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Ingredient Locations

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Calcelmo, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Calcelmo

    Calcelmo Article Writer

    Jan 12, 2012
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    *This lists includes three primary locations were ingredients can be found.

    Abecean Longfin| Riften (Plankside), Windhelm (Docks), Bodies of Water.

    Bear Claws| Fallowstone Cave, Moss Mother Cavern, Pine Forest Exterior (Hunting).

    Bee| Honystrand Cave, Goldenglow Estate.

    Beehive Husk| Honeystrand Cave, Goldenglow Estate.

    Bleeding Crown| Pinemoon Cave, Chillwind Depths, Geirmund's Hall

    Blisterwort| Chillwind Depths, Halldir's Cairn, Lost Prospect Mine.

    Blue Butterfly Wing| Windhelm (Wuunferth's Quarters), Evergreen Grove, Pine Forest Exterior.

    Blue Dartwing| Lund's Hut, Steamcrag Camp, Any Wilderness.

    Blue Mountain Flower| Solitude, Riften, Any Wilderness.

    Bone Meal| Bleak Falls Barrow, Valthume, Any Drauger Dungeon.

    Briar Heart| Lost Valley Redoubt, Red Eagle Redoubt, Broken Tower Redoubt.

    Butterfly Wing| Nightcaller Temple, Shadowgreen Cavern, Pine Forest Exterior.

    Canis Root| Swamp Ground Southeast of Folgunthur, Summoning Stones, Morthal.

    Charred Skeever Hide| Fort Dunstad, Sleeping Tree Camp, Red Road Pass.

    Chaurus Eggs| Frostflow Farm, Chillwind Depths, Tolvald's Cave.

    Chicken's Egg| Salvuis Farm, Mixwater Mill, Half-Moon Mill.

    Creep Cluster| Bonestrwn Crest, Kynesgrove, Cronvangr Cave.

    Crimson Nirnroot| Blackreach.

    Cyrodilic Spadetail| Riften (Plankside), Windhelm (Docks), Bodies of Water.

    Daedra Heart| Nightcaller Temple, Daedric Quests: The Black Star or Pieces of the Past, Collage of Winterhold Radiant Quest: The Atronach Forge.

    Deathbell| Labyrinthian (Shalidor's Maze), Folgunthur, Solitude (Inside Bards' Collage).

    Dragon's Tongue| Bonestrewn Crest, Kynesgrove, Eldergleem Sanctuary.

    Dwarven Oil| Mzinchaleft, Irkngthand, Alftand.

    Ectoplasm| Rannveig's Fast, Collage of Winterhold, Yngvild.

    Elves Ear| Riften (Bee and Barb), Whiterun (Dragonsreach), Black Briar Lodge.

    Eye of Sabre Cat| Karthspire Camp, Pine Forest Extrerior (Hunting), Snow Mountains (Hunting).

    Falmar Ear| Alftand, Collage of Winterhold, Any Dwarven Dungeon.

    Fire Salts| Sunderstone Gorge, Nightcaller Temple, Septimus Signus' Outpost.

    Fly Amanita| Pinemoon Cave, Geirmund's Hall, Chillwind Depths.

    Frost Mirriam| Black-Briar Lodge, Riften (Temple of Mara), Markarth (Vindrell Hall).

    Frost Salts| Riften (Mistviel Keep and Honeyside), Collage of Winterhold, Harmugstahl.

    Garlic| East Empire Warehouse, Solitude (Vittoria Vici's House), Fort Dunstad.

    Giant Lichen| Fort Snowhawk (Marsh Exterior), Kjenstag Ruins (West of Location), Ustengrav.

    Giant's Toe| Talking Stone Camp, Sleeping Tree Camp, Secunda's Kiss.

    Glow Dust| Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, Windhelm (Palace of the Kings), Frostmere Crypt.

    Glowing Mushroom| Tolvald's Cave, Frostflow Lighthouse, Lost Echo Cave.

    Grass Pod| Japhet's Folly, Dawnstar (Coastal Plain to the Northwest), Northern Coastline.

    Hagraven Claw| Hag's End, Dead Crone Rock, Glenmoril Coven.

    Hagraven Feathers| Hag's End, Dead Crone Rock, Glenmoril Coven.

    Hanging Moss| Solitude (Hall of the Dead), Dustman's Cairn, Sunderstone Gorge.

    Hawk Beak| Solitude (Exterier, Docks), Bloated Man's Grotto, Any Silver Hand Location.

    Hawk Feathers| Solitude (Exterier, Docks), Bloated Man's Grotto, Any Silver Hand Location.

    Histcarp| Riften (Plankside), Windhelm (Docks), Any Bodies of Water.

    Honeycomb| Honeystrand Cave, Goldenglow Estate, Found Near Beehives.

    Human Flesh| Aftand, Tolvald's Cave, Reachcliff Cave.

    Human Heart| Lost Vally Redoubt, Sunderstone Gorge, North Brittle Shin Pass.

    Ice Wraith Teeth| Collage of Winterhold, Whiterun (Jorrvasker), Dawnstar (The White Hall).

    Imp Stool| Chillwind Depths, Halldir's Cairn, White River Watch.

