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Jersey’s Guide to Character Creation

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Jersey Dagmar, May 17, 2012.

  1. Jersey Dagmar

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    Nov 19, 2011
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    Jersey’s Guide to Character Creation
    So, you wish to create a believable character for Skyrim (or any Elder Scrolls game)? Sure, builds are fine and dandy for some, but something extra is needed for those who want to have a character with an amazing back story, a unique personality, and hindering character flaws. I suppose in a way, a great role playing character. This guide is also for those who want to write a fan-fiction to go along with their in game character.

    Step One: Picking your race, class, and naming your character

    This might seem easy for some, but not entirely. Depending on how you wish to play your character, race, class, and even the name can be a huge factor. Khajiits and Argonians make superb Thieves and Assassins, whereas Nords and Orcs are excellent Warriors. But, maybe you want to mix it up? An Orc who is a Mage can create a great starting point for an interesting story. However, that’s only one of the many fascinating unique starting characters you can create from this game. Experiment!

    Naming your character is something that I’ve always enjoyed. Though, it can be pain when you feel the name doesn’t suit your character. For me, it has to fit, in order for that character to be believable. That you could actually see their name being spoken in everyday moments in the world of Skyrim. If you’re really stumped, visit baby name websites. They usually give the origin of the name, as well as its meaning. It can really help!

    Step Two, Coming up with an awesome backstory and unique personality

    For me, this is the fun part. What makes your character tick? Does their past influence them in anyway? Giving them some character flaws allows them to be more relatable. Even if your character fights as much on the side of good, allowing them to have moments of darkened thoughts makes them more fleshed out. Or a character aligned with a more immoral aspect can have instances of good nature. Nothing has to be clear cut.

    Step Three, Write it out! (If you so choose)

    The beautiful thing about Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls in general, is that the character you create is all your own. There is no way for them to be out of character, for you created them! Writing a fan-fiction can be fun and make your play time in Skyrim even more thrilling. Use your imagination! And don’t be afraid to make multiple characters, as you can have them cross paths in your writing.

    Or, if you’re as lucky as me, you can have your character mingle with characters from a friend. This is a great way to build up the community for a single player game, as well as creating even more interesting stories from many different character perspectives.

    Step Four, Have Fun!

    Seriously. :D
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