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Discussion in 'Skyrim Fan Fiction' started by TheAdventurer!, Apr 22, 2017.


WARNING! Read chapter 12 BEFORE reading the question! Do you think Molamer should survive?

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  1. TheAdventurer!

    TheAdventurer! New Member

    Apr 22, 2017
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    Cyrodiil, Empire of Tamriel

    4th Era, year 195

    My name is Zeyla Diamondheart. I am a Nord. I am sixteen years old; well, I'm sixteen years, two weeks, and four days old. I was born and raised in Skyrim, and I was taught the Nordic cultures and religion. I have two older siblings; Zane and Layla. About a year ago Zane left. I still don’t know why he did; I guess it was just time for him to leave, but I never heard from him again. When I was eleven, we moved to Cyrodiil, where we still live. It’s beautiful here! The house is huge, we have a small plantation close to a forest, and we can see the Imperial City from here. We are so far away, yet it still looks so huge!

    I love my life, but, unfortunately, some things have to change….

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures

    Part 1


    Zeyla was gazing at the immense Imperial City outside her open window as the cool breeze flowed around her. She had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was wearing a pretty blue dress. As she looked at the City, it seemed the as if the mighty white walls and towers of the city were amongst the golden stars, as they were reflected by the lake surrounding the city, Lake Rumare. And the White-Gold Tower in the center of the city looked as if it touched the sky. She was so lost in the magnificence that she did not notice the footsteps behind her.

    “Zelya,” her father said from behind her, "you’re supposed to be in bed.”

    “Sorry, Father,” Zeyla apologized. "I’m just so excited to visit the Imperial City again.”

    “If you don’t get any sleep, you’ll be too tired to go.”

    “Fine, but can you tell me a bedtime story first, please?”

    “Are you sure? Don’t you think you’re a little old for bedtime stories?”

    “Nope. I’m also not too old for a new dress from the City. One just like Momma’s; you know, the red one with the flower patterns on it.”

    “That dress was made by her mother. Maybe one day your mother will give it to you. Now, how about I ask Layla to tell you a story? I have got to meet with someone.”

    “Okay,” Zeyla climbed onto her bed. “Why would you meet with someone this late?”

    “Jhofree would not meet at any other time.” He went to the door and called for Layla.

    “Yes, Father?” she asked.

    “Would you stay with Zeyla for a while?”

    “Of course I will.”

    “Well then, good night.” He kissed them both on the forehead and left.

    Zeyla pulled the blankets over herself as Layla on the bed next to her. Layla was a bit taller and older than Zeyla. She had brown hair and brown eyes, and she was wearing a white shirt and pants. “So,” she began, “what kind of story do you want to hear? One about the Blades, Martin Septim, the Penitus Oculatus, or… what?”

    “How about, um… ooh! Tell me a story about the Eternal Champion and how he defeated Jager Tharn.”

    “Okay, well, it began hundreds of years ago. Tharn had take the Ruby Throne by force, leaving all order behind and replacing it with chaos. The Empire became an Arena for all and-”

    The sound of horses and carriages came from outside.

    “It’s nothing.” Layla continued the story,” So, the Eternal Champion was visited in his dreams by Ria Silmane, who told him of Tharn’s betra-”

    Someone began shouting.

    Layla stood up and looked out the window, but she couldn’t see anything from here. She and Zeyla went downstairs to get a better view.

    The men outside were of a diverse nature. Several of the people wore the golden Elven armor of the third, and current, Aldmeri Dominion. The others wore the Roman-like armor of the Imperial Legion. Years ago, the Empire and the Dominion signed the White-Gold Concordat, forming an allegiance.

    One Imperial Officer was speaking with Zeyla’s and Layla’s father. They could not make out what the man was saying.They could, however, make out that none of the men were happy. Their mother noticed them watching and walked over to the door. “Girls go back to bed,” she said. She then opened the door and walked outside to join the group.

    Layla raised her hand toward the soldier behind the window. It began to glow.

    “Layla,” Zeyla began,” what are you doing?”

    “Remember that time I ‘borrowed’ father’s spell book? I learned a few tricks from it.” Suddenly, they could hear everything happening outside as if they were out there in the crowd.

    Their father was talking. “I have not been smuggling moon sugar, or stealing from the Imperial City, or doing any of the other crimes you accuse me of.”

    “That,” began the Imperial Officer, “is not what our source has been telling us.”

    “And who is this ‘source’ of yours?”

    “I’m afraid that is not information you need to know. Although, you won’t be around much longer anyway, so why shouldn't I tell you? A Cyrodiilic man by the name of Jhofree Verenisus.”

    “Jhofree! Oh, I’ll kill the man!”

    “No, you won’t.” The Officer put on his most arrogant face. "You see, you have been sentenced for execution.”

    “No, I demand a trial.”

    “There is no need.”

    “What happened to law and order?”

    “Well, Torban, is it? It seems we have already come to a conclusion. You have been living under a false identity for the past, about, twenty years. Before that you were a pirate and, well, we have all the proof we need. And this Jhofree fellow was willing to share the same fate as you, for admitting to helping throughout most of your little adventures.” He placed a hand on the hilt of his sword. “Now, if you’ll be so kind as to walk with us, without any unnecessary struggles-”

    “Wait. What will happen to my family?”

    “Well… your wife will face the same sentence as you, for she was clearly also involved. Your oldest daughter is old enough to be off on her own. And you youngest, well, she will be sent to an orphanage.”

    Layla and Zeyla were shocked. “Wha…. How could this happen?” Zeyla asked. “What are they talking about.”

    “I…. I don’t know,” Layla responded.

    Outside, the girls’ father was being led to a carriage, when suddenly, he turned and punched the Officer in the stomach, then grabbed the man’s sword and pulled it from its sheath. “By the way, the name is Soris.” He then swiftly sent the man to his afterlife. He fought his way through as many soldiers as he could, giving his wife enough time to slip inside the house unnoticed.

    “Zeyla, Layla,” she began, “gather some supplies; we’ve got to go.”

    “What about Daddy?” Zeyla asked.

    “Zeyla… just stay with Layla.” She looked at Layla. “Keep her and yourself safe.”

    “But,” Layla started, “what about you?”

    “I’m going to try to get Soris. Go out through the back door. Go!”

    The two went upstairs to their rooms to gather what they thought they would need. Zeyla grabbed her leather satchel. Inside she put some food and water, and she made certain to grab her journal. As she walked out of her room, Layla grabbed her hand, “Come on,” she said.

    They rushed downstairs and to the back door, but before leaving Zeyla turned and looked out the front door. Tears fell from her eyes as she watched Soris outnumbered by the Empire and Aldmeri Dominion. She turned and left with her sister at her side. “Where will we go?” she asked Layla.

    “I guess to Uncle Ragnar’s house. At least until I can find somewhere else to stay.”

    “But, we can’t go to Uncle Ragnar. Daddy even told us to stay away from him.”

    “I know, but he is the closest family we have. And we won’t be there long. Now, come on.”

    They ran out the back door and to the nearby forest, where they hid from the soldiers. Layla noticed Zeyla still crying and gave her a hug. “We are going to be fine,” she said.

    Even in the comforting arms of her sister, Zeyla could not feel safe….

    After a long time, what felt like forever, Zeyla looked back at her older journal entries. When she looked back up, she was not in the green forests of Cyrodiil. Instead, she was in an old town populated by Dark Elves and Argonians. The surroundings were nothing like that of Cyrodiil. The trees were not as tall and were more twisted, and giant mushrooms towered over those trees. Zeyla herself looked a bit different. Her hair was much shorter, she had a few small cuts and bruises, and her dress looked different after it had been torn and fixed many times. Here and now, she felt more safe than she did back then. Here… in Morrowind.

    She looked back at her journal and grabbed her pen.

    It has been so long since I have seen that house, my mother, my father, my brother, or my sister. It feels like it has been years since I last saw that old life. I miss everyone that I have lost…. But I have a new life now. I have new friends, a new home. And I will not give up. I am certain that I will see Zane and Layla again. I will not surrender. I will find out why those Imperials attacked us, and what they meant about what they said. I will not lose hope. Because I am a Diamondheart.
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  2. TheAdventurer!

    TheAdventurer! New Member

    Apr 22, 2017
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    My name is Zeyla Diamondheart. I have been betrayed by the Empire in a time that feels like forever ago. When it happened, I ran. Not long ago, however, I arrived in Morrowind. At first I was tired, hurt, lonely, and afraid. But when I looked around, I could feel the magic calling to me. Now I have met new friends, and found a new home. I only hope this one lasts.

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures


    Part 2

    New faces

    Zeyla had just finished writing in her journal and set it and her pen in her satchel, when one of her friends arrived and sat on the bench next to her. Her friends name was Andyla; she was a Dark Elve with bright red eyes and almost-blue skin. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a simple white shirt with her sleeves rolled up to her elbow and brown shorts.

    “Zeyla,” she began, “what are you writing?”

    “Oh, nothing,” Zeyla answered.

    “Are you ever gonna tell me what’s in there?”

    “Maybe, eventually.” She looked around the room. This building, like most other buildings in the town, was made of Imperial architecture; two story buildings made of stone and wood with angled wooden roofs and extruding opaque windows. They were currently in the lower floor in a large open room.

    Andyla stood up. “Well, it's time to go meet our new teachers.” With that she stood up and left.

    Zeyla stood up, “Wait for me,” she said. She could not afford much, so she did not have many clothes. Now she wore an outfit similar to Andyla’s. A white shirt with short sleeves and brown pants. Her hair was much shorter than Andyla’s though; it barely came past her shoulders.

    She walked over to a man named Raxen Desand; he owns the place. Once Desand was a member of the Imperial guard. He had retired and moved here to open this place, where he would teach proper combat etiquette. Now he allowed his more experienced students to teach the newer ones. He had also taken Zeyla in, and he allows her to stay here whenever she needed.

    “Hello Mister Desand,” she said politely to him.

    “Greetings Miss Diamondheart,” he responded. Zeyla preferred to be called by her first name, but Raxen refused.

    “I’m ready to meet my new teacher.”

    “Ah, yes. Your first teacher. Let me see….” He referred to a list he had written. “Ah, yes, you will be training with Torius Drenelle. Have you met him yet?”

    The name didn’t sound familiar. “No, sir, I haven’t.”

    “Well, he is a remarkable young man. Not too much older than you. One of my best students I think. And maybe you could teach him a thing or two.” Zeyla was confused at that remark. “Now I think you should meet him. I, however, have other needs to attend to.” He turned to talk to other students.

    Zeyla walked over to where Andyla was waiting.

    “You already got your new mentor?” she asked.

    “Yeah,” Zeyla responded. “Someone named Torius Drenelle. Do you know him?”

    “Of course I know him; we’re best friends!”

    “Then why haven’t I met him yet?”

    “Well,” Andyla thought about her response. “He’s been kind of… distant lately.”

    “Why?” Zeyla asked.

    “I think it would be best if he told you; it is kind of personal. Come on, I think I know where he is.” Andyla grabbed Zeyla’s wrist and practically dragged her across the room.

    They stopped at a Dark Elve who was sitting alone.

    “Hey, Torius,” Andyla said.

    The man turned to face them. He had dark hair and gray skin. He was also much taller than Zeyla.

    “Hi, Andylla,” he said. He seemed downcast. “Who is this?” he asked once he noticed Zeyla.

    “My name is Zeyla,” she answered him. “You are Torius Drenelle?”

    “Yes,” he studied her. “You are from… Skyrim, are you not?”

    “I was born in Skyrim, yes. But I was in Cyrodiil last.”

    He seemed to get a little annoyed. “What do you want?”

    “You are supposed to be my new teacher.”

    When he heard that, he stormed over to where Desand was standing. Zeyla looked to Andyla, who just shrugged. They followed him and overheard part of the conversation.

    “There is no mistake,” Desana was saying. He then noticed Zeyla. “Torius, Zeyla is your student.” He looked to Zeyla and said “Remember what I told you.” Then, he left to talk to the others.

    Zeyla looked at Torius with a confused look no her face. “Do you not like me?”

    He looked at her with a look that scared her. “Meet me outside in a few minutes.”

    Zeyla spent those few minutes talking to Andyla, then went outside to find Torius leaning against the wall of the building. Every time she looked outside, she had to take in the view. The town was surrounded on one side by towering hills and cliffs. Another side led into a forest filled with strange and twisted trees and tall mushrooms. The other side of town held miles of plains and lakes and ponds, eventually leading to the Inner Sea and the destroyed island of Vvardenfell. The center of Vvardenfell held the Red Mountain, which billowed unhealthy black smoke that poured into the sky.

    “So,” Zeyla began, “what are we doing out here?”

    “Training,” Torius replied. “Pick any spot in town.”

    Zeyla liked that idea. “Well, I know a great spot in the forest.”

    “Well, then, let’s not waste any time.” And they were off.

    On the way there, Zeyla had time to think. She thought about the time between when she had fled from the Empire and now. Back then, only a few months ago, yet it seemed so much longer. Then she had much longer hair; almost down to her waist. She wore her blue dress, which was untorn and almost clean.

    I remember the time me and Layla had just fled from our home, which was no longer safe. We hid from the Empire and the Dominion in the forests, and once we thought we were safe we slept for the night. In the morning, my sister woke me up.

    “Zeyla,” she said, “it is time to wake up. Zeyla… come on, wake up.” she shook me hard enough to wake me, yet gentle enough not to harm me or make me angry.

    “Layla,” I began, “ I wanna sleep.” I had forgotten what had happened; it all seemed like a dream.

    “Come on, Zeyla. We have to get moving. Unless you want me to eat your breakfast….”

    “I’m up!” I immediately woke myself up at the sound of breakfast. I had not eaten since the previous night. And I thought that was big deal at the time.

    Layla laughed softly. “Okay, come on.” She led me to a makeshift table which was really a tree trunk with a small cloth on top of it. On top was their breakfast; two sandwiches. “I know it’s not much,” Layla apologized, “but I don’t want to use all of our food at once, and-”

    “It’s fine with me. I’m hungry, and you make the best sandwiches, even better than Momma. Your sweet rolls aren’t as good though.”

    “Hey… I worked hard on those.”

    “I didn’t say they were bad, just that they weren’t as good.”

    We sat down and ate our food. Once we were done, Layla and I packed everything up and we were on our way.

    After a while, Zeyla and Torius found the spot they were looking for. A small clearing in the forest, not too far from town. The trees avoided that spot leaving a small grassy field, in which the sunlight shimmered down through the leaves overhead. And it was away from all the roads and houses, so they surrounded by nothing but nature. Zeyla loves this spot.

    “Here,” Torius said bluntly as he held out a training sword; a wooden stick, “take this.”

    Zeyla made no move toward the stick. “Torius, why have you been acting like that?”

    “What?” He truly looked confused.

    “You have barely spoken to me since we met, and when you do speak you do it so… bluntly, so… mean-like. We hardly know each-other, so why do you hate me?”

    He dropped one of the training swords. “Take it,” he said.

    “Don’t change the subject.”

    “Take the sword.”

    Zeyla was tired of this. She reached down to grab the sword, when Torius hit her hand with the stick. “Ow! What was that for?”

    He smirked. “Training.”

    Zeyla went for the sword again .When he was about to attack, she pointed her hand near him, and a small ball of flame erupted from it. Torius jumped back to avoid getting hit, though it would not have hit him anyway. Zeyla stood back up, sword in hand.

    “Good,” Torius said. “Now, let’s begin.”

    Throughout the fighting, Zeyla kept a few words in mind. Words that her sister had told her whilst she was training Zeyla.

    After a little walking, Layla had stopped and began looked around.

    “Is something wrong?” I asked.

    “No,” she answered. “I’m just looking around.” Another minute and she said “Yeah, this place will work.”

    “For what?” I asked.

    Layla looked at me and smiled. “For one of your favorite activities.” She pulled her bow off her back; she must have grabbed it while we were collecting supplies. I did not notice it until then, though. “I am gonna teach you a thing or two more about archery.”

    “But I’m already pretty good at shooting,” I bragged.

    “Yeah, but I think you need more practice, just in case.”

    My eyes must have widened with shock. “I’m not gonna shoot someone!”

    She placed one hand on my shoulder and stared at me with her comforting eyes. “Zeyla, I’m not saying you will have to. But just in case…. We could be attacked by anything. Bears, wolves, and even Imperials. You don’t have to kill them. You just need to know how to hit your target, and where to aim. And you will need to know how to make your own arrows; we don’t have an infinite number of them.”

    I still can not believe what I heard coming from her in that moment.

    “Zeyla, just remember to, no matter what, stay calm. Stay in control. And focus.”

