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My Guide to being a Vampire

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by ChiefScalyNipples, May 26, 2012.

  1. ChiefScalyNipples

    ChiefScalyNipples Dictator of my bedroom

    May 25, 2012
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    What's up guys, I'm gonna show you a couple of tips I came up with on being a vampire in Skyrim. Now I know what your thinking "Why would I want to be a little sparkling bitch in the sunlight (even though vampires don't sparkle, at all) when I can be a werewolf demolishing and rampaging people" well because it's actually fun once you get the right enchantments and gear. But enough chit chat, lets go. Oh and dont take everything I say seriously, I joke around a lil bit in the thread.

    You obtain vampirism by letting a hostile Vampire npc beat the plops out of you until it says "You've contracted Sanguinare Vampiris" on the screen. Then kill the bitch, leave, and wait three in-game days.

    • Broken Fang Cave (close to Whiterun, good if you want to contract it early in the game)
    • Crovangr Cave
    • Haemar's Shame (be sure to pick up the quest "A Daedra's Best Friend" while doing this so you can get two taken care of at once)
    • Movarth's Lair (another quest location, you can get the quest by just simply entering Morthal and talking to anyone in the crowd)
    • Bloodlet Throne (yet again another quest location, but this time its an optional quest, so you dont have to go in there with the quest)
    • Shriekwind Bastion
    • Pinemoon Cave
    • Fellglow Keep
    • Mara's Eye Pond


    There are certain stages of being a Vampire, Stage 1 is where Skyrim is oblivious to what you truly are, and Stage 4 is where they bully you for sparkling in the sunlight. As you progress through each stage your Vampiric abilities become stronger, stage 4 being the strongest.

    STAGE ONE (oh that's definitely not a vampire even though I see his blood dripping fangs): This is the first stage of being a vampire (obviously) and the stage you WANT to stay at. The people of Skyrim are so stupid they wont notice jack plops about you being a vampire even if you have obvious fangs hanging from your mouth. Feeding at any stage will convert you back to this stage.

    Stage 1 Unique Abilities and Traits:
    • Vampiric Drain (Destruction Spell): Drains 2 points of health from the target per second.
    • Vampire's Sight (Power): Gives you Night Vision (Same thing as the Khajiit racial ability "Night Eye")
    • Vampire's Servant (Power): Reanimate a weak dead body for 60 (120 if you have the Necromancy perk in Conjuration) seconds to fight for you (essentially the Raise Zombie spell but costs no Magicka)
    • Champion of the Night (Active Effect): Illusion spells cast by a Vampire are 25% stronger.
    • Night Stalker's Footsteps (Active Effect): Vampires are 15% more difficult to detect when sneaking (so if you wanna take a "Sneak Peek" at your hot next door neighbor, this would be very beneficial)
    • Resist Frost (Active Effect): Your Vampire blood is 25% resistant to frost attacks
    • Weakness to Fire (Active Effect): Vampires are 25% weaker to fire attacks.
    • Weakness to Sunlight (Active Effect, only seen at daytime in the sunlight, it will say "Your vampire blood boils in the sunlight" on the screen): Health, Stamina and Magicka are reduced and don't recover (which is why you need to enchant your stuff)

    STAGE TWO (Ehh, somethin' aint right about this fella): The 2nd stage of being a vampire. You are still undiscovered so no need to worry but do need to be careful before going to stage 4 unintentionally. This is when people will start making comments about you saying, "You have beautiful eyes!" and "You're as pale as an Albino, are you scared of sunlight or something?". You also get a new ability called "Vampire's Seduction" which is an ability that makes your character take off his or her clothes and start pole dancing to make an enemy stop fighting them (more effective if you have a female character)

    Stage 2 Unique Abilities and Traits:

    • Vampiric Drain (Destruction Spell): Drains 3 points of health from the target per second.
    • Vampire's Sight (Power): Gives you Night Vision
    • Vampire's Servant (Power): Reanimate a more powerful dead body to fight for you for 60 (or 120) seconds
    • Vampire's Seduction (Power): Just a calm spell that doesn't cost any magicka.
    • Champion of the Night (Active Effect): Illusion Spells are 25% Stronger still
    • Night Stalker's Footsteps (Active Effect): 15% Harder to detect when sneaking still
    • Resist Frost: Resist 50% of Frost Attacks
    • Weakness to Fire: You're 50% weaker to fire
    • Weakness to Sunlight: In the sun youre health, magicka, and stamina is reduced and does not recover.

    STAGE THREE (Is that a Vampire?? No...couldn't be...): If you've gotten this far in Vampirism, FEED FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!

    Stage 3 Unique Abilities and Traits:
    • Vampiric Drain (Destruction Spell): Absorbs 4 points of health from the target per second.
    • Vampire's Sight (Power): Night Vision
    • Vampire's Servant (Power): Reanimate a powerful dead body to fight for you
    • Vampire's Seduction (Power): Calm Spell
    • Champion of the Night: Illusion Spells are 25% stronger.
    • Night Stalker's Footsteps: Sneaking is 15% better.
    • Resist Frost: 75% resistance to frost attacks
    • Weakness to Fire: 75% weakness to fire attacks
    • Weakness to Sunlight: In sunlight, health, magicka, and stamina are reduced and dont recover.

