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PC Enchanting & Alchemy Loop Inquiry

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Jaycee, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Jaycee

    Jaycee New Member

    Nov 16, 2017
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    Skyrim has been around for years yet I just started playing it recently. I just want to verify and ask somethings regarding maximizing enchanting & alchemy and then smithing. Base from my research, you can do the enchanting & alchemy loop in order to make fortify smithing potion that will be use for upgrading your equipment. (I heard there's the restoration potion loop but I don't want to do any exploits or cheat.)

    Note : I am playing Skyrim Legendary Edition.

    So what I will be doing in order:

    - Assume Smithing, Alchemy, & Enchanting perks are all taken
    - Be a vampire and get Necromage perk from Restoration

    1.) Get Seeker of Sorcery for the +10% Enchanting.
    2.) Equip 4 relics of Ahzidal for the +10% Enchanting.
    3.) Drink Enchanter's Elixir & Enchant 4 items with fortify alchemy.
    4.) Get Seeker of Shadows for the +10% in Alchemy.
    5.) Wear the enchanted items and brew fortify enchanting potion
    6.) Get Seeker of Sorcery again, drink the fortify enchanting potion and enchant again 4 items.
    7.) Wear the enchanted items and brew again fortify enchanting potion and repeat the loop until you reach the cap.
    8.) With the seeker of sorcery, seeker of shadows, capped fortify enchanting potion, and capped 4 items with fortify alchemy: Create fortify smithing potion and enchant 4 items with fortify smithing.
    9.) Equip Notched Pickaxe for +5 smithing.
    10.) Wear the four enchanted items with fortify smithing, drink the fortify smithing potion and upgrade the gears of your choice.

    So with that my real questions are:

    1.) Did I get the order right?
    2.) What is the Fortify Alchemy cap? (Legendary Edition)
    3.) What is the Fortify Enchanting 'potion' cap? (Legendary Edition)
    4.) What is the Fortify Smithing cap? (Legendary Edition)
    5.) What is the Fortify Smithing 'potion' cap? (Legendary Edition)
    6.) What is the armor and damage rating cap? (Legendary Edition)

    One reason I am asking is that with so many guide on the net, where mostly are outdated; I want to verify the cap on those mentioned above and if I have gotten the alchemy / enchanting loop right.

    So thank you for reading my inquiry. This is my first post on the forum. Thank you in advance for those willing to answer the questions and share their opinions. :)
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  2. Knowhere man

    Knowhere man New Member

    Jan 4, 2018
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    1: Looks like you're going about it right, although I'm unsure wheter the Notched Pickaxe's enchantment actually enhances smithing beyond 100. 2-4: I don't think there are any caps on Fortify Alchemy, Enchanting, or smithing, potions or othervise. However if you make crafting gear that goes up in millions, your armor rating and enchantments will go into minus. I seem to remember the armor cap being something in the 600's. If one wants to wear robes or clothes, one might cheat and make a pair of boots or gauntlets that hit the cap, and be protected as though one wore a full set, due to the way skyrim does the math on damage/armor rating. Weapon damage looks to be uncapped, or at least high enough that you can one-shot most anything in the game if you've made an OP enough weapon.

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