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ESO Stream Event, Zenimax answered questions! Armor, SpellCrafting and more

Discussion in 'TESO Discussion' started by Ivory, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. Ivory

    Ivory Let's Player

    Jun 30, 2012
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    They even gave screenshots of new armors, including Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. This was taken from the ESO Reddit, thought I'd share it with you guys :D

    There will even be Spell crafting!

    Armor pictures here!

    Dwarven, Imperial Daedric, Glass

    Dark Brotherhood, Thieves, Daedric Animal Armors


    Imperial City is a pvp and pve zone (You can enter the dungeon via sewers surrounding the city. There are three different entrances that are campable. This allows enemy factions to stop you from entering the dungeon to help fight for your faction.
    There is a 100 percent safe zone once you get in through the sewers. There are 3 different safe zones (each alliance has a starting zone). In the safe zone, you get the story line, which is, essentially, the imperials need your help to save the people and do not care about the petty alliance war.
    There are a multitude of different districts within the city
    You clear out mobs and players in a district to capture it, and, after you capture a district, you get unique rewards (One of which being the ability to craft imperial daedric armor)
    This new area also features repeatable quests that yield high amounts of gold and experience.
    There is an arena in here. According to one of the speakers, you can 'help out' people in here. I don't quite understand what this means.
    There is a 'market' zone in Imperial City: This is a capture-able point, kinda like keeps, that you can use to respawn in. Owning districts will give you an edge over pvp in the zone The market district has special crafting tables that you can craft imperial daedric armor in (see pictures below).


    Players, while grouped, will share items that are picked up off the ground (if you're told to go collect 5 flowers, you're whole group shares the items picked up)
    Players in groups will always be able to see each other. They'll be in the same 'channel'
    Sharing quests are going to be improved
    Other things like this (Significant improvements were mentioned)


    When you go back to the dungeon in veteran mode, you have to go through a portal to save the elder that previously went through in the normal dungeon mode.


    Dungeons will now scale to the level of the group leader (Or your level if no group is established) (Includes monsters, items, XP and gold).
    Difficulty in dungeons dynamically reduces if you're struggling on a boss (I think this is only for solo play)


    Expanded, new passives, et cetera
    After completing dungeons multiple times, you can get undauntless keys which open chests and unlock cool items and armor sets (Look really cool, see screenshots below)


    New 12 man trial featuring the third celestial, the serpent
    Loot gives you a medium armor trial set


    Essentially is a four person group for trials (Like trials, with 4 people)
    The better you do, the harder it gets, the harder it gets, the better loot you get
    Timed event
    Leaderboards like trials
    Multiple levels (Like easy, normal, hard)
    'The difficulty level has been cranked up to, like, 15' Lol. I hope so.


    Adds more emotion to the NPCS faces during dialog
    Extremely dynamic
    I generally don't really find this stuff interesting, but this is really cool


    Veteran content refers to anything 'post-level 50'
    Zenimax likes you're allowed to go to the other zones on the same character
    Zenimax is working on the reward system for the veteran ranks
    Zenimax thinks experience is too different between 1-50 and veteran content
    What Zenimax has already done to fix these issues
    • Decreased the difficulty
    What Zenimax is going to do
    • Get rid of veteran points. You gain ranks through regular experience.
    • Bonus experience gain the longer you stay offline between play times
      • Helps keep friends closer together
    • Ability to level up passives with points you earn (Champion points)
      • These champion points will be available to spend on all your characters
      • More points unlocks more passives
      • You spend the Champion points in a menu that looks like Skyrim's skill line system
    • New gear will be introduced, but in a slightly different way
      • The new gear you get will come with new content
      • The gear will be the same level, but it will be better, harder to get, and worth more
      • The longer the gear is available in the game, the easier it will be to get
      • A gear chase will exist, it just won't let players fall behind


    Instead of just being able to take things from NPCS, you have to sneak around and steal them without getting caught
    • If a guard finds you, you have to pay a bounty or flee
      • Paying the bounty makes you lose all your stolen items
      • If you flee, the guards fight you
    • If guards catch you, they will ask you to pay a bounty, if you can't pay it you have to run away and/or fight the guard
      • If you die, you lose your stolen goods (Don't know about the penalty from dying to a guard after killing NPCS)
    • Players can act as guards and kill these players that steal and kill NPCS (OPEN WORLD PVP)


    The spell crafting system will be available after completing the Mages Guild questline
    There are certain doorways that can only be found by using a new spell
    • In the middle of the room that the door leads to will be a tablet
    • The tablets can be worn down, broken, and scattered through the world
      • You have to find all these peices and put it together
      • A new minigame like lock picking
    • Easier spells will be found on unbroken tablets, while harder spells will be broken into many peices
    • These tablets only give you the base effect of the spell
    • For example, you could find an 'AOE' tablet
    • You then can pick three different effects and put them all together to make your own spell
    • There is different materials (The higher level material you use to make a spell, the more effective it will be)
    • It is an extreme challenge to find all these different spell bases
    • You can trade tablets you make. You can 'consume' these tablets. EXTREMELY COOL EFFECTS TO LEARN THESE DIFFERENT SPELLS
    • The spells you learn are permanent
    • YOU CAN CONJURE ALL DIFFERENT TYPES OF MONSTERS! (you just gotta make the spell first)