    I nodded my head, even though I still did not fully understand.

    After a while of training, Zeyla began breathing heavily and sat on a fallen log. Torius looked at her with disappointment. “Tired already?” he teased her.

    Zeyla looked up at him. “I’m sorry. We’ve been out here for a while, and it’s kind of hot.”

    “It is not hot.

    “Well you were not born in one of the coldest parts of Tamriel.”

    “Weak Nord,” Torius whispered a little too loudly.

    Zeyla looked at him in shock and anger. “What do you have against Nords, huh?” she asked angrily. She really wanted to know. But Torius stayed silent. “Is that why you don’t like me? Because I’m a Nord?” Her anger quickly disappeared once she realized the truth; not long ago she herself despised the Dark Elves. That was until she actually met a few, like Andyla, and realized that they are not all that bad….

    “Torius, I-” Before she could finish, he turned and walked away. Before he turned, Zeyla thought she may have seen a tear fall from his eye. “I’m sorry for getting angry,” she finished silently.

    A few hours later, Zeyla met up with Andyla in the town. Andyla noticed Zeyla was a little down. “Hey,” she said cheerfully, “how have you been doing?”

    Zeyla looked at her. “I don’t know; Torius is still acting so….” She could not find the right word.

    “Like he was earlier?”

    “Yeah. And he refuses to tell me why.”

    “Well, I think I might know why.” Andyla’s face grew sad. “You see, not too long ago his brother… passed away.” Her eyes began watering. “He was attacked by a Nord.”

    Zeyla believed she understood.

    “This is so hard,” I complained. I had a stick in one hand, a knife in the other. I don’t know why I complain sometimes. Usually I can keep things to myself, but sometimes I… think I’m pretty annoying to people.

    Layla took my hands in hers. “Zeyla, just take your time; be patient.” She guided my hands. “Just do it like this. It’ll take some time, but it takes time to make a fine arrow, especially if you want it to be look pretty and elegant.” After a minute of letting me try on my own, she said, “I know a lot of… intense things have happened, but isn’t is nice to just be out in nature, with just you and me.”

    I still felt bad about what had happened, but I had to admit that I did enjoy being there with her. “I guess so,” I replied. “I do love being with you, but I miss Momma and Daddy.”

    “I do too. I also miss Zane…. But let’s not focus on that; we should just focus on the positives for now. Just me and you. Two sisters out to explore the world. Sounds fun, right?”

    I smiled. “Yeah, it does. But what about getting to Uncle Ragnar’s place?”

    “I think we could stay on our own for a while. At least while we still have plenty of food. And besides, neither of us really want to go to Ragnar’s house, right?”

    “I know I don’t.

    “Me neither. So what do you say? Do you want to just stay out here and explore for a while?”

    “Of course I do!”

    The next morning, Zeyla woke up in Mr. Desand’s place, where she sleeps. She ate breakfast and then left. She had something she needed to do. She went to an old house near the edge of town. Once she knew this was the right place, she knocked on the door. When it opened, she felt fear creeping up on her. A tall, muscular, scary Dark Elve stood in the doorway.

    “Who are you?” he demanded in rough voice.

    She pushed her fear away. “My name is Zeyla; I’m Torius’s student and I wanted to talk to him.”

    The man reluctantly let her in and she went upstairs to Torius’s room. When she arrived she took a deep calming breath and walked inside….
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  3. TheAdventurer!

    TheAdventurer! New Member

    Apr 22, 2017
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    It has been some time since I arrived in Morrowind. This place almost seems like a new home. Almost. After our little talk the other day, I think Torius is becoming a little more… expressive; I think we might be becoming friends, maybe. I’m not entirely sure. But I know for certain that I can always count on him to help, along with the other friends I have made so far.

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures


    Part 3

    Head in the clouds

    Zeyla closed her journal and set it and her pen in her pouch she had strapped about her torso. She stood up off the fallen tree she had been sitting on and continued on her way. She was wearing her white shirt with brown pants and had her hair in a short ponytail. She had her leather pouch strapped around her torso over one shoulder, hanging next to her hip.

    She was walking amongst the tall twisted trees of the forest next to the town. The branched and bushes rustled in the wind. Zeyla could hear the sound of a mudcrab looking for food in a nearby stream. The sun streaked down through the trees and clouds overhead.

    It reminded her of her old homes in Cyrodiil and Skyrim, only it was… different. The wind was much warmer as it gently flowed about her than it would have been Cyrodiil or, especially, Skyrim. Cyrodiil had much more calm temperatures, and Skyrim was almost always cold. Neither Cyrodiil nor Skyrim had the towering mushrooms that covered Morrowind. And the trees….

    The trees in Cyrodiil were large; much larger than those of Morrowind. They were almost always filled with beautiful lush leaves, flowers and fruit. The trees of Skyrim were usually smaller, but still pretty; covered in bright clean snow throughout most of the year in much of Skyrim. But the trees in Morrowind were tall and twisted and strange looking. This time of year, they were filled with dark green leaves and covered in thorns. North of here, many trees were charred and black; burned by the fires and ash of the many volcanoes in that region.

    Then, there is the food. Cyrodiil is the homeland of the Empire; it had different foods from all over Tamriel. It had foods from Skyrim, High Rock, Hammerfell, Argonia, Summerset Isles, Elsweyr, Valenwood, even Morrowind, and, of course, Cyrodiil itself. Skyrim’s food was of a variety. Most of Skyrim is tundra, or at least too cold to grow much food. So a lot of the food comes from the few warmer spots in the province. Zeyla loves and misses her mother’s pies and sweet rolls and cream treats and….

    Aw, now I’m hungry.

    But Morrowind is a very different place. Much of it is now covered in ash, so the people have to take the few foods that can be grown in the Ashlands or food from the few good fertile places left.

    And I am so tired of ash yams….

    Zeyla arrived at the opening in the forest. The way the sun shimmered through the tree branches overhead made the opening seem magical. She could see that Torius was waiting for her, and he seemed unhappy.

    “Zeyla,” he exclaimed, “you’re here! What took you so long?”

    “I just got a little distracted on the way here,” she explained.

    “Okay, he seemed relieved. “You just took so long to get here.”

    “Wait, were you worried about me?” She smiled, “I think you like me more than you’d care to admit.”

    “You took a lot longer than usual, that’s all. Now grab a sword.”

    “A stick, you mean.”

    “Training sword, then.”

    “Are you sure? Or have you forgotten about last time….”

    “I’m sure, and I remember; I still have the burns,” he said with a bad attitude.

    “I told you I’m sorry; I still haven’t mastered Flame.”

    “Well, pick up your sword. We’ll dual our anger away.” “I’m not angry, and I think that will only make you more angry.”


    “Fine.” Zeyla ran over and grabbed the sword before Torius could even get close to it. She smirked at him.

    The dancing of the swords began.

    “Focus, Zeyla,” Layla was telling me.

    “I’m trying,” I said. We were practicing archery and I had not hit a single target.

    “Zeyla, you need to focus. Breath. Aim for that tree.” “I can’t!” I had given up.

    “Zeyla, you are better at archery than this; I’ve seen you at home.”

    “I can’t focus. Momma and Daddy are gone, we’re in the middle of nowhere, and… and yesterday you were telling me that I would have to shoot someone!”

    “Zeyla, calm down. Just breath. We will see them again, okay? We’ll find a home. Yes, you might have to shoot someone, but I don’t want it to come to that. You certainly won’t have to kill them. And I am here for you; I will never leave you. Now, I want you to breath, focus, and shoot that tree.”

    I listened to her. I breathed. I focused. I aimed. I let go….

    “Good , Zeyla. See, I told you that you could do it. Now, try again.”

    “Layla,” I began.

    “Yes, Zeyla?”

    “I…. Nevermind.”

    “What is it?”

    “Nothing.” I took aim with my bow.

    “Zeyla, if something is bothering you, or if you just want to tell me something, you can.” “I know. It’s nothing, though.”

    “Well, okay.”

    A while later, as Torius and Zeyla were packing what little training gear they had, an Argonian walked into the opening and over to Zeyla. He was about the same age as Zeyla. He had green scales, a long tail, and yellow-blue eyes. He wore a blue shirt with grey pants. Zeyla was still trying to figure out argonian expressions, but she thought his lizard-like face looked nervous.

    “Hello, Zeyla,” he said, “ I thought I saw you come this way.”

    “Zaarthius” Zeyla began, “What are you doing here?”

    “I was just wandering around. They don’t call me Head-in-Clouds for nothing.” he laughed nervously. “Actually I was looking for you.” He looked at Torius and the training gear. “Though, this may not be the best time.”

    “What is it Zaar?”

    “Um, well, I…. Nevermind.”

    “Zaarthius, do you want to talk?” She looked at Torius; he was scowling at Zaarthius. She looked back at Zaar. “We can talk. Do you want to go somewhere else?”

    “You are busy; we can talk later.” He began walking away.

    “No, Zaar,” Zeyla placed a hand on his shoulder. “We’re finished.”

    “Are you sure. Where would we go anyway?” “Let’s just explore the woods. Nobody will bother us; it’ll just be you and me. Is that okay with you?”

    “Yeah, I guess that’s fine.”

    “Then let’s not waste any time.”

    Once I had taken my last shot, Layla walked over and congratulated me. “Well, that’s ten to seven; you won Zeyla,” Layla said.

    “Well, you and Zane taught me how to shoot,” I admitted.

    “And yet you ended up better than I could ever be.”

    “What? You know that’s not true, Layla.”

    “Well, you are amazing at archery. Is that fine?”

    “Yeah, that’s fine with me.”

    After we gathered our arrows and packed the equipment, we just sat there for a while, silently. I can’t remember why or what I was thinking of. But we just sat there for a while, together. Maybe that’s what we were thinking about; just me and her out there, together.

    In a few hours you can walk pretty far, especially if you are not paying attention to where you are going.

    “And,” Zaarthius was saying, “my mother owns the town inn, so I get discounts on the sweet rolls, and ash yams, and everything.”

    “I wish I could have discounts on sweet rolls….”

    “So, Zeyla, why do you talk differently?”

    “Uh… what do you mean?”

    “Your accent; you do not speak like any other Nords I have met.”

    “Oh,well…. I guess I just picked it up from my parents. Neither one of them grew up in Skyrim, and neither one really had Nordic accents.” She stopped walking and looked at him. “So… earlier you had something you wanted to tell me. What was it?”

    “Oh, you haven’t forgotten….”

    “Of course not. Zaar, we are friends; you can tell me anything you want. Is something wrong?”

    “No, or, not really.” He paused briefly. “You know my nickname, Head-in-Clouds, well a friend told me to give myself a new name. Get my head out of the clouds, Stop dreaming and start doing.”

    “Every achievement starts with a dream,” Zeyla told him. “So, what do you want to do? Maybe I could help you.”

    “Well,” he tried putting more confidence in his voice, “he told me I should speak with the girl I am most, uh, interested in. So… I came to you. And I was wondering if you wanted to stop by my mothers inn; get some sweet rolls or something.”

    “Well, it would be the first sweet roll I’ve had since leaving Cyrodiil….” She held his hand in hers. “I’d love to.” Zaarthius’s face turned into a smile.

    “Now,” Zaarthius said, “where are we?”

    Zeyla looked around at the environment, at the sky. “I think I know where we are. Come on, we’ll go this way.”

    After a while, Layla looked to me and asked, “So, Zeyla, what do you want to do next?”

    “I’m not sure,” I replied.

    “Well, we can’t just sit here.” She seemed a little uneasy.

    “Is something wrong?”

    She just looked at me and a hint of fear appeared on her face. “No, nothing's wrong.”

    “I think something is wrong.”

    “Zeyla I just don’t want you thinking about what has happened lately. We can’t stay in one spot, or we could be caught, and I just want to keep you happy.”

    “Well, could we maybe go to a friends house?”

    Layla thought it over for a second, and I could not tell what she was going to say. “Well, maybe someone could help us. Who would we go to, though?”

    That made me think. I had to pick a friend who I could trust with my life, literally. “Do you think that Ralid might still be in Cyrodiil?”

    “He left to go to Skyrim a few weeks go, just after your birthday.”

    “But he might still be in Cyrodiil right now. If we find him, maybe he can take us in, for a while.”

    “Maybe, but we have no idea where he is. Maybe Brutus could help us.”

    “Isn’t he that Cyrodiilic that you’re in love with?”

    Layla’s face turned red. “No, he is a good friend that we can trust to keep us safe.”

    “Okay, but I’m going to keep an eye on you.”

    “Whatever, Zeyla.”

    After a few minutes of walking and conversing, Zeyla and Zaarthius came upon a small rustic building.

    “Zeyla,” Zaarthius began, “what is that?”

    “Just some old abandoned house. Nothing really, why?”

    “I was just wondering.”

    “Want to go in?”


    “Let’s go inside and explore! Come on, I know you wanna.”

    “I do not think this is the best idea.”

    “Aw, come on, Zaar! There’s nothing in there that’s going to hurt us. It’s probably been abandoned for years.”

    “Well, okay. But let’s be quick about it; I’m supposed to be home before sundown.”

    “Don’t worry, we’ve got time. Let’s go!”

    They made their way over to the wooden house. Zeyla slowly opened the door and peered inside.

    “What are you doing?” Zaarthius asked. “I thought you said this place was abandoned.”

    “I just want to make absolutely certain.” She looked around again. “Okay, let’s go.” They walked inside and looked around.

    “This is all junk,” Zaarthius exclaimed.

    “No it’s not, Zaar.” Zeyla picked up an old golden necklace with a small diamond in the center. “None of this is junk. It all has some old history, something unique about it. That’s what my father used to say about a lot of things.”

    “You haven’t told me much about your father. What was his name?”

    “Well, I….” She thought silently for a moment, then took a deep breath. “His name is Soris, but I’ve heard him called other names. Like Torban. I don’t know why. Maybe his parents couldn’t agree on a name, so they just called him what they wanted. I haven’t even met any of my grandparents.”

    Zeyla was studying an old bookcase to take her mind off of what she had just said. She noticed hinges on one side that merged it to the wall. She pulled on the case, and it opened slightly. Behind it she could see a passageway.

    “Zaar, help me open this!”

    Together they opened the door completely. It led to an underground passage that went... somewhere.


    The two friends turned to see the largest Dunmer Zeyla had ever seen. He pulled a dagger from his leather belt and scowled at them….
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    I remember one time, many years ago, I decided to sneak into the basement of our home in Skyrim. I was never allowed in there, and I wanted to know what secrets were inside. But then, my mother walked in and caught me hiding. I was terrified. I had never been caught sneaking somewhere I was not supposed to be, and, well, it did not end well for me. But what happened then is nothing compared to what happened earlier today….

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures


    Part 4

    Just another day…

    The Dunmer man stood before Zeyla and Zaarthius holding his dagger ready to attack the intruders. He seemed hesitant, maybe because they were young, maybe something else.

    “What are you two kids doing in here?” He had an especially rough voice.

    Zaarthius stepped forward and said, “We are sorry for intruding; we did not know this is your property.”

    “Well get out!” The man a cutting motion with his dagger about his neck. “Or else,” he had to add.

    Now Zeyla stepped forward. “Are you threatening us?”

    “I’d hate to have to end your lives so young.”

    Zeyla’s hand caught fire and she pointed it toward the Dark Elve. “So, what’s the secret room behind the bookshelf for?”

    “Kid, you don’t want to start a fight with me.”

    “No, I don’t, but I’d gladly end one.”

    “You really do think you’re tough. You’re a Nord, then. Go drink your mead, girl.”

    “You’ve never threatened a Nord before. A Nord never backs down from a fight. Oh, and you are horrible at insults.”

    “Uh, Zeyla-” Zaarthius began but was cut off.

    “Oh, no,” the man began, “you are not leaving here you n’wah!” He swung his dagger at Zeyla, but she jumped out of the way and shot a burst of fire at him. He quickly put the flame out. “Warm,” he said as he raised an arm lit with fire and swung at Zeyla. Before she could react she was hit hard and fell backward, breaking a table. The man stood over her.

    Then, Zaarthius jabbed a piece of wood in the man’s arm. While he was distracted by that, Zaarthius grabbed a knife off the man’s belt and stabbed his leg, pinning him to the ground.

    “Zaar!” Zeyla slowly stood up; she could still feel the pain everywhere. “Zaarthius.”

    “Zeyla,” he said as he went to help her. “Are you okay?”

    “Let’s just go. Oh, wait! What’s behind the shelf?”

    “It does not matter. Let’s go back to town.”


    “You are hurt.”

    “I’ll survive.”

    “You are hurt and we are leaving.”

