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Load order help

Discussion in 'Skyrim Mods' started by Skyrimmodhelp, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Skyrimmodhelp

    Skyrimmodhelp New Member

    Nov 26, 2017
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    I’ve been having and issue with Skyrim special edition on Xbox box one x. Everything was working fine until just recently. The game seems to CTD while I’m in or near whiterun. And area I previously spent a large amount of time in with no issues. So I’m wondering is there and issue with my load order or is there just to many mods installed in general that’s causing these crashes. So far I haven’t experienced any other crashes in other areas of the game.

    Here is a list of my load order:

    Unofficial Skyrim special edition patch:

    Improved Bound weapons:

    Immersive citizens:

    Cutting room floor:

    Skyrim graphic overhaul:

    Skyland 1k-landscape texture:

    Vivid landscapes tombs and ruins:

    Superior rocks 4K:

    Sleeving Skyrim-no bare arms:

    SMIM: (nearly a one gigabyte mod):

    Nordic snow:

    No snow under the roof:

    Bridges of Skyrim:

    Lamppost of Skyrim:

    Point the way:

    Transparent and refracting ice:

    Divine embers HD by Mindflux:

    Ultimate HD fire effects:

    Ultimate HD fire effects patch:

    Immersive sounds-compendium:

    Sounds of Skyrim-Dungeons:

    Sounds of Skyrim-Civilization:

    Sounds of Skyrim-The Wilds:

    Sounds of Skyrim-The wilds and vivid weathers patch:

    Cloaks of Skyrim:

    Old kingdom-Armor overhaul:

    Old kingdom-sleeving Skyrim:

    Old kingdom-weapon Overhaul:

    Divine cities:

    Divine texture pack-flowers:

    Veydosbrom grass and ground:

    Landscape fixes for grass mods:




    M Rens whiterun 2:

    Magical college of Winterhold:

    True storms:

    Vivid Weathers:

    Unofficial vivid weathers and true storms patch:

    Enhanced night Skyrim:




    Inns and taverns by Menathradiel:

    The paarthurnax dilemma:

    Realistic ragdolls and force:

    Dead body collision fix:

    Mannequin stay put:

    Diverse dragon collection:

    Frost giants:


    Skeleton retexture-bloody version:

    Enhanced blood textures:
    Fallen Trees:

    Realistic conversations:

    Forrest of sorrows main menu replacer:

    Lore based loading screens:

    Sovngarde-Mist font replacer:

    A quality world map-vivid and stone roads:

    Pastel map markers:

    Dragon combat music overhaul:

    Rich merchants of Skyrim:

    Bells of Skyrim:

    Bells of Skyrim-immersive citizens patch:
    Lush overhaul:

    Forrest of Dibella:

    Better farmhouse wood:

    Wet and cold:

    Enhanced lights and fx:


    Enhanced lights and fx-exterior:

    Realistic melee range:

    Skyrim is windy:

    Superior lore friendly hair:

    Thoth6222-better orc faces:

    Better looking Khajiit:

    TLS male 4K face:

    Adorable females:

    Natural eyes:

    Imperious races of Skyrim:

    Color patches remover:

    Realistic water 2:

    Realistic water 2 LOD fix:

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Meritons

    Meritons New Member

    Jan 21, 2018
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    I had same issuse with dragon bridge. The dawnguard quest caused it to crash once i was there. But i completed to quest through the console and after that I was fine and i could walk there. I sugest you save a game some random place and also find out how to complete quests thorugh console. If it dosent help, I wouldnt know.
: Mods, load order, CTD

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