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My Dark Elf Build

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by ness91, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. ness91

    ness91 Dovah do faal Brom

    Jan 13, 2012
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    This is my Dark Elf build, that is all around character. Believe it or not, I'm a Warrior, Mage and a Assassin/Thief. This works on all systems. This build took me forever so it can be perfect. I used the IGN Skyrim Perks Build which really came in handy. Click this link to see the build http://www.ign.com/builds/the-elder...030051100131100000000051111151111011111001111. As you see you have both Destruction and Restoration for magic offense and defense. This type of build has to be weapon on one hand with magic on the other. The reason I pick light armor is because most armor given to you in the game is light-armor. Plus you use less stamina when running. If you look at the Smithing perk, you see that I took the heavy armor side. Why you ask? I went all the way to Dragon Armor perk. Dragonscale Armor is the best light armor and Daedric perk has the best weapons. Makes alot of sense. Make sure you have all the perks on this build to have the best enchantments. Next, buy or find any armor, gauntlets, amulet and ring. Enchantment them all with Weapons and Armor are Improve enchantment. YOU MUST KNOW IT. There's a quest http://uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:The_Forsworn_Conspiracy where you get a ring that knows this enchantment at the end on the quest. This quest is extremely hard do to the fact that you don't have your armor or weapons. Follow the guide on the site I gave you to know all the details. Back to the build. You have to have GRAND SOUL GEMS or BLACK SOUL GEMS with GRAND SOULS to get that 25%. 25 x 4 is 100. With your Smithing being 100 already that's an extra 100 given you a totally of 200% better improve weapons and armor. Make your Dragonscale Armor and Daedric weapons to Legendary. You have to have 9 extra Grand or Black Soul Gems with Grand Souls for Armor, Gauntlets, Boots, Helmet, Amulet, Ring, Daedric Sword, Daedric Dagger and Daedric Bow. Everybody wants to learn the Master Skill magic for Destruction and Restoration. Since you can have two enchantments in an item that's a plus. Make sure you have learned Destruction magic cost less, Restoration magic cost less, Bow do more damage and One-Handed weapons do more damage. But both Destruction and Restoration cost less in the Armor, Gauntlets, Amulet and Ring. It should for 25% for each giving you 100% less cost for each which means Destruction and Restoration cost NOTHING! Sweet. If you look back at the Restoration perk you have the Regeneration perk that heals 50% more. In the Destruction perk you have the perks that make Fire, Frost and Shock deal more damage and since you need both hands for Master magic skills you have a perk that when you use dual casting in Destruction Magic. Next put both Bow and One-Handed on the Gauntlets and put One-Handed on the boots. Since you have Legendary weapons, your bow and sword for going to be 160+ damage with enchantments on the weapons. One-Hand enchantment doesn't effect Daggers because daggers are use for assassinations which does 15x's the damage when sneaking. So the Dagger should be 90 Damage, Bow should be about 160 Damage and Sword should be about 168 damage. Total armor rating should be about 760+, which is good. Magicka should be above 300, Health should be above 600 and stamina can be anything. Make sure you but Damage enchantment in the weapon to make them stronger. To me this is a great build to me. Good against anything. Comment for your thoughts if you want to. This build can be used on anyone but its about the skills advantages at the begin of the game and best race is Dark Elf and maybe a Nord. This build is fairly easy but hard in the long coming. Good luck to everyone using this build.

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