    “But, Zaar-”

    “I am not letting you get hurt even more.” He helped her get up and walk out the door toward the town.

    As Layla and I walked through the forest, with nothing to distract me, I began to remember everything that had happened, and I began to think about what that meant. My sister noticed that I was beginning to walk slower, and that my face was growing more and more sad and scared.

    “Zeyla, is something wrong?” She asked me.

    “I… I miss Daddy. And Momma.” My eyes began to tear up.

    She stopped walking, and I stopped too. She bent down so she could look me eye-to-eye. “Zeyla, do you want to talk about anything?”

    “I…. I…. Do you know what happened to Zane?”

    I think she was confused by the question, like she didn’t expect it. She probably thought I wanted to know about our parents, but I had never known why Zane left, and right now, I was thinking of him.

    “Well,” she began, “I don’t know exactly what happened to him.” She looked like she was thinking hard about what to say. “But,” she took a deep breath, “he went to Hammerfell.”


    “To help take care of Kottal and his mother. You remember Kottal, right?”

    “He was the Redguard we met when we visited Hammerfell.”

    “Yeah. Zane wanted to help them.”



    “Why would he go there instead of staying with his family? I miss him Layla.”

    “I know you miss him.” She ignored the question. “But he,” again she considered her words, “would never leave his family. And don’t worry; I know we’ll see him again, and will be waiting for you.”

    “Okay.” I was satisfied by that answer for the time.

    “Now let’s go to Brutus’s place.”

    “Does he live in a city, or close to one, or… what?”

    “His family lives on a small farm close to a city. Now, we want to get as far as we can before night time, okay?”


    Once they arrived at his mother's inn, Zaarthius sat Zeyla in a chair and told his mother what had happened. After a minute of explaining, he sat next to Zeyla and offered her a sweet roll.

    “Here,” he said, “on the house.”

    “Thank you,” Zeyla accepted the offer. “You were right, we should have left. We shouldn’t have gone in there in the first place.” She took a deep breath.

    “Are you still hurt?”

    “A little.” She took a bite of the sweet roll. “Did your mother bake this?”

    “She did, yes.”

    Zeyla smiled. “It tastes amazing.”

    “I’ll be sure to tell her you said that.” He started to stand up, but Zeyla grabbed his arm, gently.

    “Wait,” she said, “stay here; I want to talk.”

    “About what?”

    “A lot of things. First, though, I wanted to talk about what you said earlier; that I am the girl you are most ‘interested’ in. Of all the people around, of all the Argonians and Dunmer, you picked me.”

    Zaarthius had an embarrassed look on his face as Zeyla held his hand,

    “You,” she continued, “really saved me earlier. And if I had listened to you before, we wouldn’t have gotten in that situation in the first place. So, again, I just wanted to say thank you.”

    The entrance door opened, and Torius walked in. “Zeyla,” he said once he noticed her, “there you are. You left your stuff.” He dropped a bag next to her.

    “Thanks Torius,” Zeyla said. She reached down to grab her bag and opened it; all of her things were there. As Zaarthius went back to work, she reached into the bag and pulled out her journal and pen. As she wrote, she would occasionally glance towards Zaarthius as he worked jobs around the inn. She thought she saw him glance at her as well.

    The way I feel about Zaar, I just can’t express it. In some ways, he sort of reminds me of Zane, while, at the same time, he is very different. Both of them are very brave, they both care for me, and both of them get me out of tough situations. In fact, I remember one time, when Zane and I were out hunting, we came across a cave. It was a long time ago, but it went something like this….

    “Wow, a cave. Come on, Zane, let’s go explore it!”

    “Zeyla, I don’t think that’s the best idea.”

    “But, Zane… you know how much I want to explore, and-”

    “Yes, I know, but I also know that you are good at getting hurt.”

    “Yeah, but I have by big brother here to protect me. And it will only be one time.”

    “Well, fine, but we can only explore for a few minutes, no longer.”

    “Okay!” I was already on my way.

    “I mean it,” he said as he followed right behind me.

    The cave was dark, the only light was from the entrance we had come in from. As we walked around, we heard a loud roar! An enormous, hungry, vicious bear came from nowhere. It attacked us. We fought back, but only ended up hurting ourselves; I even broke my only bow and lost some arrows. Zane made me leave, just before I was eaten by the bear. I think Zane got really hurt, but he would never admit it. After that, I wasn’t allowed to leave the house for a month. If I had listened to Zane, it would have ended much differently. Now it’s different, though. I don’t have anyone to watch over me. Besides Zaarthius. And Andyla. And Mister Desand. And Torius, though he would not admit it. I know they all have my back, and they always will. Always.

    The next day, Zeyla was sitting on a fallen log in the woods just outside the town; she was carving a piece of wood with a knife. Once Zaarthius found her, he swiftly sat next to her.

    “Hey, Zaar,” Zeyla said to him.

    “Greetings, Zeyla.”

    “You don’t have to be formal with me, Zaar.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You don’t have to say ‘greetings;’ just say ‘hi’ or ‘hey.’”

    “Um, okay. What are you doing?” “Well, yesterday, or last night, I remembered something that I wanted. But I don’t have any money, so I’ve decided to make one myself using stull from around here.” She picked up a set of arrows she had made from sticks and stone.

    “They look, um, nice.”

    “Really? This is my first time making them without any help.”

    “Okay. Well, are you feeling any better?”

    “Yeah, I am. My back is a little sore, but that’s all.”

    “Do you need anything?”

    “No, thank you though.”


    “Well, actually, I wouldn’t mind being with you today.”

    Zeyla smiled as Zaarthius held her hand in his.
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    A long time ago, it’s hard to tell how long, I met a strange man. He has helped me greatly since we me, and he claims to have known my parents at some point. Even so, I don’t know much about him, or even if he’s telling the truth about my parents. But today I am hoping to change that.

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures
    Part 5

    As Zeyla entered the cave in the forests close to the town, she noticed it was much brighter than it usually was. There were several lit torches on the walls.

    “Greetings, sera,” the man within the cave said with his deep rough voice.

    “Sera?” Zeyla asked.

    “It is in the Dunmer language; it is a term of respect.”

    “Oh, well, hi Molamer.”

    “That is also Dunmeri; molamer means ‘warrior.’”

    “So, it’s not your real name?”

    “No. Come in, sit down.”

    Zeyla walked deeper into the cave. The cave was not very large, but not too small either; someone could live here if they wanted, and Molamer does just that. The entrance she entered through was not the only one; another entrance lay in the back of the cave, where a stream of water flows through the cave and out into the wilderness. She sat in a sturdy wooden chair.

    “What is your name then?” she asked once she settled into the chair.

    “Does it really matter?”

    “Yes, your name does matter just as much as mine does. And if I don’t know your name, how can I really trust you?”

    “I don’t like to be called by my real name.” “Why not?”

    “Because that name belongs to the old me. I’ve changed, and I would prefer to be called Molamer.”

    “What do you mean by ‘you’ve changed?’”


    “What? Why don’t you like talking about your past?”

    “Ehh, it doesn’t matter; you don’t need to know the story of some old Dunmer who doesn’t even matter in your life.”

    “You’re wrong,” Zeyla began, “I would have died in the forests of Cyrodiil without you, and you’ve been teaching me a lot about magic. Besides, even if you couldn’t tell me much about you, there is one thing you have to tell me. A long time ago, you told me that you knew my parents, but you never told me how.”

    Molamer stayed silent.

    “I need to know.”

    He looked her in the eyes. “When I found you, it was not simply luck. I… knew what was gonna happen; well not exactly, but I had an idea.”

    “You knew the Empire was coming…. But how?”

    “I knew a man named Jhofree, who once knew your father.”

    “Before everything happened, he was going to go meet with Jhofree.”

    “Well, I knew Jhofree as well, and I knew he was confessing to the Empire about all your father had done. He told them everything they needed to have him executed.”

    “How did you know?”

    “Because he told them everything! The Empire came after me as well, though I’ve been hiding in the shadows for a long time. Heck, they would’ve arrested Jhofree as well for what he’d done, but he has a way of, let’s say, persuading people.”

    “But why would he do that to my family?”

    Molamer took a deep breath as he thought. “Vengeance,” he said at last.

    In answering her questions, he only made Zeyla have more questions. “Why would he want ‘vengeance’ on me father?”

    “Well, I suppose it could be a number of things; things that I don’t even know about.”


    “For now, I’ll just say that your father was not the man you know.”

    “You’ve told me that already, over and over, but you never explained it. Why should I even trust you about this?”

    “Listen, he was different, but he changed.”

    “How was he different?”

    He took another deep breath. “Okay, I’m just gonna be blunt with you for now. He was a pirate; a criminal. But once you brother was born, he took a new identity, tried to start a new life. Kept the last name though; N’wah just couldn’t give up the Diamondheart ‘honor’. The Diamondhearts’ have been criminals for as long as I know.” He could tell by the look on her face that Zeyla either couldn’t believe him or didn’t want to believe him.

    They both stayed quiet for a long moment. Then, Molamer spoke up once more. “There is one more thing that I think you should know.” He waited for Zeyla to look him in the eyes. “You… have another brother. Well, a half-brother. He’s a little younger than Zane. Last I saw him was a few years ago in Elsweyr.”

    He watched Zeyla, watched as her emotions changed rapidly as she sat there silently. Then, she shook her head. “You… you’re sure?”

    Molamer nodded his head.

    Zeyla stood up and swiftly left the cave.

    As Layla and I made our way to Brutus’s home, I couldn’t stop getting distracted. Whether it was from the beauty of the environment or from the memories and thoughts of my own mind. We had been walking for a few hours now, and the sun had began to set. Layla must have noticed.

    “Zeyla”, she began, “are you getting tired?”

    “What? Oh, uh, not really.”

    “Are you sure?” She looked to the sun beginning to set beyond the horizon. “Well, it’s getting late, maybe we should start setting up a place to camp. And since you’re not tired, you can help.”

    “Okay,” I replied.

    She took off her backpack and grabbed two blankets out of it. “Zeyla, I’m going to set everything up here. Could you gather some stick for a fire?”

    “Okay.” It shouldn’t be too hard, I thought to myself, we are in a forest after all. So, I went walking to find some. I ended up passing a lot of them because I wanted to go and explore a little bit. I knew I couldn’t stray too far, nor could I be gone for too long, but I decided it would be fine to look around for a minute or two.

    The tall trees were darker now, but as I look towards the west, I could see the rays of the sun shimmering through the branches and leaves. It would not last long, though, as the sun had nearly set. When I closed my eyes and listened, I could hear a stream of river nearby. I could see a deer in the far distance, at least I think it was a deer.

    As I gathered firewood and looked around I heard a noise, like some ghostly moans. I turned to look for what caused it. I got a little scared because I had heard many ghost stories, and some of them I knew were true. But I saw nothing and thought it must have been the wind. Still, I moved a bit quicker, and I decided not to stray further away from Layla.

    Eventually, Zeyla had made her way to Raxen Desand’s house. She was sitting in front of the building when a familiar face walked by.

    “Zeyla,” Zaarthius said, “are you okay?” Clearly he had noticed her mood.

    She looked up at him, tears about to fall. “Zaar, I… I don’t know.”

    He sat next to her and held her hand. “Please tell me, maybe talking about it will make it better. Besides, I am confused by your mood.”

    “Someone,” Zeyla tried to explain, “I trusted betrayed me.”

    “Who was it?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Now I am more confused,” Zaarthius said. But he wrapped an arm around her. She leaned into him. After a minute, he said “I have to be back at the inn now, but I will see you soon. I could send Andyla over, if you would like.”

    “No, I want to be alone. Bye, Zaar.” He left. Zeyla sat there for a while longer with her journal in her lap. But she could not think of anything to relate this situation; she could not imagine anything to write that could make her feel any better. So, she sat there with her head in her hands, thinking.

    Maybe, he was right. All those stories that Dar’iska used to tell me were true, even if they were a little exaggerated. And my father had known him for a long time. But… but… no! My family is not one of criminals! My family is an honorable one, like any good Nord family should be; like any family should be!

    And Zane is my brother, Layla is my sister. That is all. No one else.

    Zeyla was so deep in thought that she almost did not notice the tall man who now stood before her.

    “Greetings,” said the tall furry Khajiit. He was dressed in heavy leather armor and had light brown fur from head to toe. He looked like a human, only with brown fur and a cat shaped head. He kneeled down to be almost head level with her. “Why do you appear sad?”

    Zeyla looked up at the kind cat-like face. “It’s… personal.”

    “Oh, This One knows a thing or two about that. What is your name?”

    She cleared the tears from her eyes. “Zeyla,” she answered him.

    “This One is called Ba’zzar, though he does not know why.”

    Zeyla smiled a little. “That’s a funny name.” Her smile faded. “Oh, I’m sorry if that offended you.”

    “It is no matter. I, too, thought it was a bizarre name. Hmm… that word sounds familiar….”

    Zeyla chuckled quietly. “Um, what do you want?” She asked, wondering why he decided to speak with her.

    “A few cups of Sujamma! But, for now I will settle for a friendly conversation.”

    “Well, okay.” They both stood up and Zeyla realised that he was taller than her. She had not seen many Khajiit in her life, but she figured he was around her brother’s age. “What do you want to talk about?”

    “Oh, This One has many things we can discuss!”

    I returned to Layla with the firewood to find she had already built a place for the fire and had laid out the bedrolls. The fireplace was just a circle of rocks placed so that the fire would, hopefully, not escape. The bedrolls were simple blue cloth blankets.

    “I have the wood,” I said.

    “Put it in the fireplace,” Layla responded. I did as she said and once I had placed most of the wood in the pit she said, “Stand back.” She held the palm of her hand above the pit and lit the fire using her magic.

    “Can you teach me to do that?” I asked.

    “Sure,” she answered, “I’ll try, but not right now.”

    “Okay!” I couldn’t wait for that.

    The fire was burning high. We both made sure to not get too close. Sometimes, I would make out images in the flames. I would pretend to see ancient heroes and foes such as Martin Septim, Mehrunes Dagon, Nerevarine, and Cyrus the Restless. I was entranced by it.

    “Zeyla,” Layla said to me, breaking the trance. “Don’t burn your eyes out.”

    “I won’t,” I replied. “It’s just fire.”

    “Just fire? Haven’t you heard of the fire atronachs? Daedra made of living fire, who burn their enemies to ash with their flame spells.” I knew she was just trying to scare me, and I was working a little.

    “Stop, Layla. You can’t scare me like that.”

    “What if I just summon one right now?”

    “You can’t do that!”

    “Can’t I?”

    “Um, no.”

    “Okay, I can’t summon an atronach. But I can scare you.”

    “Well… don’t, please.”

    “I won’t…. Right now.”

    We both jerked around as we heard a wolf howling in the distance. Neither of us could tell just how far away it was, but it sounded close to me. As I looked around to try and see any wolves or other danger, but all I saw was the now dark trees, rocks, and bushes. The shadows and the darkness made it hard to tell what was just a plant or rocks, and what was a predatory animal or something else that wanted to hurt us.

    “Zeyla,” Layla tried to comfort me, “it’s probably too far away to know we’re here. Just calm down.”

    I began to calm down, until I heard a nearby growl and footsteps….

    After a few hours, a short walk, and a long conversation, the two found themselves at the edge of the forest and the town.

    “They are delicious!” Ba’zzar exclaimed.

    “You are kidding. I am so tired of ash yams! They’re on of the few things I’ve been able to get around here, and I am tired of their taste.”

    “Well, have you tried the netch jelly?”

    “No. What’s a netch?”

    “Netch are the floating, uh, thingies. You can see some on the other side of the forest.”

    “Ash yams, netch jelly, ugh, you are one strange Khajiit.”

    Ba’zzar looked at her as he considered a question he had wanted to ask since he found her. “Zeyla, your last name is Diamondheart, no?”

    “Yes, that is my last name. How did you know?”

    “When Ba’zzar saw you sitting there, I asked someone who you were. Now, um, what is your father’s name?”

    “Why do you want to know?”

    “Please, just tell me; I will tell you why after.”

    “His real name is Soris, but I’ve heard people call him many names besides that, like Rafrick, and Faris. But, um, Soris is his name. Why?”

    “Ba’zzar never knew my father. Did you have good relations with yours?”

    “Well, yes.”

    “This One never knew mine, but my mother did, well, obviously. She told me he is a Nord pirate, by the name of , well, Soris Diamondheart.”

    Zeyla’s eyes widened. “Wha…. No, that… that’s not true.”

    “It is what she told me, though she was drunk the first time I asked.”