    Jarrin Root| Dark Brotherhood Quest: To Kill an Empire.

    Jazbay Grapes| Mistwatch Folly, South Skybound Watch (Interier), The Atronach Stone.

    Juniper Berries| Markarth (Exterior and Cidhna Mines), Shrine of Dibella: Bridge at Old Hroldan.

    Large Antlers| Pine Forest Exterier (Hunting), The Rift (Hunting), Tundra Plains (Hunting).

    Lavender| Whiterun (Temple of Kynareth, Wind District, and Dragonsreach), Cliffside Retreat (East of Location), Rebel's Cairn.

    Luna Moth Wing| Nightcaller Temple, Shadowgreen Cairn, Sleeping Tree Camp.

    Moon Suger| Riften (Warehouse), Cragslane Cavern, Sunderstone Gorge.

    Mora Tapinella| Frostmere Crypt, Swamp Pound Massacre (Ground to the North), Robber's Gorge (Exterier).

    Mudcrab Chitin| Riverwood (Banks), King of the Mudcrabs, Banks of Bodies of Water.

    Namira's Rot| Chillwind Depths, Halldir's Cairn, Liar's Retreat.

    Nightshade| Labrynthian, Falkreath, Solitude (Arch).

    Nirnroot| Sarethi Farm, Alchemist's Camp: Evergreen Woods, Dawnstar (Coast).

    Nordic Barnacle| Orphan's Tear, Hela's Folly, Crabber's Shanty (Coast Nearby).

    Orange Dartwing| Solitude (Hall of the Dead), Forsaken Cave, Any Wilderness.

    Pearl| Geirmund's Hall, Alfand, Bodies of Water (Rare).

    Pine Thrush Eggs| Shor's Stone (Slygja's House), Rorikstead (Lemkil's House), Acanchnzel (Exterior).

    Powdered Mammoths Tusk| Talking Stone Camp, Sleeping Tree Camp, Secunda's Kiss.

    Purple Mountain Flower| Dragon Bridge, Dragon Bridge Overlook, Any Wilderness.

    Red Mountain Flower| Whiterun, Shadowgreen Cavern, Any Wilderness.

    River Betty| Riften (Plankside), Windhelm (Docks), Bodies of Water.

    Rock Warbler Egg| Markarth (Warrens), Valthume (Rocks East of Entrance), Salvius Farm (Nearby Ridges).

    Sabre Cat Tooth| Drelas' Cottage, Pine Forest Exterior (Hunting), Snowy Mountains (Hunting).

    Salt Pile| Collage of Winterhold (Midden), Fellglow Keep, Fort Dunstad.

    Scaly Pholiota| Wood Cutter's Camp: Lake Geir, Altar in the Woods: Autumnshade, Darklight Tower (North, Closer to the Lake).

    Silverside Perch| Riften (Plankside), Windhelm (Docks), Bodies of Water.

    Skeever Tail| Fort Dunstad, Nightcaller Temple, Liar's Retreat.

    Slaughter Fish Egg| Horker Standing Stones, Wreck of The Brinehammer, Forelhost.

    Slaugher Fish Scales| Glenmoril Coven, Tolvald's Cave, Bodies of Water.

    Small Antlers| Pine Forest Exterior (Hunting), The Rift (Hunting), Tundra Plains (Hunting).

    Small Pearl| Geirmund's Hall, Alftand, Bodies of Water (Rare).

    Snowberries| Driftshade Refuge, Traitor's Post, Collage of Winterhold.

    Spider Egg| Ironbind Barrow, Harmugstah, Whiterun (Jorrvaskr).

    Spriggan Sap| Moss Mother Cavern, Shadowgreen Cavern, Collage of Winterhold.

    Swamp Fungal Pod| Movarth's Lair (Exterior), Morthal (Swamp to the Northwest and West).

    Taproot| Moss Mother Cavern, Shadowgreen Cavern, Clearpine Pond.

    Thistle Branch| Solitude (Arch and Blue Palace), Dragon Bridge, Riverwood.

    Torchbug Thorax| Collage of Winterhold, Forsaken Cave, Dawnstar (The White Hall).

    Troll Fat| East Empire Warehouse, Graywinter Watch, Troll Dens.

    Tundra Cotton| Solitude (Buildings in the Avenues District), Redoran's Retreat, Bloated Man's Grotto.

    Vampire Dust| North Shriekwind Bastion, Broken Fang Cave, Any Court Wizard's Quarters, or you house's Alchemy Lab.

    Void Salts| Solitude (Proudspire Manor Alchemy Lab), Riften (Honeyside Alchemy Lab), Collage of Winterhold (Arch Mages Quarters).

    Wheat| Katla's Farm, Rorikstead, Battleborn Farm.

    White Cap| Chillwind Depths, Halldir's Cairn, White River Watch.

    Wisp Wrappings| Frostmere Crypt, Labyrinthian, Dwarven Ruins: Lair of the Wispmother.
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  2. Calcelmo

    Calcelmo Article Writer

    Jan 12, 2012
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    Let me know if this was helpful to you or not.
  3. christof21

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    Feb 18, 2012
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    Thanks for this. I'm sure it will come in handy at some point for me ;)

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