    • Combat responsiveness
      • Audio feedback for actions (like drinking potions, and when you're out of magicka and stamina) will be more noticable
      • Abilities lockup is FIXED
    • Animation timing
      • The timing of impacts is improved
      • Velocity of swings are improved, combat feels tighter and more responsive
      • Poses are changed (Aesthetic improvements) (EX: staff weilders won't be slouched)
    • Particle effects
      • No more cutting out of particle effects in large scale PvP
      • Missing an effect could cause you to die, so these effects are prioritized
      • You can toggle these effects on and off
      • A slider will also be available to lower memory for particles
      • Effects are pre-cached (lol, what is this)


    New armor styles for two new zones
    Dark brotherhood armor
    Thieves guild armor
    Dwarven armor
    Glass armor
    Lots more armor sets
    Can now skin monsters and wear their skin as armor


    Not much information was given, and I found nothing big to note. It's a swamplike place featuring a different variant of Argonians.
    Nonetheless, this is going to be a fantastic zone. Check the screenshots posted


    Female giants are added. He had a weird explanation on why.


    Q: Werewolves are in dire need of change, what will you do?
    A: There are changes in mind. Two phases. Phase 1: Bring all everything into balance (ultimate cost, etc). Phase 2: Add new passives and active abilities to expand out the skill line.
    Q: Will we ever see more character custimization? (Barber shop, etc)
    A: Customization will be coming, no specific details were mentioned.
    Q: Is the offender caught stealing (In the Justice System) on a timer?
    A: The more bad things you do, the higher your bounty. Eventually, your bounty is so high that you're going to be 'kill on sight'. If you're going to be a criminal, you're going to have to pay the price.
    Q: Why do some quests get broken from one patch to the next?
    A: There is a ton of moving parts, when we go and fix a quest in one area by adding in or ajusting particle effects somewhere, it doesn't mean it's going to work under all circumstances. Sometimes something like that will slip through.
    Q: When are we going to see the facial animation system?
    A: Unknown
    Q: Do you plan on adding a dueling feature for players that don't like the huge epic war that Cyrodiil is?
    A: A dueling system isn't as simple as you might think. There is a lot of things to consider. Once the Justice System is in place, we will have the resources needed to make this possible.
    Q: What are the future ideas for adding reason to PVP
    A: Imperial City is a start for this. Imperial City is a huge advancement towards this goal. The new PvP gear (Shown in screenshot below) will also be a step towards this. We are trying to expand on this without taking from the Cyrodiil experience
    Q: Are there new motifs?
    A: Yes.
    Q: What are your plans for stamina builds VS magicka builds
    A: There a number of plans. I will go through a few with them. One of the things we have already done is add a pasive to medium armor to reduce cost. There are also a number of attacks that need a DPS increase which have been increased. Ultimates will be based off stamina AND magicka (Whichever one is higher). A lot more.
    Q: What do you have in plan for roleplayers in the future?
    A: A few things have already been mentioned, like the Justice System, but we are also going to add systems like guild traders, et cetera. It's going to be an ongoing effort.
    Q: The gold sink is way to high to play different specs. Do you have any plans at all to ajust the price of respecs?
    A: Yes. For the first week of update 3, respec costs will be SUPER cheap. After that, it will be brought up to a reduced price (Around 25 percent of what it is now). The last thing being added is being able to respec just morphs, which will be extremely cheap.
    Q: What are the developers doing to seperate PVP from PVE content. EX: PVP passives and actives giving an edge in PVE content.
    A: Steps will be taken to mitigate the effect PVP has on PVE. Former Emperor bonus is a focus.
    Q: Do you have plans to discourage emperor trading.
    A: In 1.3, changes will be made. First, condensing the campaigns from 10 to 5. Second, increasing the amount of alliance points needed to become an emperor. Third, a three day lockout will be added for home and guest campaign.
    Q: Is a spelltome from spell crafting one time use? And can you make stamina spells?
    A: No, but you can make more tomes. You can't make stamina abilities, but you can create a restore stamina spell. We have another idea for stamina users.
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  2. Sickle

    Sickle The Lucid Dream

    Jul 11, 2013
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    I know alot people that dislike this game but DAMN :D I love this game
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    tx12001: 10 Points (Finally someone that loves ESO have 10 Rep points just for that) Jul 19, 2014
  3. Ivory

    Ivory Let's Player

    Jun 30, 2012
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    Agreed. Zenimax isn't the best company in the world, but my god, their support staff? The best customer service I've ever had. I always take it upon myself to thank them every time they help me. They are that good.
  4. tx12001

    tx12001 I will not tolerate failure...

    Jul 30, 2013
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    you know what is really funny, people have been complaining that Zenimax support was not getting their responses when it was still in BETA, Seems odd why they would think what they had to say was any more important then what 1 million others had to say..They must think the world revolves around themselves.
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