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Discussion in 'Oblivion Discussion' started by Kohlar the Unkilled, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Kohlar the Unkilled

    Kohlar the Unkilled Time for some ale

    Dec 1, 2013
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    I've been using sigil stones to enchant my weapons and armor. I always save before collecting the stone so that if it's not an enchantment that I want, I reload and collect it again and again until I obtain the enchantment that I seek. (Thanks be to @JoeReese for that useful tip :beermug:).

    Yet I have very limited experience using an Alter of Enchanting and soul gems to enchant my items. So how much am I missing out on? Can multiple enchantments be placed on one item, and if so, how does that work? How much more powerful an enchantment is possible with a grand soul VS a transcendent sigil stone?

    Lastly, what are some of your own greatest achievements regarding enchantments? Share, if you would, your most powerfully enchanted items. :beermug:
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