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PS3 Escaping Helgen (100 Sneak, One Handed, Two Handed, Block and Destruction.)

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by The Shadowscale, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. The Shadowscale

    The Shadowscale Chosen at birth under the sign of the Shadow.

    Dec 23, 2012
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    First of all, I’m on Playstation 3 so no expansions or mods are needed to do this guide.

    Second of all, I’m a role player in Skyrim. My character, Shadowscale, is an Argonian from black marsh that traveled to Skyrim to seek riches and rewards. As some of you may know, Shadowscales are chosen from birth to train under the Dark Brotherhood. When I started this character I realized in order to truly Role Play out my character I would need to get my character to a point of deadliness as soon as possible. This is how I did it.

    As you may know, you have two options when escaping Helgen: Following Hadvar the Imperial or Ralof the Stormcloak. Ralof is a simple choice for me.

    1) Those Imperial bastards were going to cut my head off.

    2) When picking Ralof you have instant access to better armor. A steel Imperial heavy set or a solid Imperial chest piece that’s better than standard Imperial armor.

    3) Ralof is programmed in a way that when he falls to a lethal level of health he is instantly brought back to 100%. Where Hadvar has to rest for about five to six seconds.

    The task is simple. When following Ralof pick up the following items.

    1) An Iron Dagger.

    2) An Iron Sword.

    3) A Two Hander of some kind (I prefer the greatsword. If picking Ralof you might have to kill a Stormcloak follower to grab it).

    4) The mage clothing from the dead prisoner in the torture room.

    5) The destruction spell Sparks.

    6) A Light Armor Shield.

    Next is to travel to the final room of Helgen before you escape. Once you clear the room full of spiders you will enter the room with the Sleeping Bear. During this phase Ralof will no longer lead you, he will follow you. At this point you have your target for training. Ralof will allow you to hit him and not become aggressive. If you get too close to the bear, it will wake up and you will lose your training opportunity. So when striking Ralof, try to push him to the opposite side of the room towards the waterfall. Put the difficulty on Master.

    Sneak- I suggest leveling Sneak first. To do this drop to stealth mode and strike him with an Iron Dagger to his back. You don’t have to hit him with a power strike. A simple swipe of the dagger will roughly give you a level a swing till about 40. The faster you strike on him the faster you receive levels. I suggest you spend your first few levels on stamina. I also suggest not spending any points on the tree till you hit 100. It appeared to me that simply being successful on a back stab is where you get the most experience for the level, as opposed to doing damage. But that wasn’t tested. If in first person mode try to aim for his back and or his head. If you spend your points on backstab right away you’ll do incredible amounts of damage on him and you’ll have to wait for him to stand up more often. During this time you will also receive small amounts of one handed experience as well.

    One Handed- This is pretty simple. Slash the hell out of him. I would use a sword over a mace or an axe because of the speed. I haven’t tested this but try dual wielding and power attacking. Make sure your standing up to speed up your process and not to gain Sneak exp. Things start to slow down around level 60.

    Two Handed- Same as One handed. Pummel him down. If seemed to me that you can level this faster than one handed for some reason.

    Destruction- Dawn your mage clothes and shock him to death. I chose Shock over Flames because it does a little less damage to Ralof (no burn DoT). But that’s in exchange for the cost for more Mana per second. I’m not sure if you get more experience for damage or actually connecting the spell. I find it more time efficient to burn all your Mana dual wielding the spell, then once you’re out of Mana you swap to another weapon and hit him until your Mana is back to 100%.

    Block- Grab that leather shield and shield bash Ralof. I chose the leather because of its lighter weight so less stamina per shield bash. This is the slowest of the leveling.

    This process is a bit tiresome, but like any RPG the grind will make you stronger. WARNING. Because of the games level system when you leave the cave the enemies will be significantly stronger. So be weary and lower your difficulty back down to an easier setting until you get your armor skills up.

    When I started my character I maxed out Sneak to 100 and bought all the perks. I was about Level 16 when I left the cave. With the Dark Brotherhood gloves I was able to one shot Giants and be able to sneak away undetected.

    I hope this guide helped. Please shoot me any messages or comments to improve it. I’m always up to learning a new way to do things.

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  2. Balstrome

    Balstrome Member

    Dec 18, 2011
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    I am sucker, these types of guides always make me want to start a new character to test it out.
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  3. Deadpool.

    Deadpool. OG Forum member

    Jan 7, 2013
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    i got a mod for that on the xbox
  4. mrlymric

    mrlymric Active Member

    Jun 25, 2012
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    I am on Xbox 360, I did not know we had mods for consoles, please explain what mod you using and how please. I am very interested :):):)
  5. Joker

    Joker Cook, Wine Taster, Scotch Taster, Adventure Seeker

    Mar 6, 2013
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    This is very interesting. I might have to try this out.....

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