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iNeed VS Drink Sleep Eat Bathe (DSEB)

Discussion in 'Completed and Released Mods' started by Onyx Black, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Onyx Black

    Onyx Black Lord of Onyx

    Nov 3, 2015
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    Hello there. Today I will be comparing the mods "iNeed" and "Drink Sleep Eat Bathe".
    Both of these mods revolve around immersive gameplay through use of character requirements.

    iNeed: iNeed is a mod which you mainly control food, water and sleeping. With common sense this mod is a breeze.

    Food: The bigger the food the more filling it likely is, and the less likely you'd go hungry. There is as of now a hotkey for food and drink.
    The hotkey basically checks your inventory to pick out the best food and drink.
    For food it's very simple - eat and you wont go hungry, right now there are also animations to go with this (so I've heard)
    Food is also less common in the mod, making the search for food items more challenging, per se. The prices of food also goes up, meaning that you could either hunt or grow crops as an alternative(if you have a farmer mod I don't believe it will cause any major issue).

    Water: Just like in the real world you need to drink plenty of water in order to stay alive.
    Uh, uh, uh, uh stayin' alive... Because I had water... No? Sorry. I hated that as well.
    With this mod you can now craft waterskins(small pouches to hold water for when you're on the go in Skyrim).
    You can craft them by going to the Misc section in a tanning rack and going to empty water skins.
    To actually craft them you need leather and leather strips. Basic materials, easy to buy and find.
    Waterskins can also be found on NPCs or bought, meaning if you don't want to use up any leather. No worries! Just keep your eyes open.

    The waterskins are empty however and must be filled in order to serve their purpose, one way to do this is to go to a well, there it should say "What would you like to do?". Underneath it should also say "Refill Waterskins", "Exit" and "Drink", as you can, with the mod, drink from wells if waterskins are too mainstream, you rebel.
    The well must be an open one. By this I mean that there can't be anything on top of the well that you can't remove like wooden planks.
    One interesting method is to fill the waterskin at the base of a waterfall, for example, look up Valtheim Keep on your map (if you don't have it, look it up somewhere or ask another member) and then travel down from there and go down until you're at a river, go along the river, do not go to the nearby Giant camp, also, there may be an enemy in the water, like a bear, be careful.
    The other two methods involve collecting the rainwater from buckets in the open when raining or going into an NPCs house (lawfully!) and asking them to refill it for you.

    But the final method involves crafting a water barrel.
    To do so you may either buy one or create on at a forge. Afterwards the barrels can be set up ANYWHERE. So if you've got a camping mod of a sort this helps too, especially if you're staying there for a while.
    After that you have the option to use the barrel and from there and refill your waterskins. You may also disassemble it.

    Eating and drinking have hotkeys which you can set up in the mod menu, all the hotkey does, is determine the best and most filling food option for you, then it gives it to you automatically after pressing, water hotkeys just give you water, as it does not have the option for clean or dirty water, perhaps some day.
    Doing so will trigger an animation, drinking water from a waterskin may look weird, as I believe it uses an animation of you drinking from a Skooma Bottle.

    The animations are not all too new, and most NPCs will likely do something similar when they eat/drink.
    They also work in third and first person.

    Sleep: Everyone needs to sleep, find a bed, jump in it. However the mod also takes the time you sleep into account, so sleep for a good duration and you should be fine.

    Notifications: The game wants you to know if you're feeling out of sorts in a category. As such it will display 3 small icons somewhere on the screen, each icon means a certain thing, the apple for food, the potion for drink, the moon and star for sleep.
    The mod also uses sound and text notifications too. The symbols you'll see at the side will change how they look depending on the need. Alpha Widgets: Great means you're fine, and nothing is wrong. Getting there means you may need to eat, sleep or drink soon. And penalties means you will receive backlash for not doing one of the actions.
    You may also use colour widgets, white meaning great, yellow-orange meaning getting there, and red meaning penalties.

