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How to get a Dremora Thrall

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by ChiefScalyNipples, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. ChiefScalyNipples

    ChiefScalyNipples Dictator of my bedroom

    May 25, 2012
    I dont exist, so nowhere
    Sup guys, this thread will show you how to obtain your very own Demon Slave permanently! Now I know what you're thinking "you cant get a Dremora Thrall you tool!", well I found a way to get one so shut your sh** up. So lets get started with this.

    Yup, one of the most fun Daedric quests in the game is involved in this, but its optional, you dont have to do this if you dont want to. After you talk to a guy in any Inn known as Sam Guevenne (Who is actually Sanguine, Daedric Prince of Toga Parties and Pornography). Get his quest, get drunk off your ass, finish the quest, and he'll give you a magical dildo staff known as the "Sanguine Rose" and as the name would tell you, it looks like a flower. The staff summons a Dremora when you use it to fight for you, now this is NOT the thrall, just a temporary slave to kill some fluffers for you. But what it does is help you keep track, it tells you which rank the Dremora you summon is. The Dremora's rank has to do with your level, if you get the quest at level 14 (the level required to get the quest) the Dremora will be a "Dremora Kynreeve". Once the Dremora is a Dremora MARKYNAZ, thats when you need to hurry and get your Conjuration to 100.

    LEVEL 36:
    This is where the magic happens, and in the words of the almighty Cr1Tikal, "This is what separates two ass cheeks and then creates a crater in the middle of them." When you reach level 36 is when you get the Dremora Markynaz, thats the strongest Dremora Thrall you can get, because the Dead Thrall spell's max level is 40, and Dremora Markynaz are level 36. Dremora Valynaz's are stronger than Markynaz but their level is too high for the Dead Thrall spell, even if you have the Necromage perk in restoration. So when you get to level 36, STAY AT LEVEL 36 UNTIL YOU GET YOUR CONJURATION TO 100. DO NOT LEVEL UP JUST YET. (Its in all caps because that's the mistake I made, so I took a Vampire Dead Thrall instead)

    Once you're at Level 36 work your hardest to get your Conjuration to 100. I'm not sure what level the Sanguine Rose summons the Dremora Valynaz so just to be safe stay at level 36 or everything is fluffed over. An easy way to get Conjuration up is to use Bound Weapon Spells while in combat instead of your usual weapons. Be sure to get the Mystic Binding Perk in Conjuration so Bound Weapons will do more damage.

    When you get 100 Conjuration go to Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold and ask him if theres any more to be learned about Conjuration. That will give you the Conjuration Ritual Spell quest, do it (I'm not going to explain how it's done because I'm too lazy and I don't want to spoil it's awesomeness), and you'll get the Sigil Stone, and you'll get the Flame Thrall Spell Tome (which is not important). But what is important is to buy the Dead Thrall spell tome if you have enough gold (it costs 1270 gold). Once you have the spell Dead Thrall and the Sigil Stone, go find these items: a SKULL, DAEDRA HEART, ANIMAL MEAT (Dog Meat, Horker Meat, Horse Meat, Leg of Goat, Mammoth Snout). Then go into the midden, and find the Atronach Forge (a big circle with candles and an offering box, it's hard to miss) and place the Sigil Stone on the pedestal, (if you got rid of the sigil stone in any way you've fluffed this over). Then place the Meat, Heart and Skull in the offering box and pull the lever thing below it. This will summon a Dremora Markynaz (since you're level 36), kill it, cast Dead Thrall on the body and there you go. You have your own Demon Slave. Now you can level up, also, if the Thrall dies, it wont turn to ash like raising temporary zombies do. So if you want your Dremora to have a better weapon, kill him and place it on his body then reanimate him with dead thrall again. They make great tanks and are good for helping you through dungeons and stuff.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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  2. Logan Artorias

    Logan Artorias New Member

    Mar 10, 2013
    Good find! Couple of points however. You don't have to be level 36. I did this at level 42 with no problems. You also don't have to be at 100 conjuration. You only need to be at 90 to do the master spell quest and to purchase dead thrall.

    Thanks for posting this though and using sanguine's rose was an excellent tip!

    CHUBBY_RYNO Member

    Aug 12, 2012
    Very Interesting, I might have to try this next time I play on my mage.

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