that. But I also like the second character who is sort of like Rasputin. This dark, monster looking red eyed hero

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