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Necromancer- dead's invoker

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by liliana_vess, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. liliana_vess

    liliana_vess New Member

    Jan 13, 2014
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    Necromacer- dead's invoker
    Conjuration: conjure boneman, soul trap, dead thrall, summon arvak
    Perks: novice, necromancy, summoner 1, dark souls, twin souls
    Illusion: fury, fear, courage, rally
    Perks: novice, animage, kindred mage, quiet casting, master of mind
    Alteration: flesh spells up to ebony, magelight, detect dead
    Perks: novice, apprentice, adept, mage armor 1-3, magic resistance 1,stability
    Restoration: wards up to greater, necromantic healing, heal up to close wounds
    Perks: novice, apprentice, adept, regeneration, necromage, wards absorb,
    recovery 1-2, regeneration
    Alchemy: alchemist 1-5, physician, poisoner, concentrated poison, benefactor
    Enchanting: enchanter 1-5, insightful enchanter, corpus enchanter, extra effect
    Standing stone: the ritual
    Shouts: frost breath, drain vitality, soul tear, summon durnehviir
    Blessing: blessing of julianos
    Greater/lesser power: bardic knowledge, mora' grasp, seeker of sorcery,
    secret of protection, sinderion's serendipity
    Items: the black star, staff of dread zombie, dagger (absorb health-stamina)
    boots (muffle-stamina), ring (resist magic-disease), necromancer amulet
    poisoned cloak spider, mind control spider, necromancer robes
    (fortify restoration and magicka regen up to peerless)
    Gameplay: this build is designed to control the battlefield, reanimate and heal your undead minions. I skipped the cost cutting perks in conjuration because I reanimate my corpses using staves. reanimate effect from staves wont turn bodies into dust after their duration. with that said, all you have to do is to reanimate your dead corpse over and over again. the only disadvantage of the staff is they are level capped. this means you can only reanimate low to mid level npc's and creatures but there are perks and spells that are able to even the odds in your favor. for more powerful enemies, I use the soul tear shout and dead thrall for npc's. the ritual, to overrun everything in play.use illusion to control your enemies. cast fury to make them fight each other so when one falls, use the staff to reanimate it then buff with courage and rally. these spells stack on top each other, both spells combined gives a buff of atleast 50 pts in health and stamina. plus with necromage, they receive an additional 25 percent more. necromage also increases the level of undead that you can reanimate, from draugr to vampires etc... healing your undead minions with necromantic healing are also affected by necromage and regeneration perks. cast bardic knowledge to replenish lost stamina during encounters. with these combination of perks and spells, a low to mid npc/creature would be able to stand up to more powerful enemies in the battlefield. when all else fails and an enemy is proven to be super tough, use mind control spider and buff it with courage, rally and watch it kill everyone in play incl you, of course. by the time he's through killing everybody, use soul tear to kill, capture its soul and to have it under your control. with all that being said, I hope you get the idea. you can pick any race you want, I play as a nord female myself. I just wanna share to everyone my build.:D if you have questions or comments please leave me a msg and tell me what you think. thanks!:cowboy:

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