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18+ High Tower; Drawing Blood

Discussion in 'Skyrim Fan Fiction' started by Hlíf 'Ulfr, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Hlíf 'Ulfr

    Hlíf 'Ulfr Nothing but a lyre

    Mar 21, 2013
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    High Tower; Drawing Blood Prologue


    Welcome dear reader, to my first attempt at both crafting and executing a fan fiction piece. Though I have previously involved myself in many roleplays and writing projects both within and outside of the forums I have yet to craft my own story, excluding extensive backstories. For that reason I ask that you have patience with me, both in my slow rate of posting as well as the inexperience which may show through. Having said this if you do enjoy my writing style or have the time to read through even a portion of this piece I invite you in with open arms and a bowed head.

    This has very much been a therapeutic piece for me which has largely gathered dust up until this point. It allowed me to use what little time I have managed to find in an otherwise hectic and busy life to do something I truly enjoy. At times this meant a line which was quickly jotted in a note on my phone, or even a simple word or two to indicate a rogue idea. I’ve attempted to deliver those disjointed thoughts in a more cohesive way, and tentatively I say with some success. However…

    I would very much like to encourage commentary, and also constructive criticisms however I would ask that any such comments are not posted here. Without any solid decision on the length of each post nor the number I can not reserve all the necessary slots and would like to avoid any interruption of the flow from chapter to chapter. If there is any interest in reviewing or sharing commentary please let me know via personal message and I will set up a supplementary thread if permitted. As I’m not sure this will be read at all, much less receiving any kind of reaction, I would prefer to do so if or when the need arises. Otherwise simply messaging me any of the above is also very much welcome. Thank you endlessly for your understanding, and hopefully for your cooperation.

    Throughout this tale many character will appear, though their length of involvement may unfortunately be minimal. To improve the understanding of the story line I will include an incomplete list of characters, editing and adding existing or new characters as I have the time or the inclination. Along with their names I will add a small, overly simplified, indicator of who they are. Some are excluded purposefully, as a little confusion is healthy. When needed I will provide character cards by linking the names directly to the appropriate blog entry or post.


    Driver: Gerik Iron-Kettle
    Guard one: Vidkunn “Gramos” Hildebrand
    Guard two: Do’Khan
    Brother of Second Guard: Baadargo
    Redguard Passenger: Arif
    Merchant Passenger: Phanes Naevius
    Mage Passenger: Linette Andrieux
    Altmer Passenger/ Supplementary Guard: Elondil the Examinant

    “Original Cast”

    Leader: Matheo Dumont
    Right-Hand: Volbruk Gro-Morzeg
    Procurator: Ra’Kir
    Transportation Specialist: Walks-With-Limp
    Treasurer & Head of Letters: Azhir the Vivacious
    Political Connection: Ivar Halfdan
    Director of Spies: Sabine Emile
    Dumner Spy: Relyn Thelvas
    Mage Scholar: Cornelia Ovinius
    Apprentice: Vahril Serthis
    Enchanting Expert & Mage Scholar: Estelle “Ester” Lethral
    Deadra & Prince Expert: Ulluwai of House Telvanni
    Alchemist: Arveldis Redwood
    Healer: Brenna Bearbane
    Prominent Nord Warrior: Grim Arnulf
    Prominent Imperial Warrior: Axuis Corvus

    It is my hope that in posting this prologue I may be motivated to hasten the completion of my first chapter as I have been tinkering with it for some time. Though this may be in vain, I appreciate any patience and understanding that can be offered to me. Until then, thank you for your time and good luck to us both.



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