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PS3 Necro Knight RP Build

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by 13th Nightingale, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. 13th Nightingale

    13th Nightingale Hawk- Guild Master, Ebonhawks

    Jan 7, 2013
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    Your life is now consumed by revenge. Revenge against thine enemies. Revenge against those who hold themselves above the rest. Revenge against the person who ended your life all to soon. Your rage goes beyond death to where you willed yourself back to life, or a certain form of life. You are dead but your soul still lives. Your rage brings the cold winds of death to your enemies, and breaths life into the your fallen allies. You are The Necro Knight!

    The Perks (Link)

    Heavy Armour- This is a heavy build. Your personal defence is a last resort because your physical form is weak from decay. The armour sets in the Heavy Tree look the best in my opinion and Nord armours seem to blend well with Conjured undead. You select every perk in this tree except Juggernaut 5/5. Keep it 1/5 because your Smithing, Alchemy, and Enchanting will make up for the fact that you don't have percentage increases for your Armour.

    One Handed- You can pick any weapon you wish here except, in my opinion, daggers. Since your not dual wielding because of your magic in the other hand and your Conjured allies usually rush any enemies I suggest sticking with Swords, Maces, or Axes. Apply the critical 3/3 perks to the weapon of your choice.

    Smithing- You select the entire right side of perks and the left two to be able to craft and upgrade any type of Heavy Armours in the game including DLC. Not to mention every weapon except glass.

    Sneak- This is here for two reasons. One the sneak attack for one handed weapons comes in handy. Two the Skill Shadow Warrior is epic. This perk allows you to, while in combat, crouch and become invisible for a moment. If in this time you can heavy swing a target and kill them you will do a sneak attack one shot. Not to mention if your being engaged by archers this ability will put primary focus your enemy on your Conjured Ally or Allies.

    Pickpocket- Extra points getting you an extra 100 units of weight you can carry.

    Alchemy- This allows you to create potions that will boost enchanting, smithing, poisons, healing, resistance, and damage increases. Also in this tree you can increase your physical resistance to poisons. I mean your dead. Why would poison hurt you? This just makes you that much harder to kill.

    Illusion- This skill tree simply allows you to conjure and destroy targets with magic in complete silence. When summoning a undead minion it gives you the stealthy advantage in combat so you can set up and not have hordes of mobs on your butt.

    Conjuration- Bread and butter. You summon minions to help DPS and perhaps tank for you while you lay waste from a distance with magic or up close with your blade. Not to mention stealthy one shots. This is all you need to spend on this tree due to your armour enchants. Two minions is better than one by the way.

    Destruction- All you need are the perks to Ice Magic. Because of your armour enchantments going all out with Ice is easy without the worry of running out of Magic. Stick to this one style of magic to keep the role of an undead.

    Alteration- You don't use this tree for any Alteration spells. You could use Skin spells to increase your defence but it kind of doesn't flow with the undead theme of this build (Hence no restoration). These points are spent for magic defence, 20%, and Magic Absorbing. Now since the build doesn't require you to have points in magic this is a bonus if you do decide to use other schools not perked.

    Enchanting- Another big piece of the pie. This allows you to put double enchants on weapons and armour. Double enchants on armour gives you the ability to cast both Conjuration and Destruction schools without the cost of Mana. Also the Frost Enchanter Perk gives you a even more powerful frost blade for your one handed weapon. Enchanting is also a key factor in creating Alchemy gear for powerful potions and smithing gear to improve your armour the Capacity, which I believe is 564.


    Armour- As I stated should be enchanted with Fortify Destruction and Fortify Conjuration. This allows you the freedom of casting for free and allowing you to spend as many points on Health and Stamina as you wish.

    Food- Vegetable Soup makes Stamina null en-void. If you really want to make the ultimate character. Spend all your points on health. Just know in combat, with the soup, you'll be able to heavy swing as much as you want but, even though you have the perk that makes your armour weight not effect your speed, you wont be able to run very long if you have no points in Stamina. Not to mention your carrying weight will suck. I've heard 300 Stamina is a good balance, but with no points spent in mana maybe 400 would be a good stopping point.

    I would suggest working on your armour tree first: making gold rings with the transmute spell turning iron ore into gold, then raiding dwarven ruins for metal and making dwarven bows. Then work on alchemy and enchanting. Once your geared up then you can work on spamming and levelling conjuration and destruction free of charge. Work on getting high level spells after than in Winterhold College. The Dragonborn DLC is coming to PS3 so all the armour, conjuration, and demon horse would add to the look.

    I hope my build is as fun for you as it is for me. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I'll be happy to answer or absorb them into my guide.
  2. Jei El

    Jei El We will be avenged.

    Oct 27, 2012
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    This reeks of ownage.
  3. Anthrax

    Anthrax Revenant of Shadows

    Dec 2, 2012
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    You left out a lot of content.

    1. You have not specified a race for this build and specified their abilities and traits. This should normally be in the beginning.

    2. Also try sort the classes of magic in their proper categories. Everything is jumbled up and readers might see this as messy and get confused with some things.

    3. And as the title states, "Necro" and you left out Dead Thrall? The concept of a character having necro abilities is the manipulation of death. That's a crucial spell in his book.

    4. The colours of the texts are too rainbowy and isn't that of a necrotic nature. Just stick to red.

    On a whole though if you spent a little more time on it, it will be a good guide.
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