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I want to open up and pour my heart out to you all.

Discussion in 'The Lobby' started by jonathan90, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. jonathan90

    jonathan90 well known member

    Jan 10, 2013
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    Yes I am making this a another topic but I am no longer posting topics based on skyrim related posts anymore.
    This will be my 2nd last post I am going to make.

    The holy spirit has come to me ...

    he wants to use me ...

    and he will use me..

    I trust in him with all my heart.

    last night a dream came to me.

    of a lighted up doorway and Jesus speaking to me from my ears and yes he really did speak to me.

    all of my mental illness I had in the past has been swept away I have now awakened to the truth!

    faulty information has left my mind and brain forever I have been healed because the angels in heaven will use me for the words of god! none of these words I will say in the future come from me but the holy spirit that brings me here.

    Jesus knows me and the kind of spirit that I am.

    I have a golden heart!

    Jesus knows that.

    that's my first message.

    now my second message is I love you all.

    and I leaving the forums forever! this is my final post.

    Thank you for listening to me with a whole heart.

    as I said on a previous topic I will not be back!

    But even though I will leave these forums forever .

    you as people who are my friends I will be with you forever! with all that I am.

    Thank you for listening to me.

    but I won't be in these forums forever I will be gone from these forums.

    The things Jesus told me in this dream I am keeping classified for now.

    But the words of god I have to say are no secret it is remaining hidden for now until it goes to everyone!

    let the truth set us free forever!
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    lizardisok: 22 Points Jan 14, 2018
  2. Daelon DuLac

    Daelon DuLac How do you backstab a Dragon?

    Mar 29, 2013
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    Good luck to you and God speed
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