    Layla stood up and grabbed her bow and some arrows. “Zeyla, stay here. If one comes, take a torch, maybe that’ll keep it at bay.” She looked around, studying our surroundings. She placed an arrow on the bow, and pulled the string back.

    Ba’zzar is a character created by a friend of mine. I will not say his name, though. Unless he wants me to.
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    I have had many surprises in my life. Usually is it is a surprise gift from my family or a friend. A new book, a new bow, a new dress, more work to do, stuff like that. I was never surprised with a little sibling, though. But I was fine with that. But, none of those surprises were as unbelievable as this one, and nothing could have prepared me for it. He must be lying, or something. It can’t be true.

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures


    Part 6


    “But,” Zeyla began, “that would mean we’re… siblings.”

    “That,” Bazzar said, “is what This One is telling you.”

    “Well, maybe your mother was wrong, or she lied, or something. We are not related.”

    “She would not lie to Ba’zzar.”

    “Well, maybe she was wrong. I mean, can Nords and Khajiit even… mix? We’re completely different.”

    “Apparently we can.” He noticed how confused and distraught this made her. “Is there some way This One can convince you?”

    “Not that I know of.”

    “Oh, well, just know that, no matter what, This One will always consider you family.”

    “There,” Zeyla began slowly, “might actually be a way to find out for sure.”


    “Yeah.” Zeyla said no more than that.

    “Then why don’t we go find out?”

    “Because… I know of two ways, really. The first way; we have a family amulet that gets passed down to the generations. It’s magic can only be used by a Diamondheart, but my brother has it, and I haven’t heard from him in… about two years. The other way; well, I can’t really tell you because it’s a secret. And revealing someone’s secret goes against my honor.”

    They both simply stood where they were for a few moments, amongst the tall twisted trees of the forest and the Imperial architecture of the town’s buildings. Zeyla’s attention was caught by a kwama scrib that past by. It had eight legs scattered about its insect-like body, and it had a hard exoskeleton. Zeyla assumed that the outer shell could be broken fairly easily, and decided not to mess with it, so the creature would not be aggressive towards her.

    She looked back at Ba’zzar. “Can you keep a secret?”

    “Ba’zzar believes in honor, and he would never reveal a secret that is not his own.”

    “Well... follow me, then.” She began walking slowly into the forest, still unsure if she was really doing this. Ba’zzar followed close behind her.

    Layla began walking away from the fire. “Layla,” I said, “don’t go away.”

    “I won’t go too far,” she said. “I’m just gonna find this wolf.”

    “Don’t they travel in packs?”

    Layla stopped for a moment. “Yeah, they do.” She looked at me. “Did you pack a weapon in your bag?”

    I nodded. “Yes, but it’s just a dagger.”

    “A dagger is better than nothing. And remember, you could use a torch as backup. Don’t go far from the fire.”

    “You don’t leave either.”

    “Okay, I’ll stay. Two people is better than one, anyway.” She walked back towards me, and stayed close. “Stay prepared, do not hesitate to fight back.”

    “But I’m a worshiper of Mara more than one of Talos.”

    “Yes, but you’re also a Nord! So, fight back, and-”

    A wolf ran from the shadows, coming straight for me. Layla shot it in the throat, and I ran for my bag and pulled out my dagger. I heard more footsteps and turned to see Layla shoot another one. I was too distracted by her to hear another one behind me until….

    It tried to bite me, but I jerked back just in time. I swung my dagger at it, trying to warn it away, but that only made it angry. Layla turned and saw what was happening. She shot an arrow, trying to hit it without hitting me. The arrow stuck the wolf's back leg, and I stabbed it as hard as I could as it tried to bite me again.

    I stumbled back as I stared at the dagger in it's neck. It was only a wolf, and yet I couldn’t help but feel… remorse, maybe. It attacked us. But we invaded it’s home. Either way it was only looking for a meal. Then again, we were going to be it’s meal. And, it was the first thing I had ever killed, that I could think of.

    “Zeyla, are you okay?” I turned at the sound of Layla’s voice. I saw that another wolf lay dead on the ground.

    “Zeyla!” She bent down to me and looked at my chest. I looked down and noticed the scars for the first time. The wolf got me with it's claws, I assumed. As I saw it, I began to feel the pain.

    After a while of walking, Zeyla and Ba’zzar arrived at their destination. They came across a small tunnel in the side of a hill in the forest. The tunnel led to the cave where Zeyla met with Molamer. But he was not there.

    “Where is he?” Zeyla asked.

    “Who are you looking for?” Ba’zzar asked.

    “Someone I know. He’s usually here, but now he’s gone.”

    “So… we wait, then.”

    “I guess so.” They sat down on the floor next to a torch. After a minute of waiting, Zeyla decided to break the silence. “So, where are you from?”

    “It is a long story. Ba’zzar could make it shorter, if you want. Or He could keep it long. It will be how you want it.”

    “I don’t care.”

    “You don’t care about Ba’zzar?”

    “That’s not what I meant. I don’t care how long you make it.”

    “Okay, well, I was born in Cyrodiil on the farm my mother had just bought. When This One was ten years of age, he began training with the swords. Then Ba’zzar got a little sister. She is twelve years old now. When This One was fourteen, an Orc stole my mother’s diamond necklace. Ba’zzar got it back, though, when he chased down the Orc man and…. Well, maybe we should not go over that. At sixteen, Ba’zzar left the farm for adventure! And at twenty two, he went to Morrowind where he met Zeyla. Then, wait, that has not happened yet.”

    “That’s interesting,” Zeyla replied. “So, why do you really think we are siblings?”

    “Ba’zzar already told you; his mother told him. She was chef on a ship of pirates. It was owned by someone called Dar’iska, but Soris was there too.”

    “She knew Dar’iska?” The fact that Ba’zzar knew Dar’iska’s name caught Zeyla off guard. Maybe there’s more of a connection than I thought. His mother must have at least knew them at one point.

    “Do you know this Dar’iska?”

    “Yeah, he used to come to our house to talk to my father, and he would tell me stories of his ‘adventures.’”


    “Ba’zzar, what do you mean by ‘pirates?’”

    “That is how my mother explained the stories. They were pirates.”

    Zeyla shook her head. “Of all the things…. You’re telling me that my father was a pirate? He is not.”

    “He is not. But he was.”

    “Well, let’s just wait for-”

    They both turned to face the cave entrance as they heard the sound of a sword being relieved of its sheath. Molamer stood there not, sword in hand.

    “Zeyla!” he exclaimed, “how dare you allow a stranger into my home?!”

    “Wait,” Zeyla Swiftly stood between Molamer and Ba’zzar. “Don’t hurt him,” she said to Molamer.

    “Why shouldn’t I?”

    “We just want to talk.”


    “I want to know who my other brother is, besides Zane. You never told me who he is.”

    “Then why is he here?” He gestured towards Ba’zzar with his blade.

    “His name is Ba’zzar, he-”

    “Ba’zzar? ‘Ba’ is not a Khajiit prefix.”

    “It’s not?” She looked to Ba’zzar.

    “What?” Ba’zzar asked. “Ba’zzar did not name himself.”

    “Anyway,” Zeyla looked back to Molamer, “he’s here because he thinks he is my-”

    “Really?” Molamer interrupted her, “you think that thing is your brother?”

    “Hey!” Ba’zzar exclaimed.

    “No, he thinks he’s my brother. I'm… sure he can’t be, but he knows my father’s name, and Dar’iska’s too.”

    Molamer sheathed his weapon and walked closer. Zeyla could not tell what he was thinking, because of his helmeted head.

    “I’ve never seen this Khajiit in my life,” he said.

    “So, he’s not my brother.”

    “I never said that. I’ve never seen him before, but I suppose it’s not impossible.”


    “This One,” Ba’zzar began, “still believes we are siblings.”

    “So,” Zeyla dared to ask, “who is my other brother, then?”

    “He is,” Molamer answered, “a Redguard boy, by the name of Kottal.”

    Zeyla’s eyes widened with surprise. “Wha…. Are…. You’re certain?”


    “I… met him once,” Zeyla explained, “but no one ever told me….” She stood there for a moment, then walked towards the exit, left the cave, and headed back to town. Ba’zzar decided to follow her instead of stay with the scary man.

    On the way back to town, Zeyla thought about their trip to Hammerfell, many years ago.

    It was a long time ago. I was laying in my bed after a long day. I was surprised when my door clicked then opened. I was even more surprised when I saw who walked in.

    A Redguard boy about the age of Zane. He had dark skin and darker hair; his blue eyes contrasted with his red shirt. He walked in and sat in a chair next to me.

    “Hi,” he said.

    “Hi,” I replied shyly.

    “Your name is Zeyla, right?”

    I simply nodded my head.

    It seemed as if he was unsure as to what he should say. “My name is Kottal. I’ve already met your brother and sister. What are you doing in here all alone?”

    “I’m really tired, and it’s really hot here.”

    “Well, I just wanted to meet you, Zeyla. How about we play something tomorrow?”


    He stood up. “Well, you get some sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He left the room and closed the door behind him.

    Zeyla was almost at Raxen Desand’s house, when Ba’zzar caught up with her. Her eyes never strayed from the ground.

    “Zeyla,” Ba’zzar began, “There is not much proof either way, but This One still believes we may be siblings. And if we are not siblings, we are still friends, correct?”

    Zeyla nodded her head. “Yeah.”

    “I guess you want to be left alone, though. Ba’zzar will leave you, but first I want to say something. You are sad because this Kottal never told you the truth. But maybe he did not know, or he could not tell you.”

    “I know that’s possible,” Zeyla began, “but I still feel… betrayed.”

    “Well, Ba’zzar will not be leaving as soon as he thought he was. He will be staying here with you for a while longer.”

    Zeyla stopped walking, and Ba’zzar did the same. Zeyla looked up from the ground at Ba’zzar. “Thank you for trying to cheer me up,” she said.

    “You are welcome,” he replied as he wrapped his arms around her.

    “You are really friendly. Wow,” Zeyla said as she felt his fur, “your fur is really soft.”

    “It runs in the family! I think….”

    “Well, good night Ba’zzar.”

    “This One hopes you have a good night as well.”

    “Wait, where will you stay?”

    “Ba’zzar will go and find out right now. Good bye.” He left and looked for a comfy place to sleep for the night.

    Zeyla turned and continued walking towards Raxen Desand’s house; the only place she could stay for the night. She was so distracted by her thoughts, that she did not notice the large Dunmer sneaking up on her and knocking her unconscious.

    In the distance, Ba’zzar heard a loud “bang!” and looked around to see where it came from. He saw the man dragging Zeyla away. He looked for anyone else who might have seen or who could help.

    “Zeyla! Wait a second, why are there no guards in this town now?"
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    I… I’m scared. I don’t know where I am, or why I’m here. I just… I…. I am lost. I need… hope.

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures


    Part 7


    Once Zeyla had awakened, she found herself confused, scared. She was in a rusty metal cage whose size suggested it had originally been built to hold a werewolf or a troll. At least she had little room to move. Beyond the cage was a fairly large natural cave. The walls were barely lit by torches placed randomly throughout the cave.

    This is what Zeyla could see of the cave: in the area in front of her cage was a smithing station, with almost much everything a smith could need; a smelter, a grindstone, and a forge. She could see that the cave rises behind the cage, creating a barrier behind her so she can not see anything beyond it, though she assumed the exit was somewhere up there, where she could not see it, nor could she reach it.

    But Zeyla was not alone. Several men, all of which were Dunmer, were scattered throughout the cave; mining, or drinking, or just standing around. One of them noticed that Zeyla was awake and came to mock her.

    “Well, well, well, you’re awake.” He stood in the light of a torch and Zeyla recognized him. He was the man who had attacked Zaarthius and her in that old shack with secret tunnel….

    Is this where it led?

    The man was tall and wore dark leather clothing. He had dark brown hair, deep grey skin, and evil red eyes.

    Zeyla stood up. “You stupid Dark Elve! Why did you take me here?”

    “That’s Dunmer to you, n’wah! What does it matter? You’re here, and you’re not leaving….Well, you found our base, and we can’t have you telling the authorities about our little criminal organization.”

    “I didn’t know you were criminals! Should have guessed though, from the smell.”

    “Oh, well, you know now, so we can’t let you leave.”

    “Wha…. Then, what are you going to do to me?”

    He pulled a dagger from his belt and pointed it at her. “Well... I don’t really know; we didn’t plan that far ahead. ‘Spose it doesn’t matter; either way, I got to sharpen my blade.” He turned away and walked towards the smithing station. “Stupid Nord.”

    Zeyla pushed against the cage door.

    Of course it’s locked; why wouldn’t it be?

    She sat down at the back of the cage. Looking for some way to escape. Maybe she could find some way to unlock the door. She saw no escape. So she just sat and thought.

    “Zeyla! Are you okay?” Layla asked me.

    I looked at her as if she were crazy. “No!” The scars were still bleeding. I reached my hand down to touch it.

    “Don’t do that!” Layla pushed my hand away. “Stay still.” She held her hands just above the scars, and they began to glow with a healing light almost as bright as the fire. She held for a minute, then moved her hands away as the light faded. She looked tired.

    “Layla,” I began, but she interrupted me.

    “I’m sorry, Zeyla,” she apologized, though she did not need to. “I’m not that good at healing.”

    I would have told her that she didn’t need to apologize, but the pain was too much for me. At least it wasn’t as bad as it was before.

    Layla stood up and looked around. “Zeyla, you just rest, go sleep. I’ll get rid of these wolves.”

    She helped me get to my bedroll, where I laid down to try to rest, but I could not. I couldn’t help but stare at the wolves as Layla dragged them away.

    Ba’zzar stepped into the dark cave. All of the flames had been extinguished. He looked around but saw nobody else. “Aw, where is he now?”

    Suddenly, the blade of a dagger came out of nowhere, and rested just off his neck.

    “What are you doing here, again?” The Dark Elve asked from behind him.

    “Zeyla,” Ba’zzar answered, “she’s been, uh, taken!”


    “Ba’zzar saw someone dragging her away. This One thinks she was unconscious.”

    “When did this happen?”

    “Last night.”

    “You waited a whole night before telling me!”

    “Ba’zzar was sleepy, and it was hard to find this place.”

    “You s’wit! You better have seen where they took her!”

    “No, but Ba’zzar saw where they were dragging her.”

    Molamer looked outside. It was still dark; no body should be out in town right now, and even if they are, no one would question a fully armored Dunmer walking through town, from fear if nothing else. He removed the dagger from Ba’zzar’s neck. “Take me there, now!”


    With that, they swiftly left the cave and headed for the town.

    Zeyla looked up and wiped away her tears as she heard footsteps nearby. “Hey, you.”

    The man looked at her, clearly annoyed. “What do you want, kid?

    “Where did you take my bag?”

    He smirked. “Don’t worry; we’ll keep your stuff safe.”

    “Please, give it to me!”

    “Not gonna happen.”

    “At least give my… my necklace.”

    “I didn’t see a necklace in there. Unless you mean that little rock on a string.”

    “You went through my…. Yes, please give me that.”

    “Whatever, it’s worthless anyway.” He went to find her bag.

    “It’s not worthless to me,” Zeyla said quietly.

    The man returned and threw the necklace into the cage, then left.

    Zeyla picked it up. It seemed to be a simple smooth grey stone attached to a gold colored string. She held it close.

    Once nobody was around hear, she quietly said, “Layla, I miss you.” She fit the necklace loosely over her head and left it sitting around her neck, the stone resting on her chest. “I wish I could see you, or at least talk to you.”

    The stone changed color; it became a deep sorrowful blue.

    “I love you.”

    The stone changed again, this time it became a dark loving pink, and Zeyla heard the voice she had longed to hear, though it was not truly in her ears, it was mostly in her head. “Zeyla!”

    Her eyes grew wide with surprise, and she smiled. “Layla,” she said a little too loud; she lowered her voice, “I love you.”

    “I love you Zeyla. I’ve missed you; I haven’t stopped thinking of you. Where are you?”

    “I’m in Morrowind.”


    “Yeah, are you still in Cyrodiil?”

    “I haven’t left town. But you’re in…. Oh, Zeyla, why haven’t you been wearing your amulet? I’ve wanted to talk to you!”

    “It doesn’t matter, Layla, but I lost it for a while, and when I got it back, you had stopped wearing yours, I guess.”

    “Why’d you put it on today?”

    “I… needed something to give me hope. And you’re always right for that job.”

    “Oh, well, I’m gonna keep this necklace with me at all times. I have to go back to work soon, but I’ll always be here for you.”

    “I remember when we wanted to buy these things, we hardly ate for a month.”

