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Leveling up and Training advice

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Wraypau, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Wraypau

    Wraypau Member

    Dec 2, 2011
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    If you are building your character to be a Mage, chances are, that you are not that big into heavy armor, 1 hand, or 2 handed weapons. The same truth can probably be said, if your a rolling battlewagon, that you lack in magic skills.

    i am sure you have seen trainers of various skills around Skyrim. Once you train with any trainer, in any skill, you cannot train with them again or any other trainer, until you level up again. So here is my advice, if your a rolling battle tank (That's Me), then you lack in magic skills. Every time you level up, go pay for some training in one of those magic skills.

    If you a mage, then go train in one of the weapon or armor skills.

    Also, people probably forget to level up on archery, alchemy, enchantment, etc...

    Enchantment skill are pretty easy to obtain for me.

    Here was my method. When I raided caves, dungeons, forts, etc... I would collect all the light weigh items, daggers, etc... I would then leave, tast travel to whiterun. I would buy all iron ignots, and and build iron daggers. This levels up smithing very quickly.

    I would then go and enchant my daggers and other light items. (some enchantments sell for more than others, and money is important during these steps.). I would buy all the petty, lesser, and common soul gems (I had a bow with soul trap), regardless of if they are filled or not, and sell off the enchanted daggers. You end up with around $700 more than you started, have alot of soul gems, and alot less daggers.

    Then go to the ingredient shop. I would buy ALL ingredients, sell off more enchanted daggars, etc.. Dont stop buying till she has no more ingredients, and dont stop selling, till she is out of money.

    Run down the street, sell off my remaining enchanted loot to the General goods store, WarMaidens, and lady working at the Smithing Station. Here abain, dont stop selling till they are out of money. Always buy all their lockpicks, pickpocket and lockpicking potions.

    Run into Breezeway, drop off all my ingredients in Alchemy Satchel. If you have any extra loot, dragon bones, etc (basically excessive weight drop them in chest before leaving breezeway, clean out your follower also, so they can carry more weight).

    Surely you have leveled up to get another perk, get the perk of your choice. You should have all of the Jarl's Wizard, Alchemy Lady, General store guy, WarMaidens, and Lady working at Blacksmiths stations money. This is a good time to go and buy some training. So go wherever it is that you need training, try to buy in something you dont use to often (it was magic skills for me).

    On you way to the next fort, cave, dungeon, whatever, dont fast travel to the closest spot, walk, and collect ingredients, shooting all the deer, foxes, bear, etc... with soul trap bow. collect their hides (to turn to leather strips for daggars) and souls for you petty, lesser, common soul gems. Also, equip muffle, and cast ever time you magic rebuilds. This will level you up in conjuration rather quickly.

    Repeat process for about 10 hrs, all the time doing this, you are building up major skills, perks, and levels. You are also becoming rich, more powerful, and building up great perks.

    I personally think buying perks in lockpicking and pickpocket are useless. Use those perks points for other things more important. A good lockpicking or pickpocket potion will allow you to pick almost any lock or person.

    The perk to sell stolen good is valuable. As well as being able to invest in business.

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