    STAGE FOUR (Vampire! Kill it with fire): Yup, you're hated by society for being a undead blood sucking parasite, but look on the bright side, emos and goths love you and your vampire abilities are at their strongest! Oh and, guilds and followers wont attack you, just cities.

    Stage 4 Unique Abilities and Traits:
    I got too lazy to write all that down so let me summarize it, everything is the same except you're immune to frost, extremely vulnerable to fire(if you even accidentally touch an oven while its cooking you're a dead man), Vampire's Servant makes the most powerful zombie, and since you're hated by everyone to be concieved into the fabric of existence (besides followers and guilds), you get a new power called "Embrace of the Shadows" which turns you invisible and gives you night vision for 120 seconds.

    Feeding is the most important thing to do while being a Vampire, and by feeding I mean drinking blood. You feed by breaking in to a house at night, finding a person who is sleeping (anyone except children), crouching and hit the button you would use to pickpocket them, but this should appear on the screen when you do, "What would you like to do?" and it will let you select whether you want to feed on them or pickpocket them. Click "Feed" and there you go, you have officially drank blood in Skyrim, aren't you badass? It's important because there are 4 stages of being a vampire (see above), and if you go too long without feeding, you will become Stage 4 and thats the part where everyone attacks you on sight, except your followers. Speaking of followers, you should get one while being a vampire, it's an easy way to feed, tell them to sleep in a bed, crouch down and feed on them, and there you go. Although, other good sources of feeding are Haelga's Bunkhouse in Riften, The College of Winterhold, and Jorrvaskr.

    You can play as any race you like, don't let me tell you what to do, but these are just reccomendations.

    1. DUNMER (Dark Elf): This is probably the overall BEST race to play as for a vampire character. They start off with bonuses in the skills in all the skills a Vampire character needs, thus making it easier to level them up from the start of the game. They have a 50% fire resistance as well, and a Vampire's weakness to fire wouldn't matter in this case. Not to mention they already kinda look like Vampires.

    2. ARGONIAN: Also a very good race to play as for being a vampire, also the race I chose myself. They start off with 50% Disease Resistance so it'll be difficult to contract Sanguinare Vampiris, but once you do, it's hella fun! Argonians have the racial ability called "Histskin" which lets them regenerate health 10 times faster, which is great for when in the sunlight. Also, like Dark Elves, Argonians start off with bonuses in skills a vampire would need as well, just not as many, but they do start off with 10+ lockpicking, which is good for breaking into houses and feeding. Not to mention, Argonian Vampires remind me of Poisonous Cobras, which indeed, is awesome.

    3. KHAJIIT: Once again, another good race to play as for a Vampire character. They start off with 10+ Sneak, and the main thing a Vampire does is creep up on people. They also start off with almost all of the thief class bonuses, as well as a one-handed bonus. But they don't have any bonuses in any of the Mage skills, which Vampires need some of. But hey, Khajiit have a cool accent that kinda sounds like Dracula, so that adds to them being a good Vampire race.


    Perks:Anything you want

    Perks: A good amount of points in Stealth + Anything you want


    Perks: Necromage (most important perk, it'll make all your enchanted items have an extra effect on you because you're undead), Respite (so you wont need stamina regen as much), At Least One Point in Recovery, Regeneration, and Avoid Death (not essential, just cool).


    Perks: Anything as long as your enchanting is strong, be sure to enchant Health Regen on to your equipment to counteract the ways of the devilish sun.

    I recommend that you DON'T use quest rewards for equipment while playing as a Vampire, I prefer to enchant weapons and apparel myself. But here is a list of unique items that I think would be useful to vampire players.

    • Ring of Namira (feeding on corpses can help you in the sun)
    • Skull of Corruption (after you feed you can collect people's dreams and power the staff)
    • Nightingale Armor Set
    • Nightingale Blade
    • Nightingale Bow
    • Blade of Woe
    • Shrouded Gloves
    • Ebony Mail
    • Arch-Mage's Robes (somewhat, because Vampires DO use magic along with stealth)


    If by any chance you're tired of being a Vampire, go to any Inn in any city or town, ask for rumors. They innkeeper will tell you about a guy in Morthal named Falion who rapes "studies" the dead, that will give you a quest to go talk to him. Tell him you're a Vampire, bring a filled Black Soul Gem to him, and he'll cure you and your character will look like the same way he or she did when you first created him or her.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed and I hoped this was helpful! And I'm not sure if I should put this as 18+ because I'm new here...I dont know much so I apologize if I did anything wrong.
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  2. ChevyGirl

    ChevyGirl Breton Assassin Lv 35

    Jun 3, 2012
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    Nice work!
  3. butcherpete2277

    butcherpete2277 Suthay-raht

    May 12, 2012
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    Nice guide, I hadn't even thought about the Dunmers' resist fire attribute, very useful.
  4. Dragonfacedkillah

    Dragonfacedkillah New Member

    Jun 5, 2012
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    seems legit
  5. Lin

    Lin Member

    Jun 9, 2012
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  6. ChiefScalyNipples

    ChiefScalyNipples Dictator of my bedroom

    May 25, 2012
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, also one more think I'd like to add in. Get the quest "The Book of Love" in Riften, after you complete it you get the active effect "Agent of Mara" it gives you 15% Magic Resistance so it would help somewhat against your fire weakness. Another cool thing to do is to have a Vampire Dead Thrall, its not important or anything, just cool if you wanna feel like the "vampire lord" or some plops lol.
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