    “I don’t think it was that long, Zeyla. I’ve go to go now,” she sounded somber, “but at least we can talk any time we like, now.”

    “I love you, Layla.”

    “I love you. Zeyla. Bye.”

    The crystal on the necklace that Layla had given to Zeyla a long time ago faded back the old soulless rock. Zeyla removed her necklace as well; the magic link between them had been broken. She studied the stone on the end.

    It may seem like some old rock, but it’s so much more to me.

    “This is where Ba’zzar saw them” Ba’zzar told Molamer as they arrived to their destination.

    Molamer began studying the ground. “Did you see which was they took her?”

    “That way,” he pointed in the direction the man dragged Zeyla.

    “Let’s follow these tracks.” He indicated a set of tracks; foot prints and drag marks. “You did say they dragged her away?”


    “Then let’s go.”

    Zeyla lost track of time. She had no idea as to how long she’d been in the cage. She did not know what would happen to her if she couldn’t escape. She had no idea how to escape.

    All she knows, at the moment, is that she misses her sister, even if they just spoke a few hours ago through her magical necklace. Zeyla put her necklace back around her neck. “Layla, I want to talk to you again, please-”

    “Who are you talkin’ to?”

    Zeyla looked up to see the Dunmer from before, the one who’d attacked her and Zaarthius, standing outside the cage.

    “Nobody,” she answered.

    “Always though Nords were strange.”

    “Please just let me out of here.”

    “I’m afraid that’s simply not gonna happen.”

    “Then just leave me alone!”

    “No, I’m not gonna do that. In fact, I think that, now that my blade is nice and sharp, I’m gonna get some payback for what you and your did to me!”

    Zeyla remembered how she shot him with fire, how Zaarthius had jabbed a piece of wood in his arm and stabbed in the leg with a dagger.

    “Please don’t-”

    “Shut up Nord! And-”

    He was interrupted by a cry of pain from somewhere behind the cage. Zeyla could not see what happened, as the back of the cage was still blocked, but she still began to feel hope.

    Molamer and Ba’zzar ran from behind the cage, but before they could do anything, the Dunmer reached his flaming hand towards Zeyla.

    “Stay back,” he threatened, “or I’ll fry her!”

    Ba’zzar stopped immediately, but Molamer disappeared into thin air. The Dunmer, not knowing what would happen next, shot fire into the cage! When he turned to look at his victim, Molamer’s hand reached out of the cage, grabbed his neck, and clamped shut. He fell to the ground.

    “Molamer!” Zeyla exclaimed when she saw the large burn mark on his torso.

    He coughed. “Khajiit, get the keys!”

    Ba’zzar got the keys from the fallen Dunmer bandit and unlocked the cage. Zeyla walked out, but turned to see Molamer leaning against the cage wall.

    “Get out of here,” Molamer demanded.

    “Molamer,” Zeyla began, “you need help.”

    “Go! I’ll make it.”



    Ba’zzar put a hand on Zeyla’s shoulder “He can handle himself, let’s go.”

    Zeyla ignored him. “That shot was supposed to kill me, Molamer. I-”

    “Get out of here!” he said with rage.

    Ba’zzar grabbed Zeyla’s hand and Zeyla reluctantly followed him out. They went to the risen part of the cave behind the cage, through a narrow passage that led upward, passed a hidden door behind a bookshelf in an old shack, and headed for town.

    A while later they stopped at the local inn to rest and talk.

    “Ba’zzar,” Zeyla was saying, “you and Molamer saved me. Thank you.” She smiled.

    “It was no problem; Ba’zzar had it all under control the whole time.”

    “Sure you did.” Her smile faded as she remembered something. “Of, I forgot; my bag is still in there!”

    “Don’t trouble yourself over it. We can go back tomorrow and-”

    “You don’t understand how important it is to me, what all that stuff means to me.”

    “It is important to you yes, but we should rest.”

    “No. Ba’zzar. You can rest, but I won’t.” She stood up and headed for the exit.

    “Zeyla, you were in there for a whole day without food or water. Stay here and eat.”

    “I’ll survive.” She left and slammed the door behind her.

    “Oh well,” Ba’zzar said to himself, “More ash yams for me!” He grabbed one off the table and devoured it.

    Zeyla was walking through the town, the sun high in the sky, when a noise made her jump.


    She spun to see Molamer standing in an ally. “Oh! Molamer don’t do that!” The shadow of the two buildings made him hard to see. “Are you okay?”

    “I’ll survive.”

    “You took that shot for me. And then you-”

    “Don’t think about that. That man, that s’wit, deserved it. Oh, by the way, you this in their camp.” He held out her bag.

    “Thank you,” she said as she snatched it from him.

    “Just doing my job.”


    “Helping you. Good-bye, Zeyla” He cast a spell and then disappeared.

    “I’ve got to learn that spell.” She began walking back to the inn, when she came across Andyla.

    “Zeyla, where have you been?”

    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

    The two friends walked back to the town inn.

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    After all that has happened in the past few days, I really feel that I need a break. Fortunately for me, I think that I will get that break soon enough; tomorrow is my birthday.

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures
    Part 8

    Zeyla woke up the next morning in her bed in Raxen Desand’s house. Her bed was really just a bundle of blankets, but it was the closest thing she had to a bed. She then went through her morning routine. She folded and put away her blankets. She then put on the clothes she would wear for the day; the pretty blue dress she’s had since her mother gave it to her on her sixteenth birthday. Finally she made up her hair; she made certain is was not wild, while still not too fancy as it hung down barely below her shoulders.

    Once Zeyla was done with all of that, she was on her way to the inn, where she and Andyla agreed to meet. And of course Zaarthius was already there. She walked in and sat down at a table in the middle of the room. As Zaarthius came by to take her order, Zeyla took his hand in hers, “Come on, Zaar, sit with me. There are plenty of chairs.”

    He looked to his mother behind the bar counter for permission. He sat down as soon as she nodded her head “yes.”

    “Hey, Zaar, how are you?”

    “Good. How are you?”


    The door opened and Andyla walked in. “Hi, Zeyla! Hi, Zaar,” she said as she sat down with them.

    “Hi, Andyla,” responded Zeyla.

    “So, why’d you call me here? Not that I don’t like being with my you, Zeyla.”

    “I’ll tell you, but first we have to wait for one more person.”

    As if on cue, Ba’zzar walked in the door and looked around wide-eyed. Once he noticed Zeyla and the others, he walked over and pulled up a chair. “Zeyla! Ba’zzar’s only been in here once before; it smells different.”

    “Andyla, Zaar,” Zeyla began, “this is Ba’zzar. Ba’zzar this is Andyla and Zaarthius, two of my best friends. Well, now that we’re all here-”

    “Wait,” Andyla interrupted, “what about Torius?”

    “I didn’t invite him; he wouldn’t want to come anyway.”

    “Yes he would.”

    “He doesn’t like me very well.”

    “That is not true! He and I are good friends, and I know that he really likes you. He just… can’t express it.”

    “Why can’t he?”

    “I don’t know for sure, but I think it’s because of his parents; they don’t like Nords, and they’re pressuring him. Besides, I already invited him.”

    “Andyla…. Well, fine, but he better get here soon.”

    The group waited there for several minutes, talking and eating, before Torius finally arrived. When Andyla noticed him, she lit up immediately. She turned to Zeyla and smiled. “Remember what I said,” she whispered, then she turned to Torius. “Hey, Torius, come sit with us!”

    He walked over to them, but did not sit down. “What did you call me here for?”

    “Zeyla has something she wants to tell us.” Andyla turned back to Zeyla, “So, what is it?”

    “Well,” Zeyla began, “seventeen years ago today, I was born in an old shack in Skyrim, because there were no doctors, and my parents couldn’t make it to a temple in time. I’m not sure about how you do it in Morrowind, but my family would always celebrate our birthdays in some small way. One year, my parents bought me a pet fox, another year, one of my father’s old friends came over to try to teach me some spells. We even celebrated Zane’s birthday last year, even though he’s been gone… forever. The most lonely I’ve ever been on a birthday was mine last year. I miss Zane…. Anyway, I was hoping that maybe we could spend the day together, to celebrate my birthday.”

    “Your birthday is today,” Andyla stated, “the fourteenth of Sun’s Dawn. You’re born under the sign of the Lover, Zeyla.”

    “Really? My parents never taught me about the stars like that; they didn’t believe in them I guess. Most of what I do know comes from books and scholars.”

    “Well, you’re born as a Lover; that means you should be kind, and passionate, and very likable. I think that fits you well. And it’s only two days before Hearts Day.”

    “Hearts Day….”

    “Now, what’s a fox?”

    Zeyla’s eyes widened at that. “What? You don’t know what a fox is! Next, you’re going to tell me you don’t know what a horse is.”



    “Do you know what a guar is?”

    “Um…. no.”

    Andyla looked back at Torius, and he smirked

    “Well,” he said, “I think we could fix that.”

    I woke up the next morning with Layla sitting right next to me; I think she was petting me, or something, to try and comfort me, but I can’t quite remember.

    “Hey, Zeyla. How are you feeling?”

    “Uh… good, I guess.” Then I remembered my scar. “Ow!” I said as I looked to my chest. At least it had stopped bleeding.

    “Are you okay? I wish I could’ve stopped that wolf before it-”

    “Layla,” I interrupted her, “don’t think like that; don’t blame yourself!”

    “It’s my fault I wasn’t with you to-”

    “You were there the whole time protecting me from the other wolves. You can’t blame yourself that one got to me. Besides, you still saved me.”

    “Yeah, but-”


    “You’re being very commanding right now.”

    “I learned from some of the best people around.”

    “I didn’t know you knew the Emperor.”

    We both started laughing, until my chest began hurting more.

    “Zeyla, I am sorry, though.”

    “It’s okay; I’ll be fine.”

    “Okay, well are you hungry?”

    “Yeah I am!”

    Layla got her bag and looked through it to find some food. She pulled out some bread and handed me a couple of pieces. We began to talk while we made and ate our sandwiches.

    “Layla,” I began, “how much longer will it take to get to Brutus’s house?”

    “By now, it should only be a few hours away, I hope. But it might take longer. Why?”

    “I love being out here with you, but….” I wasn’t quite sure what to say.

    “But you don’t like getting hurt, having little to eat, having the chance of getting robbed....”


    “Well, if we eat while we walk, it’ll take less time. Do you want to do that?”

    I looked around, but saw no sign of danger. Even the bodies of the wolves were gone. Layla must have gotten rid of all of them. “No,” I finally answered, “I like to just sit down and talk with you. One of the reasons I wanted to take out time was; when we get there, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with Brutus, instead of me.”

    “Zeyla, I will not just abandon you; I’m going to be spending a lot more time with you than him. Honestly, I love you far more than I love him.”

    I just sat there silently, thinking about that.

    “Anyway, “she continued, “if we find a nice river or something, we should probably try to clean some of our clothes, because,” she studied my outfit, then her own, “they’re pretty dirty right now.”

    “A river? The water will be dirty too.”

    “Where do you think we get our cleaning water? Though, we do try to clean it more first.”

    “And we’d be naked, and I really don’t want to do that.”

    “You have underwear, don’t you?”

    “I don’t care; I’m not taking off my clothes.”

    “Fine. But you’ll be wearing dirty clothes for the rest of the trip, which could be hours or days or….”

    “I thought you knew where it was.”

    “I do know where he lives, I just don’t know how to get there without the roads. I took a carriage last time, and it didn’t take very long. We just have to find the roads, then I know my way around pretty good.”

    “Okay, Layla.” I took a big bite out of my sandwich.

    Layla saw how fast I was eating, smiled, and said “We really need more food. Unless we get there soon.” She took a deep breath, probably thinking about the future or something and started eating her own breakfast.

    A while later, Andyla was leading Torius, Zaarthius, Ba’zzar, and Zeyla down a dirt road on the other side of the forest. Zeyla looked around at the twisted thorn covered trees, at the river slowly flowing alongside the road, leading into a small pond. “So, where are we going?” she asked.

    “Well,” Andyla began, “my cousin owns a farm out here. It used to be a big plantation, before I was born, but time have changed. Anyway, she owns a couple of guar, and we’re gonna try to teach you to ride one.”

    “Ride one?”

    “Yeah,” responded Torius, “What, are you scared?”

    “No, I just don’t know what a guar is.”

    As they were walking long, something above the river caught Zeyla’s attention; two huge creatures hovered over the pond. The jellyfish-like creatures looked similar to each other, but different at the same time.

    “What are those?” asked Zeyla.

    “Those,” answered Andyla, “are netch. That one,” she pointed at the larger one with a hard outer shell and a glowing blue underside, “is a bull netch. And that one,” she pointed at the smaller one with a softer-looking blue skin, “is a betty netch.” The netch floated around the pond, their tentacles hanging down just above the water.

    Ba’zzar waved at them, “Hello!”

    “Come on,” Andyla told Zeyla, “let’s go. You have to meet my cousin!”

    And they were on their way again. But Zeyla could not stop staring back at the netch, studying them, for as long as she could. Only a few minutes and a little walking later, they arrived at the farm.

    The farm consisted of one large wooden house, two smaller beat up shacks, a small field of plants, and a pen with two guars inside.

    “That’s where she lives,” Andyla said, pointing at the large house. “And those are the guar.”

    The guars resembled disproportional t-rex’s in a strange way; they had a reptilian body with short arms, clawed legs, a stumpy tail, and a large round head. The creature's enormous mouth stretched almost across the whole head and was filled with small sharp teeth. Zeyla felt weird as it stared at her with it’s small eyes.

    “Those are guar?” asked Zeyla.


    “And you ride those?”

    “Of course.”

    “Okay then. So, what are those shacks used for?”

    “Now, we use them to hold tools,” Andyla answered, “but they used to be houses for the… servants.” Her smile faded at that.

    “Do you mean slaves?”

    “We don’t like to talk about that; that was in the past.”

    The front door of the house opened and a Dunmer lady walked out. She was older than even Torius, but still young at twenty two. The woman has a striking resemblance to Andyla; the most obvious difference at first being that her skin was more grey than blue. Her hair is also a much darker shade of brown, and her eyes, Zeyla noted, are a more evil shade of red. But Zeyla was quickly assured that she is friendly, for as soon a she noticed Andyla, she smiled brightly.

    “Andyla!” she exclaimed as she ran over to greet her cousin.

    “Hi, Seryla.” Andyla smiled brighter than Zeyla had ever seen her as she hugged her cousin.

    “Andyla what are you doing here, and who are they?”

    “Well, you already know Torius.”

    “Of course I do.” She said as she placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled coyly. “Why don’t you hang out with me for the day, Torius?”

    “Seryla,” Andyla whined, trying not to sound jealous.

    Torius smiled, “I’d love to, but I have more important things to do, right now.”

    “Well-” Seryla began before being interrupted by Andlya.

    “Anyway, I think you know Zaarthius, right?”

    “Yeah,” Seryla answered, “you work at the town inn, don’t you?”

    “Yeah,” Zaarthius answered, “I have for several years, now.”

    Ba’zzar stepped forward. “And I am Ba’zzar,” he announced.

    Seryla studied him, “I’m sure you are.”

    “And,” Zeyla began, “my name is Zeyla Diamondheart. It’s nice to meet you.” She held out a hand.

    Seryla shook Zeyla’s hand. “Seryla. It’s nice to meet you too. You’re friends with Andyla, then?”

    “Yeah, she’s helped me out a lot with getting used to living around here.”

    Seryla’s next question was directed at the whole group. “Well, why are you all here?”

    “Well,” Andyla began, “it’s Zeyla’s birthday.”

    “How old are you, Zeyla?”

    “Seventeen, now,” Zeyla answered.

    “And we brought her here,” Andyla continued, “because she’s didn;t know what a guar is, and we want to try to teach her to ride one.”

    “I think I can help you with that. Torius, come help me get the guar ready.”

    “Sure,” he answered.

    Andyla watched after them as they went to the guar pen. Zeyla noticed her staring. “Andyla,” she whispered, “is something wrong?”

    “Seryla’s smart, funny, pretty; I love her, but… I don’t stand a chance with Torius.”

    “You love Torius? Well, Andyla, I think you’re smart, and funny. And you’re almost always happy and encouraging. And I may not have Dunmer eyes, but I think you’re prettier than she is.”

    “Thanks,” Andyla smiled a little.

    “Oh, come on, show me your pretty irresistible smile.”

    Andyla smiled as she laughed. “Maybe I should get with you instead of Torius,” she joked.

    “Don’t you think you’re moving a little fast?”

    They both laughed until Seryla returned. “Come on, Zeyla, we’re ready for you.”