    You can also hear sounds when your character is lacking in an aspect. When your character is tired, they will yawn. Thirsty? They will cough. Hungry? Your stomach will rumble.

    The text notifications are where all others are, the top left corner, they provide more detailed information about your characters state of health, you can change these in the mod menu if you prefer one over the other. So you can use all of them, or just one.

    Buffs: When you meet the mods demands you will get rewarded, such as "Well Hydrated: Time between shouts and damage taken are decreased by 5%. Your Magicka regeneration is increased by 5%."
    Penalties: Lacking a good nights sleep? The mod gives penalties based on what you don't do, for example "Severe Fatigue: Your Stamina regeneration is reduced by 80%. You will also learn all skills 80% slower." As you can see, the penalties are costly. SO SLEEP. JUST SLEEP.

    However, you cannot by default by ignoring your needs, but you CAN turn that on in the mod menu if you feel like you can do it.
    Your characters current state will also affect how fast your needs deplete, for example, going into combat? Well you'll likely find your character will tire more.

    Vampirism: If your character is a vampire you will not have to eat nor drink. However you need to sleep more with the mod if you are a vampire. This is something I personally enjoy about the mod, it makes vampirism seem like you need to sleep more.
    Lycanthropy: Werewolf? Well once you go into your Werewolf form you do not require anything. There is a mod out there which lets you stay a werewolf until you don't want to, I saw it up somewhere, don't quote me. Anyway, once you turn back you will be hungry, thirsty and tired. However, interestingly enough if you feed as a werewolf, this will help a bit.
    Ring of Namira (Wood Elf characters ONLY): The lady of decay has chosen you, you may now fulfil your cannibalistic needs by feeding o corpses, another way to get rid of your hunger.

    Diseases: In the mod menu you can toggle diseases, whenever your character is in a diseased state you will automatically gain a fever, you need more sleep, food and water if you do toggle on dangerous diseases, as of now diseases should be curable like you normally would, with a potion.
    Followers: Yes, now Lydia needs to eat, sleep and drink, ALL of this can be toggled on for your followers in the mod menu. They also gain buffs and penalties, however they don't seem to require sleep. Lydia is definitely plotting something if she never closes her eyes... Either way just make sure they have enough to eat and drink if you want this on too. They take care of themselves automatically. You can also set the mod so they'll sit down and eat with you if you eat at a table with spare seats. Followers do also use the eating/drinking animation when they need to.
    Horses: Now you can also put this on for your horses, they don't get much here, but you can feed them, and they'll get a small stamina boost if you do, but it's assumed they're fed while you're away, as well they do seem to have plenty of water. It's more of a treat system.

    Compatibility and my thoughts: You shouldn't have too many issues with other mods, and like so many, this mod works alongside Frostfall, a mod I will review if I can. I definitely think this is a great mod, it gets all the core aspects and basics of food, drink and sleep, and it has also been unique with how it is done, as it affects vampirism and lycanthropy. Overall the mod is a solid 8/10 from me. I would have got it higher but I would've liked to see it explore the combat and outgoing travels, like mining, mining would make people thirsty and tired, as it's hard work and in a hot place with plenty of places for food.
    So that's iNeed. Also I do recommend that if you want sleeping animations, get "Immersive Beds" - I may review this. May. It's also best to ensure you've got a few compatibility patches just in case.

    Bugs: I've seen someone say the mod doesn't work with SkyRe, check this out as soon as you can if you have SkyRe. Also the mod may break brawls in taverns, there's a patch you can download, the "Brawl bugs patch". It's a common issue though.

    Drink Sleep Eat Bathe (DSEB + MCM Support): As with the previous mod this mod aims to add immersion to your Skyrim playthrough.
    Every game hour that passes will make you hungrier, thirstier, dirtier and more tired.
    The mod is customizable through MCM (but does require SKSE) or a in-game menu (no SKSE required). For more information look the mod up on the Skyrim Nexus.

