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ESO: Weapons & Quest Rewards

Discussion in 'TESO Discussion' started by Sasuke_Dragonborn_UCHIHA, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Sasuke_Dragonborn_UCHIHA

    Mar 25, 2013
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    I don't know about you guys. But I am hoping for a much better reward system in ESO. So far what I have experienced in the Elder Scrolls games has been far removed from my expectations. Maybe it's just me, but I find that most weapons or armor I end up with after a quest is pretty lacking. I don't expect much out of Side Quests & Misc Quests. But on Major or Main Quests, I expect something much better than the norm as a reward for my hard work. Usually the best I can hope for is an enchanted item that has decent enchants & armor rating. Nothing that even comes close to what I can smith & enchant on my own when my skills are high to maxed out. And it makes me all the more sad when I get so excited over the games lore that makes these items out to be Legendary & Untouchable.

    However there are rays of hope every now & then. Using Skyrim as an example, we have items such as the Ebony Armor & Miraak's Robes which attack enemies on their own, which is sweet. And weapons such as Auriel's Bow that has sun-explosive arrows & can block out the sun permanently, also badass. And lets not forget the Daedric items which should be some of the most powerful in the game. Yet I only ever really had use for Mehrunes Razor for a short time & Azura's Star. Once again, maybe it was just me.

    So the question is: Being as the developers of ESO have revealed that the group looting system will essentially be equal, do you think the reward system will be more generous than past titles? And if so, how do you think they will go about it?
  2. Hargood

    Hargood Defender of Helpless Kittens

    Jan 27, 2012
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    You should try playing an MMO sometime like WoW just for the experience of an MMO. You would see that an Elder Scrolls Game is Nothing like and MMO, and that the TESO is gong to be more of an MMO than a Elderscrolls game.

    I'm Positive that to hold a good MMO audience they need to have the MMO style of rewards. The hard fact is, the real motivations given to players in MMO's are so you can say "Bah-ha! Look at my Gear. It's So much better than your's. Your a noob!", to other players around you. That's just what MMO's do. The only real thing that make people diffrent from each other in MMO's is "Who has the better Gear", and Everyone in an MMO is trying to be diffrent.

    I'm also sure there will be things that are very hard to get. Everyone won't get things like Mehrunes Razor... or the Wabbajack just for logging in once and a while.

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