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Evermore - Restore Truth and Purity Across High Rock

Discussion in 'In-Progress Mods' started by mlee3141, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. mlee3141

    mlee3141 Bringer of Dawn

    Jun 4, 2016
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    We, the modders of Epoch Sanctum, are proud to officially announce Evermore, an epic 6 questline Skyrim mod with multiple factions and endings based on Player choice. As you travel throughout High Rock grim, you delve deep into a shifting chain of multi-faceted quests and adventures that explores three different aspects/ interpretations of the Shifting Plague; a deadly and otherworldly epidemic that threatens to tear High Rock asunder. In this, you will be expected to balance morals against the fate of the world, and explore such diverse, philosophical and free-thinking concepts such as the knife-edge between fantasy and reality, as well as the relationship and illusion of autonomy and free will between the creator and the created.

    As our ultimate set upon the Theater of Fate, we seek to create the entirety of High Rock in this project, as well as a custom-voiced follower, Lauren, who is intrinsically tied into all six main questlines, includes well over a thousand lines of dialogue, and speaks for the People of Evermore.

    In addition, Evermore shall serve as a base to tie in all of our respective follower mods in A House Divided, a centric hub/ base that combines unique elements that reflects each companion in the physical structure of the house itself, and focuses on the various dynamics between their strong personalities, with multiple quests and scenes. At last count, Aurlyn Dawnstone, Serenity, Virelda, Marcelon, Morgwyn, Clara, Xanthys, Dante, Isi and Lucius are included in this expansion for Evermore.


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