    The group followed Seryla into the guar pen, where both of the guar were wearing leather saddles. Zeyla stopped a few feet away.

    “Don’t worry,” Seryla said, “he’s friendly. He won’t bite you, unless you look like food.”

    Zeyla looked back at Serlya.

    “You don’t look like food, though!”

    Zeyla looked back at the guar and took a careful step forward.

    “You do look pretty tasty, though,” Seryla added quietly, just loud enough for Zeyla to barely hear it. She then walked over to the other guar and said, “Just do it like this,” as she climbed up onto the guar.

    Andyla walked over to the guar Zeyla would ride, and began to pet it, “Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. Go on, Zeyla; he won’t hurt you.”

    Zeyla climbed onto the guar just as Seryla had showed her.

    “Have you rode a horse before?” asked Seryla.

    “Yeah,” Zeyla answered.

    “Well, it’s pretty similar to riding a guar.”


    “Yeah! Well, kind of….”

    “So, what-”

    The guar let out a loud roar, scaring Zeyla, and as it quickly turned around, causing her to fall off it’s back onto the dirt.


    “Sorry,” Seryla apologise, “I forgot to tell you; he’s a little impatient.”

    Zeyla’s anger faded away as she heard Andyla’s irresistibly cute laugh. Once Andyla was done laughing, she held out a hand and helped Zeyla up.

    “Aw,” Zeyla complained as she inspected her clothes, “my dress is dirty, again.”

    “Don’t worry, “Andyla said, “we’ll help you buy some new clothes, while you get that one cleaned.”


    “Of course! It’s your birthday. And besides, you really do need more than just two pairs of clothes.”


    “Don’t leave so soon,” said Seryla.

    “Don’t worry,” Andyla replied, “we’ll stay for a while longer, Zeyla hasn’t finished practicing. Right, Zeyla?”


    “Good, and don’t worry; we’ll keep coming back until Zeyla gets the hang of things.”

    “Great,” Seryla said, “now, hop back on that guar and ride him good!”

    A few hours later, after putting on one of her new outfits, Zeyla met up with Andyla again. She was wearing a sleeveless red shirt that ended just above her stomach, with black shorts and sandals.

    “Hi, Andyla.”

    “Zeyla! You have one of your new outfits. Why aren’t you wearing the one Torius bought for you?”

    “I want to save that one for later. It’s with my other clothes in my room at Mr. Desand’s house.”

    “Saving it for a special occasion, huh? Well, I can’t wait to see you in it,” she laughed. “And you think Torius doesn't like you. Zeyla, he really does. And that was probably one of the most expensive things he could afford for you.”

    “Well, maybe he does like me. Either way, I can’t wait to try it on.”

    “Ehem, miss Diamondheart,” a familiar voice said from behind. Zeyla turned to see Raxen Desand with a man who she does not recognise, but who seems familiar.

    “Mister Desand,” she responded, “hello. I’ve asked you to, please, call me Zeyla. Who is this?”

    “Zeyla, this is Jhofree Verenisus; he claims to have known you.”

    Jhofree! That’s the man who had Father arrested, who caused all of this! Why’s he here?
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    I don’t know why he’s here, but Jhofree Verenisus just arrived from Cyrodiil, and I don’t know why or what he wants but I…. Okay, I just need to stay calm, and I can get through any situation!

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures
    Part 9

    “J- Jhofree,” Zeyla said, wide-eyed.

    “Please,” he said in a kind manner, “call me Mister Verenisus, for now, at least.”

    “Um, I’m sorry, sir. Uh, may I know what you’re doing here?”

    “Why, I came here to see you, Zeyla. I’m not sure that you remember me, as we rarely met directly, but assume your father told you about me.”

    “He did, but not a lot.”

    “Oh, well, maybe we could get to know each other better. After all, I may be here for a while, and I’m sure we’ll meet again.”

    “Okay,” Zeyla responded. Raxen Desand left them, certain he was no longer needed. “Please excuse my asking, but why would you only want to meet me now?”

    “Who ever said I didn’t want to meet you before, your parents were very protective. In any case, I heard what happened to them, but I had no idea what had happened to you. Honestly, I was a little worried, so I started asking around and found out you ended up here; in Morrowind of all places.”

    Zeyla froze. “What happened to my parents?” she was almost too afraid to ask.

    “Well, last I heard, they were both being held in some prison, awaiting... execution.”

    Zeyla could only hold back a few of her tears as she heard this news. Andyla, who Zeyla had forgotten was there, tried to comfort her by wrapping an arm around her.

    “Zeyla,” Jhofree began, “I am… sorry, but the law is the law; it must be followed.”

    You’re the reason they’re in there. “Then… why aren’t you awaiting execution, too?” she asked instead, “Are you not just as much of a criminal as… they were?”

    “Zeyla I… I’m not going to lie to you. I confessed everything to the Imperials, and for my confession, they let me go free.”

    “You’re,” Andyla began, “the reason Zeyla’s parents are….”

    “I came here to try and make things right. When I confessed, I was thinking of… myself, not of their sixteen year old daughter. Now, with your permission, I would like to take you in, help care for you, until you are old enough to be of on your own.”

    Zeyla looked up at him. “Really?”

    “Of course.”


    “I think,” Andyla began, “that Zeyla needs to be alone for a little while.”

    “Very well, we can talk some other time, then.” He left to find Raxen Desand again.

    “Zeyla-” Andyla began, but Zeyla cut her off.

    “I do want to be alone right now, Andyla.”

    “Okay.” They hugged, and then Zeyla left, headed for an old cave in the forest.

    I followed as Layla led the way through the forests. I still did not know exactly where we were, but I thought that Layla knew where she was going. And she seemed to know, being very confident in the direction we were heading, though she might have just been trying to make me think just that, so I wouldn’t get scared. Suddenly she picked up pace.

    “Zeyla, look,” she said. Ahead of us was a road, finally.

    We quickly ran over to it and began to follow it. I did not know my way around very well, but all paths led somewhere. You just have to be adventurous enough to follow them. It wasn’t long before we found a road. A wooden sign placed shoddily in the ground told them that they were somewhere on the Blue Road.

    After looking around a bit Layla said “I think I know where we are. It shouldn’t be too long and we’ll make it there. Let’s go!”

    Then we were on our way once again, more confident than ever that we would make it. And after a long while of walking, we could see Brutus’s house in the distance. Maybe we could live a normal life again, instead of living out in the wilderness. Then again, life would never be normal without everyone else.

    When she arrived at the cave, Zeyla looked around and found Molamer standing in the back of the cave, staring into the fire of a lit torch.

    For once, he’s here when I need him to be.

    “Molamer,” she said urgently.

    He turned to face her, eyes and face invisible behind his solid helmet. “Zeyla, is something wrong?”

    “Jhofree is here,” she said without hesitation.

    “Jhofree,” he repeated. He looked away from Zeyla, at the ground, and thought, though only for a moment. He then began on his way to the exit.

    “Where are you going?”

    “To see him.”

    “It’s the middle of the day!”


    “You can’t fight him in the middle of the day, if you do-”

    “I never said I was going to fight him.”

    “Then what are you doing?”

    “I’m going to talk to him.”

    “Wha- I’ve never known you as the kind of person to just ‘talk.’ What will you say anyway?”

    “Jhofree and I… go way back. At the very least, he’ll listen to what I have to say.”

    “Are you sure?”

    Molamer did not respond, instead he simply left the cave, and left Zeyla standing there with a worried look on her face.

    I can’t just sit here.

    Zeyla chased out of the cave after him to find
    nothing. He must have teleported away, or else he was just faster than Zeyla though. So, she made her way back to the town as fast as she could for a while, then paused.

    Why am I defending him? Because… every person deserves to live, right? At the very least, maybe he deserves some sort of trial. No. He already had his “legal” trial, and the law set him free. Why would they do that? It doesn’t matter, he caused what could be my parents death. He caused are entire family to be ruined! He doesn’t deserve any sort of good fortune, he doesn’t deserve a trial of any kind, he… he…. He’s still a person. If Mara, the gods, have taught me anything, it’s that everybody should be treated equal, that even the most horrible person deserves a trial. Oh, what should I do?

    Zeyla began on her way to the town again, though she was not in as much of a rush as before. Once she found Jhofree, talking with Raxen Desand, Zeyla swiftly went over to talk to him. “Mister Verenisus.”

    “Zeyla, I hope you’ve had a happy birthday, I’m sorry I didn’t know earlier.” He didn’t seem any different; maybe Molamer hadn’t spoken with him, yet.

    “I have, thank you. Um,” she didn’t want to tell him about Molamer, so what to say? “I’ve been thinking about your… offer. Do you really want to adopt me?”

    “I wouldn’t say ‘adopt’, I’d merely be helping to take care of you.”

    “Well,” Zeyla began politely, “I… I don’t really want to…. You said that you wanted to help take care of me until I was old enough to be on my own. But the truth is, I’ve been on my own for a while now. Well, not really on my own, I had my sister, and now I have all my friends. I’m in good care. I don’t think I need your help, but thank you for your generous offer. I am grateful that other people actually care about me. But I am happy where I am.”

    “If that is your decision, then I will honor it.”

    “As will I,” Raxen Desand said. “Well then, Mister Verenisus, I guess our negotiations are through.”

    “They are.” He looked to Zeyla once again. “I will be staying here for a while longer, though not too long, so if you need anything, I’ll be around.”

    “Thank you, Mister Verenisus,” Zeyla responded.

    He… he really does not seem like a bad person. So why would he do what he did?

    “Anyway,” she continued, “I’m going to go meet up with my friends again. I’d like to spend the rest of the day with them.”

    “Very well, you run along.” Zeyla left and he looked to Desand, “I really should get going too. I have things to do at my temporary home.”

    “Have a good evening,” Raxen told him.

    “You too.” He then left for his private home.

    Once he arrived, he swiftly made his way to chambers, which he also used as a work space. Once inside, he locked the door and shut the window curtains.

    “You’ve returned,” said a man in dark robes, standing near a bookshelf in the back of the room. “Did Zeyla agree to stay with us? Zeyla, Zeyla… Zeyla…. Why does that sound familiar?”

    “She has decided to stay here, so she will not be coming with us. Now, don’t think about her name too much.”

    “Zeyla…. Does she have blonde hair?”

    “Please, stop.”

    “Zeyla… Diamondheart. Why….” He pulled back his hood, and took his necklace out from under his robes. It was solid gold in the shape of a heart with a diamond in the middle. Just above the diamond was the name “Diamondheart.” “She’s my… sister. Why-”

    “Now, Zane, why did you have to go and do that?”

    “Do what?”

    “I told you not to think too hard about all of this, about your past.” He held up a hand and pointed it towards Zane. Zane’s eyes began to glow, as he fell to his hands and knees.

    “Aah! Stop, please just….” He began breathing heavily as he help his eyes shut as hard as he could.

    “Zane,” He shook his head, “I wish it did not always have to come down to this, every time. Oh well.” He dropped his hand, and Zane opened his eyes and looked around.

    “Where am….” He looked up and saw Jhofree. “Mister Verenisus, what happened?”

    “I’ll explain later. Just know that we are in Morrowind, now.”

    “Morrowind, why?”

    “I’ll also explain that later.” He smiled, “For now, just get some rest.”

    “Okay,” Zane said as he made his way to the exit. He paused before leaving to look at his necklace. He turned it around to see three names written in faded ink, of which only one was clearly readable. “When,” he began hesitantly, “can I see my sisters again?”

    “When we find them,” was all Jhofree said.

    Zane took that answer, so he unlocked the door, and left the room.

    Jhofree took a deep breath as his smile faded. “I always have thought of you as a son, Zane. It’s a shame, really that…. That a stranger decided to intrude on us,” he turned to face a window that now opened to reveal Molamer.

    “You haven’t gotten rusty since we last met, Jhofree.”

    “Ah, Dreyous Daraloul, it has been a while, hasn’t it? And what have you been up to all these years?”

    “Hunting bounties, exploring, being chased down by Imperials, you know the drill. How have you been?”

    “It’s been just swell, lately. I even convinced my family to speak to me again.”

    Molamer paused for a moment. “They stopped when-”

    “When Soris Diamondheart ratted me out to the law, just so that he could get all the glory. Yes, I remember that day well. But that was the past.”

    “Yeah, so who’s the kid?”

    “That is… my son.”

    “Son? If you treat your son that way, no wonder Zeyla decided to stay away from you. How’d you convince a woman to like you that much, anyway? Yet me guess, you ‘convinced’ her.”

    “You know Zeyla?”

    “I’ve seen her around.”

    Jhofree smirked. “You’re her personal bodyguard, aren’t you? From the most prized warrior of your family, to the bodyguard of a seventeen year old.”

    “And you, from prized magician to… what in Oblivion are you now a days? No, don’t answer that, just tell me who that kid is.”

    “If you must know, well, I’m sure you heard our conversation.”

    “So he is Zeyla’s brother, then.”

    “Yes. Now, I can see your surprise even through the helmet. And I’ll admit that I am very good at ‘persuading’ people.”

    Molamer took several steps towards Jhofree. “You had better let him go!”

    “I have a better idea.”

    Molamer suddenly dropped to the ground, writhing in pain. “Ah, Dreyous, I do with I could just kill you right now. But I can’t because, despite what you may believe, I do have the best intentions for Zeyla. I have wanted revenge on Soris for so long, and I finally have it, but I never wanted any of this for her. She did nothing to wrong me, nor did her sister or Zane. I saved Zane before I could even touch Soris, and Layla is fine as well, and it seems that Zeyla is in no need for my help. But she still needs you. So, as much as it pains me, I have to let you go. But you can not ever speak of this meeting. You can not tell her of her brother’s whereabouts. Which is why I am doing this.”

    Molamer once again screamed in pain. Only a moment later, he was unconscious. Jhofree levitated him with magic and said, “All I have to do now is dump you somewhere safe and you will not remember any of this.” His next sentence sounded much more sincere and even a bit somber, “I do wish that Zane could meet his sister, but if it is her wish to stay here with these disgusting people, then so be it.” He left the room, Molamer hovering after him.
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    Finally! I’ve convinced Molamer to tell me about his past and, more importantly, my father! I’m not entirely sure why he had a sudden change of heart, but I don’t really care. I’m going to his hideout now to meet him so he can tell me. I’m so excited! But also kind of… scared.

    The Elder Scrolls Adventures
    Part 10


    Zeyla stepped into the dark cave. “Molamer?”

    “I’m here,” he answered. “Come in, sit down.

    Zeyla walked in and sat in a chair on the opposite side of the fire from him. “So… you said you would tell me a story about my father and you.”

    “Yeah, I did. Don’t expect anything spectacular. I’ll tell you about one of our shorter, less bloody encounters”

    Zeyla sat laid her head on her hands, listening intently.

    This is only one of the adventures we went on as a crew. It was a long time ago, before Zane was born. We were in the seas of the Iliac Bay, on a small ship owned by a Khajiit by the name of Dar’iska. The sky was bright, but the water was brighter, as it held the future of everyone on the ship. The sun's hot beams reflected off the endless waters, one man on the ship complained the sun made it nearly as hot as the breath of Nafaalilargus himself. Anyway, Dar’iska, your father, and I were sitting in the shade of the ship’s captain quarters.

    I’m not entirely sure why the others were there, but I was there because, well, I was looking for jobs, trying to find my place in life, and they were hiring. I had recently become a mercenary of sorts, and Dar’iska heard of my… adventures and called upon me. The pay was good and the job wasn’t entirely out of my reach, the only problem was getting used to life on the sea. Actually, a bigger problem was getting used to life with these n’wahs.

    Now, I’m not much of a storyteller, but I suppose I should give you an idea about the place and the people. The ship was nothing much to me, just a wooden vessel that could carry a fair amount of people and cargo. That was the key, the cargo; if a pirate ship couldn’t carry treasure, it was practically useless. Anyway, the ship was nothing to me, but to the scum who live on it, it was their way of life; it was, as Soris put it, “a freedom like no other.” Pirate talk, I always thought of it, though I’ll admit that I did feel a bit of freedom on that piece of garbage in the open sea.

    I’m not sure about you, but when I think of a captain’s cabin, I’d think about a nice and tidy room where the respectable captain would rest when not on duty. This one was… just the opposite. Clothes, weapons, and junk was thrown everywhere. The cleanest part of the room would be the dozens of empty bottles laying around, not a single drop left in them.

    The others were having a conversation about our next stop, where we would be heading after our next… adventure.

    “Perhaps,” Dariska was saying, “we should stop by Daggerfall city.”

    “Sure,” I said sarcastically, “let’s stop at one of the oldest and most powerful cities in High Rock; we’ll never be caught there.”

