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How to Repair Skyrim Saves

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by tx12001, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. tx12001

    tx12001 I will not tolerate failure...

    Jul 30, 2013
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    There are many people out there who claim that cleaning a save is impossible even Bethesda said removing mods could not be done without wrecking your save but I am writing this to tell you they are all Wrong I have successfully cleaned my saved games even after the deletion of over 100 mods my saves still work perfectly, Let me tell you all a story

    One day my PC hard drive space was getting extremely low and the cause of the low hard drive space was due to the PC having nearly 30000 songs located on it however due to upgrading the windows version many if not all of these songs remained and thus could not be deleted so I reset my PC thus losing all my Skyrim saves now unknowingly I had them stored in the steam cloud and after I had an empty Hard drive I redownloaded Skyrim and many other things. I got these saves out of the steam cloud however as I got all my mods from nexus and not steam I had no idea what mods I had and didn't have a clue which ones to get so I just downloaded about 70 mods that I knew I had and went to play the game and it worked Perfectly and yet some say certain scripts are imbedded into the save file well what scripts I say if any scripts were left over the game would have become corrupted and unplayable as the mods I did not download were mods like Falksaar the Giant DLC like land mod and Interesting NPCs a 1.8 gigabyte sized mod that added over 40 quests and hundreds of new NPCs to the game and now mods of that size would certainly have scripts and that many scripts would cause my game to not work but it did and it did it perfectly as if Falskaar were never even insatlled in the first place, A way to find out if your scripts are running well is to transform into a vampire lord and see how long the transformation takes a clean game should not take any time to load at all while a corrupted full of orphaned scripts save should take about 10 minutes to transform the bats ability that the VL uses is another example it wont function properly if their are 2 many orphaned scripts (Scripts from mods that are not there) what was my solution you may ask how do my saves till work? easy their are only 3 things that you need to do trust me if it isn't working for you then you didn't listen to my instructions for instance many of the Screenshots I have taken and posted were all taken from the same few saves games.

    If you need to remove scripts and fix your saved games then read these words carefully and do as I instruct or else it will not work for you, You will need to use the Nexus for this to work
    you can download NMM from the site or do this Manually.

    1. First make sure any orphaned data files are not lying around in any of your game folders

    2. Download SKSE http://skse.silverlock.org/

    3. Download Rogue Script Remover (I use this) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35556

    4. Make sure the Rogue Script remover adds a file into the SKSE folder in the Skyrim Data section on a notepad it should read ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 if it hadn't then create it yourself

    5. Start Skyrim and load a save that was wrecked

    6. Open the Console while in a Save and type ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 into the console to make sure it is working most of the time it has cleared 0 registrations

    7. Then Wait for a short while and you should be done

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