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Dragon Shouts for Nubs

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by Speech500, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Speech500

    Speech500 Active Member

    Dec 28, 2011
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    Dragon shouts are spells that work by the use of only your voice in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They have unique and very ...fun properties. I am going to detail each shout to you and how to get it.

    Unrelenting Force
    Unrelenting force is by far the most famous shout. It is spoken by Dragonborn as FUS RO DAH, but usually has a long pause between FUS and RO and a short one between the latter and DAH. This shout lets out a powerful shockwave that pushes anyone or anything out of your way. FUS means Force, RO means Balance, and DAH means Push.
    Getting Unrelenting Force
    Each shout is made of three words. The first word of Unrelenting Force is learned from a wall in Bleak Falls Barrow, early on in the main story. Its really easy to find, just go through and when you see a curved grey wall with lots of lines on them, a few lines will be glowing blue. Go to them. You know you're near when you hear what sounds like vikings chanting.
    No matter how much you want to use it, as it IS very fun, you can't use it yet. I forgot to say that dragon shouts can only be unlocked by Dragon Souls. You will have to face a dragon in the next main story mission so don't worry, you can also encounter them randomly throughout the game and you can find them standing idle in certain places. But just remember, when they are standing idle, it means they are guarding something...
    The second word is found shortly after when you go to the top of the throat of the world to a place called High Hrothgar, they will teach you RO straight away, but you then have to go fetch something for them. When you return they teach you DAH. You do not need the second and third Dragon souls.
    This shout is great if you need a bit of room or if you're at the top of a mountain, FUS RO DAH a follower/enemy off of it and let them die. It's fun

    Call Dragon
    This shout lets you call a dragon Ohdaviing to your aid, The shout is simply Oh Da Viing. The dragon shout is learned during The Fallen, a main quest. It is after a very fun little scene at High Hrothgar between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. You can't use the shout until after the Main story is over though, im afraid.

    Clear Skies
    This completely useless but very entertaining party trick simply clears away bad weather and snow and leaves a clear sky. It also clears fog. It is learned from the greybeards. when you are on the way to see beloved paarthurnax, he has a cool little secret, and im not giving it away. But its said as LOK, VAH, KOOR. This translates as Sky, Spring, Summer. Jolly, isn't it. I would suggest you use it if you cant spot that pesky dragon

    Ice Form
    By far one of the most entertaining shouts you will get in the game. It turns the enemy into a solid block of ice. This is most useful if they are on the edge of a cliff, aside from using FUS RO DAH, this will freeze them and send them flying down the mountain. said as IS SLEN NUS, this means Ice Flesh Statue
    Getting Ice Form
    Get word one from Frostmere Crypt in north Skyrim, get word 2 on Mount Anthor, no crypt for that one, luckily, its just standing out. You may have to face a dragon to get it. The third is found in Saarthal, early in the College of Winterhold Quest line

    I am adding more to the guide and it is in no way complete.
    Also, i would like to acknowledge that there is already a guide for this, but i am doing this in my own way.
  2. Shew

    Shew Account closed (at sincere request).

    Nov 14, 2011
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  3. Smport

    Smport New Member

    Sep 8, 2017
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    I don't know why so trying to figure it out lol but I started a new game and the word wall in bleak falls barrow keeps giving me the disarm shout and not the unrelenting force shout. Could it be a couple mods I downloaded or just my own stupidity? Please help?

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