    “I don’t really care where we stop next,” said Soris, “as long as we stop near my home afterwards.”

    “Perhaps we should stop by Betony, then,” Dar’iska concluded. “Maybe our old friend Akar is still there.”

    “I doubt it. He probably left after-”

    Someone knocked on the door, interrupting Soris.

    “Come in!” Dar’iska yelled to the person behind the door.

    It opened to reveal the only other Dunmer on the ship, I believe his name was Morrob. “Captain, the target is dead ahead.”

    Dar’iska looked to both me and Soris as he stood up. “No more time for talking, now we fight.”

    The four of us left the room and saw our target. Now understand that, by the time I had joined, the crew was desperate, really. Before, they almost only stole from richer men, but now they settled for any notable trading ship. And one sailed before us now. It was no bigger than our own ship, and I remember it being slower as well.

    So, our ship pulled up alongside theirs, and once it was close enough, our men began to board their ship. Swords clashed all around the deck, and it wasn’t long before some of their men boarded our ship.

    Now, I could make up some story about how your father was the one who single-handedly took down the other ships captain or something like that, I feel that’s how he would tell the story, but that’s not how I remember it, though it was a long time ago.

    Dar’iska found the Redguard captain of the other ship and charged at him with his sword held high. Their skills with the blade were equal; neither one could gain the upper hand.

    I couldn’t tell what happened next, as I had my own competition; two Redguards stood on either side of me. I only had one blade, but my magic was stronger than ever. As one tried to strike at me, I paralyzed him. As the other tried to take me, I dodged his attack, grabbed him, and threw him onto his partner. They both tumbled onto the ground where Morrob could finish them off, before picking his own fight with three others.

    I saw that he was clearly outmatched, though he would never admit it, so I stepped in to help. Let’s see… one of the men swung straight down, but Morrob swiftly dodged, so I shot a bolt of lightning at the man's hand to disarm him. I was caught up in taking that guy, and didn’t notice the one behind me. He tried to stab me, but Morrob countered for me, and took him down easily. Then the s’wit who I’d disarmed grabbed a knife and stabbed me in the arm. I managed to cast a fireball to take him out before he could finish me.

    I lost track of Morrob, so I tried to find the captains again. Dar’iska and the Redguard were still dueling; I wasn’t sure one would ever win, until I noticed Soris running up behind them. He swung at the Redguard, but the man countered throwing Soris off balance. The distraction was enough to let Dar’iska strike him hard enough to get him down, while Soris kicked his feet from beneath him.

    Soris placed one foot on the Redguards back to keep him from getting up. “May I have your attention, please,” he began his smug voice, loud enough for everyone to hear. “Hello, everybody!” A few men stopped fighting, but not all of them. “You captain is down!” Finally, almost everyone stopped.

    “I won’t ask much of you, only that you hand over all of your valuables and cargo,” he put the tip of his blade at the Redguard captain's throat, “please.”

    Negotiations began and ended quickly. In the end, we kept most of their cargo and let them go free. Neither side lost any men, that I know of, and we were on our way to a port where we would sell our cargo.

    We were only a few of the pirates of the Iliac Bay, but we felt like the strongest.

    “There,” Molamer said, “you wanted a story, you got a story.”

    “Thank you,” Zeyla answered. “But... I was hoping for one with my father in it more.”

    “Well, I honestly didn’t know him all that well. We were partners, but not really friends.”

    “Okay.” She paused for a moment, then she reluctantly asked “But there is one more thing; could you tell me you real name? Please!”

    Molamer sighed, “Fine. My name is Dreyous. But call me Molamer… please.”

    “Dreyous…. Thank you.”

    “You… are welcome.”

    Zeyla stood up. “Well, I’ve got to go; Torius will kill me if I keep being late for practice. I’ll see you again soon.” She proceeded to the exit of the cave.

    As Molamer sat there, watching her leave, he could not help but feel that there was something else he needed to tell her, but he could not remember what is was for the life of him….
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    A couple of days ago, I went beyond the forest to meet Andyla’s cousin, Seryla. It was then that I realised that I haven’t explored very much of the land outside of town. I intend to change that.

    Part 11

    Zeyla walked out of Raxen Desand’s house ready to explore. She wears an outfit similar to the one she wears when training with Torius; a baggy short-sleeved shirt, matching pants, and brown boots, covered by the pant legs. Across her torso she wears a leather strap used to holster her home-made bow and arrows on her back. A leather belt around her waist carries her iron dagger, and about her neck lies her necklace, looking now like a simple rock.

    As of now, Zeyla doesn’t feel strange walking around with her weapons. Almost every day there is someone going out to hunt or to explore, and they usually had at least one weapon with them.

    As she walked to the edge of town, she noticed Jhofree walking towards her.

    “Zeyla,” he greeted her.

    “Hello Mister Verenisus,” she replied.

    He noticed her bow and dagger. “Where are you going off to?” he asked.

    “I was just going to explore the forest a little, outside of town,” she answered.

    “Oh,” he didn’t seem too surprised, “well, you be careful, and don’t get into any trouble.”

    “I’ll try not to,” she replied confidently.

    “Anyway,” he said, clearly not too worried about her now, “I was hoping we could meet sometime before I go. Are you certain you don’t want to come with me?”

    “I’m sure. But,” she paused for a moment, “thank you for offering. I wasn’t sure there were any other people who cared about me, and it’s… comforting to know that you do.”

    “Oh,” he probably didn’t expect that response, “well… you are welcome. And even once I leave, if at any time you need a place to stay or something, check with me first.”

    “Thank you! And I’d be happy to meet with you sometime.”

    “Thank you. Now, I’ll not keep you from your adventures any longer. Goodbye.”

    “Goodbye,” Zeyla said before setting off again, ready to explore. But she made sure to look back at Jhofree before she left. He was walking away, probably back to his temporary home. She sighed, then made her way out of the town and into the forest.

    After a long time of walking, being lost, and feeling… forgotten? Layla and I arrived at the home of Brutus Cenods and his family. They agreed to let us stay, but the house is small, so me and Layla share a bed, and we don’t even have our own room. But I’m okay with that, as long as we have a home.

    So in the house there is me, Layla, Brutus, and his older brother, Pelion. The home is very small, there is only one room, but they agreed to hang up curtains to separate our “room” from theirs. The building is made of stone walls, with a roof of what looks like hay or straw with a wooden frame. It has two windows on the front, though they are… opaque, I think the word is. There is one door as the entrance, placed in the center of the long side of the house, and there is a fireplace on the wall opposite the door. Outside, there is a fenced off piece of land that they use as a small farm.

    On one side of the house, the left side if you’re facing the fireplace, is Brutus and Pelion’s room. Two beds, one on each side of the wall, and two dressers against the walls, along with a chest at the foot of each bed. There’s also a painting on the wall there, but I haven’t gotten a good look at it yet, as I don’t like to mess with their stuff.

    Right next to the door and fireplace, there is a curtain that they set up to give me and Layla more privacy. It is set up so that it can be slid across the pole it hangs on, so we can move it out of the way if we need to. On our room lies one bed, which once belonged to Brutus and Pelion’s parents. But now Layla and I share it, because it’s the only other bed in the house. We do, however, have our own dressers, so at least we don’t have to share those. Not that we have much to store in them anyway. So the bed is on the middle of the wall, with one dresser on each side of it, and there is a table off to the side. That’s where I sit to write in my journal sometimes. Like right now. Huh, I guess time’s caught up to me. Well, I guess I’ll keep writing in this as long as I feel I should, and I can keep getting Layla to help me if I need it. It’s kind of hard remembering all of this stuff exactly how it happened.

    Anyway, this does kind of feel like a home, although we’ve only been here for one full day and part of today. Sometimes I go out to help chop wood or something and Brutus gives me a few septims, so maybe I’ll be able to buy something soon. Well, if I ever get the chance to go to a store.

    Well, I can’t think of anything more to write for now, but if I find something, I’ll put it here as soon as possible. I kind of can’t wait to read back at these in a few years or so, and…. I don’t know, I guess I’ll see how things have changed.

    As Zeyla was walking along, her necklace changed in appearance from an old stone to a gem with a pinkish-red tint. She noticed the change, held her necklace in her hands and said, “Layla?”

    “Zeyla!” her sister answered, though only Zeyla could hear. “Oh, I’ve missed you.”

    “I’ve missed you too,” Zeyla said quietly, not wanting anyone to hear and think she’s crazy.

    “What are you up to now?”

    “Just exploring.”

    “Getting into trouble?”

    “I’m certainly not trying to.”

    “Well, be careful. Is anyone with you?”

    “You are.”

    “You know what I meant.”

    “No, it’s just me. And you.”

    “Zeyla! I’m not actually there; what if something happens to you? How will anyone know?”

    I’ll be fine, Layla. Just relax. I’m only looking around; I’m not gonna get into a fight or something.”

    “Yeah, because you’ve never accidentally gotten into a fight before,” Layla said sarcastically.

    “I know… I’ll be careful.”

    “Okay. So what exactly are you exploring?”

    “I’m just wandering around the forest, looking around. It’s not like I’m going to wander into a bandit's hideout or…. Oh, right.”


    “Nevermind that. What are you doing?”

    “Working. Actually, I just finished harvesting a few crops, and I’m about to go turn them in for some money. Nothing really exciting. How about you?”

    “You already know I’m-”

    “You’re exploring, I know, but how about you tell me what’s going on? Tell me what the place looks like. I’ve never been there.”

    “Oh, okay. Well… I’m in a forest, outside of the town I live in now. The trees are tall, dark, twisted, they look… creepy, but also… beautiful at the same time. The sun is shining down through the branches and the leaves. Sparkling off the water of a stream. And tall… mushroom tower over even some of the tallest trees. The sky is blue, but cloudy. I think it might rain sometime soon. Maybe. I’m in the forest, away from any roads. I’m surrounded by a bunch of bushes, and grass, and trees.”

    As Zeyla walked along, she found herself on a hill, rising above most all but the tallest trees. “To the… south, I think, I can see the town. It’s… kind of small from over here. It’s in a clearing, so there aren’t many trees in the town, but there are plenty around it, on my side. On the other side of town is a cliff face, a tall hill, I guess. On the other side of that, I guess there would be more… marshes, swamps. I think it would start to look more like Black Marsh.” She turned around, and gasped, for this is the first time she had really taken a look towards Vvardenfell.

    “And north is… nothing. Um, there are more forests and stuff that I can see, and plains, but….”


    “The island, uh… Vvardenfell, I think. It’s just a….” She took a deep breath. “It comes out of the water like a… almost like a cone shape. It comes out of the water and gets taller as you go inland, then it turns into a funnel, and I… I can barely tell where the island ends and the smoke begins. It just goes into the sky and….”

    “Zeyla? Are you okay?”

    “Um, yeah, I am. I just….” She forced herself to turn around and walk back down the hill. She couldn’t help but look back several times. “I just need a minute.”

    “Okay, well, I’m going to go get my money, and head back home. I’ll talk to you then, okay? I promise. It shouldn’t take long.”

    Zeyla didn’t notice the gem fade into stone as she thought about what she’d just seen.

    I don’t even…. I had always heard of Vvardenfell being beautiful in a way, being magical. With tall trees, giant lakes, Vivec City, the floating island…. I guess those were old books though. The Red Year, I think that is what it was called. I never thought something like that was even possible, but…. I need to get my mind off this.

    Zeyla slowly walked away from the hill, away from the destruction. Vvardenfell was already many miles away, but she had to get further. So she walked away, though not back to town. She took a new road, one she had not taken before. Into the wilderness, into the unknown. She found a clearing, similar to the one she and Torius train at, but it is a different one. In the center of the clearing is a tree, larger than the others, atop a small rise. She looked around the area, and decided to sit beneath the tree.

    Zeyla sat with her forehead resting on her knees, and her arm wrapped around them. She sat there still, for a few minutes, until her thoughts drifted away from the wasteland that was once Vvardenfell, a land she’s never ventured to, but has heard much about.

    She had been sitting here for a few minutes by the time she began collecting her thoughts, and by that time, her necklace once again began to change color; this time to a deep greyish-blue.

    “Zeyla? I’m back at home. Are you okay?”

    Zeyla pulled her head up and looked at the necklace. “Yeah. I’m fine, I just… got distracted.”

    “Are you sure? Zeyla, my necklace is blue; are you sad?”

    She took a deep breath. “I’m fine.”

    “Well, if you say so…. Where are you know?”

    “Not too far away from where I was. Under a tree, in a clearing.”

    “So,” Layla began, “have you thought about coming back?”

    Zeyla knows that Layla is only trying to get her mind of Vvardenfell., but she answered anyway. “I’ve thought about it. But I…. I can’t.”


    “I can’t, Layla; I don’t even know exactly where I am. How am I supposed to make it back? Even then, I have friends here, but there I… only have you.”

    “Zeyla I don’t blame you for wanting to be with friends, but I want to have you back.”

    Zeyla stayed silent, unsure of what exactly to say. She looked around, at the trees, at the sky…. It’s not quite noon, yet. She looked into the forest surrounding her. She stood up.

    “Layla, I love you, and I want to be with you… but I’m not going back.”

    Layla sighed. “If that’s what you want….”


    “I just…. I love you Zeyla, but I’ve got to go.”

    “Wait!” Before she could finish, her necklace faded back to stone.

    Did I make her mad? I just…. Does she really want me to go back? I want to be back with her, but not there. I never want to go back to that town again. I can’t go back there. I can’t stand those people…. I hope she can forgive me for that.

    She looked around again, then at the tree. Then she heard a twig snap behind her. She spun quick to see a tall lizard creature that stands on two back legs, supported by two long arms, with a short tail. It’s head had a strange shape to it, with what appears to be a beak, a few small horns on it’s head.

    It looks calm for now, like it’s just looking around. But Zeyla can’t recognise it, and she does not want to mess with it. She slowly began to back away, only to back into the tree. It heard the noise of her wooden bow hitting the tree and looked at her, but it did not attack, so Zeyla slid away from the tree, and backed away again. Once it lost interest in her, she turned and ran.

    Once she had arrived at Molamer’s cave, she ran inside, and said, “Drey-, uh, Molamer!”

    He looked up from his book, what appeared to be written in a language Zeyla does not know; that is, she only know Tamrielic. “What is it?”

    “I saw a… I don’t know what it was, but I’ve never seen it before, and I’ve seen most of the creatures around here.”

    “What did it look like?”

    “Well it was a lizard-like thing; it had scales and claws. It stood on two legs, and had two arms. It also had a tale, and a head with a beak and a…. What’s it called?”

    “Did it look like this?” He said as he retrieved a book from a pile of them, and flipped a few pages.

    Zeyla looked through a few pictures in the book before saying, “Yeah, that looks like it.”

    “Huh, strange. I’ve never seen another creature that bears any semblance of this. Can’t be a coincidence.”

    “What is it?”

    “It’s a clannfear,” Zeyla still looks confused, “a type of Daedra.”

    “A Daedra! How is it here?”

    “Simple; somebody summoned it.” He paused in thought for a moment. “Can you take me to where you saw it?”

    I think so, yeah. Why?”

    “Why do you think? To find out who is summoning Daedra. Listen, kid, if there is one fact when it comes to good and evil, it’s that anybody summoning a Daedra in the middle of nowhere probably has bad intentions.”

    Zeyla did not respond. Thinking back to everything she’s been told and everything she’s read, she can’t remember a time when Daedra summoning was good. “Are you sure? They could have just summoned it to defend themselves.”

    “Summonings like that don’t last too long, and they usually don’t go wandering off. Okay, I don’t know that this person's intentions are evil, but I’m not gonna wait to find out. So are you going to show me the way?”

    “Okay, I will,” Zeyla answered as she lead him out of the cave and into the wilderness.
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    Also thank every single one of you people for reading, whether you enjoyed it or not, thank you. Over 1000 views!

    Now, I am going to try and keep these uploads as consistent as I can, but I'm also working on other projects at the same time, that might interfere. Mainly I am working on Diamondheart and another project that is completely original(It's not based on an existing thing), but I am also working on other fan-fics, thought not nearly as much. For example I've been working a little bit on a series called "The Elder Scrolls Adventures : Scoundrels" based on Soris and the crew, and I was working on a fan-fic for a series called Fallout. But I'm still mainly working on Diamondheart and the original thing.
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    Daedra? I do not want to deal with Daedra! But I’ve got to lead Molamer to where I saw one, because he thinks it could mean trouble. Personally, I don’t really know….

    Part 12
    Old ties, long forgotten

    Zeyla led Molamer through the woods in an attempt to find where she had spotted the creature. Even though Molamer tried to rush her, Zeyla walked slowly, watching the surroundings carefully, to make sure she was going the right way.