    Hunger: When full your Health ad Magicka recover 10% faster, with a default of 12 hours.
    When hungry your Health and Magicka recover 50% slower, with a default of 24 hours.

    If starving your Health and Magicka don't recover until you eat enough food to become hungry.

    Thirst: Ah yes, thirst, thirst for drinks, and knowledge. Well that's me anyway, I love searching for information.
    When your thirst is quenched your Stamina recovers 10% faster and shouts recover slightly faster, on a default of 12 hours.

    When thirsty your Stamina recovers 50% slower and shouts recover much slower than before, on a default of 24 hours.
    If you're dehydrated your Stamina does not recover and shouts are drastically slow to recover until to go back to being thirsty.

    Inn Keepers can however sell inexpensive river and spring water if you're using a character who does not drink alcohol, for immersions sake.
    You can also use empty water bottles by going into a river, which refills them(not all to great on realism but it saves going through a "what would you like to do?" interface.

    Sleep: The mod creator has decided to leave the main sleeping perks intact, most anyway.
    When you're not tired at all you'll get a sleeping buff, it then moves you to not tired.
    When not tired your performance is unaffected but you will move to tired if you take 12 hours without sleep.

    When tired all your skills improve 15% slower. Your attack damage is 15% weaker along with spell effectiveness, this eventually leads to exhausted.
    If you're exhausted all skills now improve 30% slower, quite the chunk. Attack damage and spell effectiveness are reduced by 30% as well. This is permanent until you sleep for a good amount of time.

    Cleanliness: How clean do you feel? have you bathed? Well, when you do your Speechcraft is 10% more effective. Maybe now you can get a better price for that potion.
    When you're at not dirty your performance is the same.
    Dirty? Speechcraft is 15% less effective and you also have a unique odour effect, visible to everyone.
    Filthy? Speechcraft is 30% less effective and you now have a stronger odour effect.
    To clean oneself they must first have a Wash Rag(should come with the mod along with the next part) and soap, then just stand in water. (the mod unfortunately either has terrible instructions or it does this automatically)

    Upgrading (taken directly from the Nexus): - If you experience problems after upgrading (like becoming Well Rested and Exhausted at the same time) you need to use the following console commands to recalibrate the variable tracking:
    help "TRRBDrinkEatSleepBatheQuest"
    stopquest XXXX4366
    startquest XXXX4366
    (where XXXX4366 is the ID given to you from the 'help' command)

    Lycanthropy: Corpses reduce hunger and thirst greatly for werewolves (and cannibals).
    Vampirism: Vampires do not require food nor drink, however all require sleep, as per usual. Unfortunately the vampire options don't go as far as iNeed does.

    Compatibility: New food and drink via other mods do not replenish hunger nor thirst.
    Mods which add, alter or remove water assets may prevent you from refilling water bottles or bathing.
    Mods which alter vampirism and werewolves may prevent the mod from detecting you as either depending on which parts of the script are altered.
    Mods which alter sleep may prevent you from resting and/or getting tired.

    Conclusion and my thoughts: This mod seems shorter by the other in long comparison, but I will still do it some justice. Overall I have to grant this mod a 7/10. Look, it's not a bad mod, but the problems do pile up.
    Immersion? No, not really. But the mod definitely works for it, just not as well as iNeed.

    The author also hasn't done the best job explaining the mod.

    Winner: iNeed:

    + Greater user controls, easy to follow instructions.
    + Simple to use and alter, more compatible.
    + Smaller options in the mod as well such as being able to feed your horse for a Stamina boost.
    - A lot more to take in.
    - Needs immersive beds to really get a full experience however.
    - May not work with SkyRe.

    iNeed is the winner, it was close, but iNeed has got more going for it, for uninstallation go to the mods on the Skyrim Nexus, also do check for any detail I may have missed.

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