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PC Modding Help Querstion (PISE, ASIS)

Discussion in 'Skyrim Help' started by EatsCookies, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. EatsCookies

    EatsCookies Member

    Sep 13, 2012
    Seattle, Washington
    First, I'd like to say I am very new to PC skyrim and modding. Ive played maybe a total of 15 hrs, and in that time I've found what I like and what I wanted to change. Below is a list of the mod I like to use, and want to know if you all see anything that might conflict.
    At the very least I am attempting to increase the number of spawns AND level scale them with my level.
    I am having a hard time getting PISE or ASIS to work or at least test to see if its working. Any help?
    Thank you!

    • Skyrim.esm Active
    • Update.esm Active
    • Dawnguard.esm Active
    • NPCs.esm Active
    • Grytewake.esm Active
    • moonpath.esm Active
    • ApachiiHair.esm Active
    • Sanctum of the Fallen.esm Active
    • Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp Active
      • Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}
    • Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp Active
    • Auto Unequip Helmet.esp Active
    • Behemoth Dragon.esp Active
    • more locked containers.esp Active
    • skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds.esp Active
    • The Dead Bee Scrolls.esp Active
    • PowerOfTheGods.esp Active
    • Complete Crafting Overhaul.esp Active
    • MM_BeluaSangunaireRevisited.esp Active
    • mm_BeluaSanguinareRevisitedDialogueFixes.esp Active
    • mm_BeluaSanguinareRevisitedLootTables.esp Active
    • mm_BeluaSanguinareRevisitedRefuge.esp Active
    • mm_BeluaSanguinareRevisitedStaminaSprintDrain.esp Active
    • PISE-Increased Spawns Only.esp Active
    • PISE-NPC Tweaks and Potions.esp Active
    • PISE-AI Tweaks Only.esp Active
    • PISE-More Intense Level Scaling.esp Active
    • DeadlyDragons.esp Active
      • Bash Tag suggestion(s): {{BASH: Delev, Relev}}
    • DeadlyDragonsSpells.esp Active
    • Quest_AndTheRealmsOfDaedra.esp Active
    • beyond_skyrim.esp Active
    • DeadManor 1.1.esp Active
    • Descentintomadness2.esp Active
    • Golden Egg Treasure Hunt.esp Active
    • Grytewake.esp Active
    • Milan's PAck.esp Active
    • moonpath_questdata.esp Active
    • Quest_NoMercy.esp Active
    • Quest_SeaOfGhosts.esp Active
    • Sevenkeys.esp Active
    • Skyrim School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.esp Active
    • SwordOfSigdan.esp Active
    • Quest_TheBiggerTheyAre.esp Active
    • Tomb ahranas.esp Active
    • Vamp_Quest_01.esp Active
    • WheezesDungeonPack1.esp Active
    • GM-CookingRebalanceWeightless.esp Active
    • More Dynamic Shadows.esp Active
    • Better Vampires.esp Active
    • Apocalypse - The Spell Package.esp Active
    • MidasSkyrim.esp Active
    • EmpoweredMagic.esp Active
    • Chemistry.esp Active
    • Hardcore Lockpicking1-12.esp Active
    • The Dance of Death.esp Active
    • lcr.esp Active
    • More Exp Chance.esp Active
    • ArmorPerkHelmetRemover.esp Active
  2. EatsCookies

    EatsCookies Member

    Sep 13, 2012
    Seattle, Washington
    Ive disabled every mod except PISE, and still got getting leveled mobs or increased spawns. Ive enabled monster mod more spawns, and now have increased spawns, but still no level increases...

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