    “Come on, hurry up,” Molamer said.

    “Have patience, Molamer. I don’t want to get lost out here,” Zeyla said. “And you could be a little nicer about it,” she added quietly.

    “You could be less sarcastic,” he grumbled back.

    Zeyla stopped in her tracks turned to face him. “Sarcastic? You think I’m joking?” She shook her head at him, “Where you ever taught manners? Really?” She tried not to let these feeling let out other ones, but she failed, “You keep telling me about how ‘horrible’ my father was, but he at least taught me to be polite and to forgive, even when I’m mad at someone, even when that someone supposedly caused my family's ruin!” She took a deep breath, and sighed. “I don’t think you really know how hard all of this has been for me. I make it look easy, I try to hide it, but it’s all so… distressing!” She took more and more deep breaths as she let out some of the things she’s been feeling for the past year. “Now… let’s just keep going.”

    “Are you scared?”

    “What? What does that have anything to do with-”

    “It has everything to do with you. You’re letting all your emotions boil up inside of you, aren’t you?”

    She thought for a moment, then nodded slowly.

    “This may sound cliche, but you really shouldn’t do that. Did your father teach you that? ‘Cause believe me, he had that problem sometimes too.” He paused for a moment, then continued, “And so did I. I…. ” He studied her as he considered whether or not to tell her, “I had a problem with that. I’d hold in my emotions, and then after a while, when one person does something I don’t like, I’ll let it all out on them. There’s a reason I always stuck with the shadows, with criminals. Now, if you’re scared, sad, angry, whatever… just tell someone. Now, I don’t think of myself as the emotional type of person, but if you need someone to talk to about… difficult things, then I’m here.”

    Zeyla did not respond to him, she only looked around, trying not to keep eye-contact. “I… I think it was that way, come on.” She started walking in the direction she had pointed.

    “Listen kid,” Molamer said, stopping Zeyla, “I want you to take me there. After that, you go back to town.”

    “Okay,” Zeyla reluctantly agreed. So they kept walking, until they came to the opening with the central tree, where Zeyla had spotted the creature.

    Molamer looked around. “You’re sure this is the spot?”

    “Yeah. Will you be okay?”

    “Believe it or not, I’ve encountered some Daedra before. Now go, and… I’ll talk to you again later.”

    “Okay,” Zeyla agreed as she walked back into the forest.

    Okay, where to start? Well, the day started normally, or what I guess normal is going to be from now on. I woke up, after everybody else, so I had the whole house to myself for a little while. First I, uh, tidied myself up, I guess, then I sat down to write, but couldn’t think of anything noteworthy. So I went outside to find something to do out there.

    I immediately saw Layla and Brutus standing together, I couldn’t hear what they were saying; they were kind of far away, and I think they were whispering. But I could clearly see that they were holding hands; that is until they saw me. Layla walked over to me.

    “Zeyla, you’re awake,” she said, “I’m sorry I wasn’t in there with you when you woke up.”

    “It’s okay,” I told her. Really I was worried she would start spending less time with me. I can’t stand the thought of that, because… I love her, and she’s the last family I have. “I just wanted to know where you were, and now I do.” I started to turn back to the door, but Layla placed a hand on my shoulder to stop me.

    “You know, Zeyla, we could use some help.”

    “With what?”

    “We’re going out to collect firewood. I know we just got here after a long trip, but you can come if you want to.”

    “How long will we be gone?”

    “It depends on how much wood we can find and how much we can carry. But as long as you remember which way we went, you can come back at any time.”

    “Well, okay, I’ll go.”

    “Great!” She turned to Brutus and told him, “Zeyla will be coming with us.”

    He looked a little disappointed, but he tried to hide it. I guess he wanted to spend some alone time with Layla. “Well, I guess we’re all ready to leave, then,” he said.

    “Okay,” Layla said back to him before looking to me. “Let’s go.” She gently grabbed one of my hands and led me away.

    As Zeyla strolled through the forest, she allowed her mind to drift away, to think of other things; she has no idea where she is. But right now, she doesn’t care either. She simply goes where the wind the takes her, as her thoughts flow away.

    Eventually, she comes across a familiar-looking river; the one that flows out of Molamer’s cave. She looks around, takes off the belt holding her bow, lays it on the ground, and sits next to it. She then rolls up her pants and removes her boots, so she can rest her feet in the flowing water. The water rolling over her skin soothes her, reminds her of simpler days….

    She sighed. Maybe I should move back…. I don’t really want to be there, but I do really like being with Layla. No bandits, no weird creatures, no Daedra. But I know I’ll miss Andyla, Ba’zzar, Zaarthius, Mister Desand, and even Torius. Maybe I’ll even miss Molamer. And I don’t even know how to get back, or even where I am on a map. Maybe I could buy a map? Huh, but… do I want to leave? No, but I do want to see Layla again, and I really don’t want to keep finding myself in some sort of danger.

    A twig snapped behind her! She turned to find….

    “Molamer? What are you doing here?”

    Suddenly, a bloody blade slid through him. The man behind him pushed him off his blade and stepped out of the shadows. It was someone else wearing the same armor as him.

    “Zeyla,” said the man, apparently the real Molamer, “are you okay?”

    Zeyla tried to calm herself, after what she just saw. “Yeah, I am. I just…. Nevermind. Who is that?”

    “One of the Daedra worshippers I found. He spotted me, but I stopped him from warning the others, and he ran.”

    “Daedra… worshipers?”

    “Yeah, they worship one of the Bad Daedra.”

    “‘Bad Daedra?’ Which one?”

    “Couldn’t tell; they didn’t have an enormous statue like they normally do.”

    “So you chased him all the way here?”


    “Oh. So, what now?”

    “I’m going to scope out the area, see what they’re up to. I’d rather not kill people who aren’t doing anything really bad.”

    “Kill them?”

    “Well…. If they’re planning on… hurting anyone, then I’ve to go stop them.”

    “But do you have to kill them?”

    “I…. It’s the only way to make sure they stop, for good.”

    “But, Molamer, I really think that-”

    A ball of fire flew through the air, so fast then even Molamer couldn’t react in time. It exploded onto his arm, throwing his sword away, and creating a bloody mess on the ground and trees.

    “Molamer!” Zeyla stood up and walked over to check on him. His arm is still attached to his body, but the armor was torn to bits, and his arm was bloody and battered.

    The man who created the fireball stepped into view; a person wearing Daedric armor. Colored black, grey, and red, this plated armor has large round pauldrons, spiky arms and legs, and a round helmet with a screaming face carved into it. The faces eyes were formed from swirls in the helmet, and the mouth had large fang shapes in it. Daedric letters were inscribed throughout the armor, and not a single part of the person beneath the armor could be seen.

    “You won’t be doing anything but dying,” said the man within the armor. His accent made Zeyla believe he is a Dunmer, and his gravelly voice made her think he is an old one.

    Molamer stood up, overcoming the pain he must be feeling everywhere. He put an arm in front of Zeyla, separating her from the man, and told her, “Go.”

    Zeyla reluctantly backed away, but she refused to leave the battleground.

    Molamer stepped towards the man, his good hand glowing a bright healing light. “Give me your best shot,” he said in a voice that Zeyla shiver. The light from his hand changed immediately to a bright flame, as he hurled balled fist towards the other Dunmer. A fireball flung it’s way towards the man, but he summoned a barrier of magic to deflect the flame. The flash of light against the barrier blinded him for a moment, and when the barrier when down, a bloody fist heaved its way onto his helmet. The helmet prevented the fist from touching his skin, but the heavy solid helmet slammed hard onto his face, causing him to stagger back. Molamer drew a dagger from his belt, and brought it down to finish the battle!

    But the Dunmer grabbed Molamer’s wrist just before the dagger penetrated his throat. He struggled to keep the blade up, even with Molamer in a weakened state, but prevailed and barely through Molamer off of him. He then equipped a large black and red sword that was resting on his back, and swung it at his opponent with both hands on the grip. Molamer jumped back just in time for the blade to penetrate his chest armor, but not touch his skin.

    Molamer feigned an attack with his dagger, causing his opponent to hold his sword in a blocked position protecting his chest. But Molamer then dropped his attack low, and shot a ball green magic towards the man’s legs. But his armor is apparently enchanted, and he resisted the paralysis spell.

    With Molamer low, the other Dunmer heaved his knee upwards, driving it into his opponent’s torso. Molamer fell backwards, but caught himself and stood back up.

    But with his dagger still in hand, Molamer rushed at the man, ducking beneath his greatsword, and tackled him to the ground. His blade is unable to penetrate the armor, so it penetrates a joint instead, pinning the man’s arm. Molamer rose higher, thought he did not quite stand up, and raised his hands to cast a spell. As his hands began to glow, and catch flame, he brings his hands down to end his attacker.

    But before he can land the killing blow, the Elve uses his good arm to stab a knife, made of pure ebony, into Molamer’s torso, penetrating the area in between the hard plates in his armor. The man begins to stand up, the dagger still in his arm making it difficult. And as he does so, he tries to drive the knife deeper into Molamer, trying to end the fight finally.

    Molamer, injured as he is, pushes through, and raises his arms to the other’s head, and rips off his helmet violently, knocking the back of his head hard. He never stopped to look at the man’s face, distracted as he was by the battle. He throws the helmet elsewhere, and pulls the dagger from his chest. With a new weapon in hand, he stumbles to his opponent, who had backed away, impales the man’s shoulder, driving the blade down until he felt bone.

    The Dark Elve, in a last attempt to fight back, rushes his fist upwards, with a spell that gives his punch unbelievable speed, punches Molamer in the jaw from below.

    Molamer falls backwards to the ground, his helmet falling off his scarred head. The man stands triumphant. “Your resilient, I’ll give you that.” He pulls the dagger from his shoulder with his good arm, and drives it down into Molamer. But he hesitates as he looks at the face of the man he’s about to slay.

    Suddenly an arrow flies from out of nowhere and stabs him in the chest, opposite his heart. The arrow flew deep into him, and he could hardly move. He looks in the direction the arrow flew to see Zeyla with her bow in hand, and another arrow readied. She shot again, this time the arrow penetrating the same place the dagger had been. She then lowered her bow, and shot fireball after fireball at the attacker, until he falls to the ground.

    She takes a few more deep breaths before realising what just happened; she then began to shake. “Did I-”

    “Argh,” Molamer groaned in pain, something Zeyla never thought she’d hear. She rushed over to him. He is bleeding from several spots, but his arm is the worst.

    “Molamer,” she said, worriedly. She held her hands over him, and they began to glow brightly. After a few moments of trying, she said exhaustedly, “I can’t do it.” She looked him in the eyes, something she has never done. She ignored his scars, his bald head, and everything else; she focused on his eyes. “Molamer, you can’t go. Please… don’t go….”

    “Zeyla, agh, I’m… not going… anywhere. Through away, argh, those tears… you don’t need me.”

    She hadn’t even realised she was crying.

    “I’ll be… fine. I’m the… most resilient… scum I know.”

    “I’m not going to just leave you here. I’m staying with you.”

    “You… don’t need to.”

    “But I’m going to.”

    “.... Fine. Could you… at least get me… a potion… of healing?”

    “Does the general store have any?”

    “How… would I know?”

    “I…. I’ll go check.” She stood up. “I’ll be right back,” she said as she rushed off to fetch a potion.

    When she was gone, Molamer tried to sit up. He managed to lean himself against a nearby tree. He spit blood out of his mouth, and watched the clouds above the trees.

    “Heck of a fight,” said the Dunmer who had attacked him. “I… thought a s’wit like you would be… would be dead by now, Dreyous.”

    Molamer looked at the man’s helmetless head. “Devasen. That explains some things.”

    “Yeah… I always knew… I was better than you.

    “You were. Are… you still taking up… work as a,” he coughed up more blood, “mercenary?”

    “Why else would… I be with these… creeps?”

    Molamer tried to laugh, but the pain in his chest was too much. “Heh, yeah.” He took deep breaths. “It’s actually… good to see you again… even given the… circumstances.”

    “Yeah. What’s it been? Twenty years?”

    “I think so.”

    “Wow…. Well, you’ve improved since… we last fought.”

    “Always trying to… outmatch you.”

    Devasen began to laugh, which ended with him spilling more blood than even Molamer. “Almost, little brother…. Almost.”

    “Devasen… I-”

    “I think… I know what you're gonna...say. I feel the same. And honestly… I’m…. I’m proud of….” He tried with all his might to finish his sentence, but couldn’t in the end.

    Molamer looked at Devasen’s body. He felt tears fall from his eyes, which is a feeling he had forgotten. He closed his eyes, and decided to let the gods decide his fate for him….
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    I can’t believe Molamer’s hurt. I… I’ve got to hurry, I don’t want him to die. He’s one of the few people I still have who cares about me and… I care about him too.

    Part 13

    Zeyla rushed through the forest back to the spot where Molamer still lies, dying. She ran, perhaps faster than she’d ever ran before, with all the healing elixirs she could buy.

    When she arrived, her heart dropped as she saw him; his eyes are closed, as he lays still on the ground. She bent down next to him, to see his chest slowly rising and falling.

    “Molamer,” she cried, “Molamer… look at me.” She reached into the pouch she grabbed on the way, and pulled out one of the potions. She popped the cap off of the bottle, and held it close to him. “I have potions. Molamer, wake up!” She gently shook him, causing him to groan in pain. “Drink this.” She said as she poured the liquid down his throat.

    He coughed, then swallowed. “You could’ve given me… a second.”

    “You’re still alive,” Zeyla exclaimed as she wrapped around him. A moment later she pulled back and grabbed another potion from her pack. “Here, have another one.”

    Molamer sat himself up better against the tree, and grabbed the potion. As he drank it, Zeyla took off her bag, and laid it down next to him. “The rest are in here.” She wiped the tears from her eyes. “You’ll be okay,” she said, more to convince herself than him. She looked around, to stop staring at him, and saw the body of the other man; the one who had attacked them. More tears appeared, and she began to shake as she realized….

    “Is he….”


    Zeyla would have heard him sigh, but she was too distracted. “I….”

    “It’s not… your fault, Zeyla.” He took another sip of the potion.


    “Zeyla!” He coughed as he grabbed her bag and tried to stand up. “Argh…. Zeyla, head into the cave.”

    She didn’t move a muscle, besides the ones that were shaking.

    Molamer stumbled over to her, and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Let’s… go.”

    They helped each other to the cave entrance, then Zeyla sat in a chair, as Molamer laid on his bed, made of logs and cloth from right outside. He noticed Zeyla shivering and said “You should probably... change clothes soon, unless… you like being covered… in blood.”

    She slowly looked down at her blood-stained outfit. “I killed hi-”

    “Don’t say it!”

    “Molamer… I did, and you know it.”

    “No, I did…. You shot him, yes, but I’m the one who… who took him down.”

    “I finished him…. It’s-”

    “Zeyla, stop. He would have died anyway, I injured him too much.”

    “You don’t know that…. And either way I still-” “Zeyla, please stop. I…. Don’t ruin yourself.”

    “Don’t… what?”

    “Zeyla… yes you killed him, but if you hadn’t, he would have killed me, and maybe others too. He was a mercenary; he’d kill anybody if he was payed enough. And besides that, you shouldn’t, uh, blame yourself.” He stuttered, like he couldn’t find the right words, “You…. Okay, listen carefully. You shouldn’t blame yourself, you shouldn’t shame yourself, you shouldn’t do anything like that. Yes, you killed him, but don’t end yourself over it. Don’t embrace either, I’m not saying you should be proud, no one should be proud killing their own. But don’t… ruin yourself because of it. You are, what’s the word? Maybe… innocent. No, yeah actually. Zeyla, try to forget what happened, or not; it doesn’t matter.

    “What does matter it this; you are a young woman, you’re innocent, almost, and you should stay that way. Believe me, there’s a reason your parents didn’t tell you the truth about everything; they wanted you to be a better person.”

    Zeyla looked clearly into his eyes for the first time, so helmet, and in the bright light of the fire. Those eyes looked passionate, sad, caring…. All things she never expected to see from him.

    “And,” he continued, “so do I. So don’t let this change you.

    She continued staring into his eyes. Behind the grey skin, the scary red eyes, and all the scars, he is a caring person.

    “Now, I think you should get out of here.”

    “What? Why?” she asked.

    “You should go back to town, change clothes, and be with your friends. I’ll be fine.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yes. I’m already feeling better.”

    “Well, okay.” She slowly stood up, not taking her eyes off him. “Be careful.”

    He looked at himself, then at her. “I guess I don’t need to say that to you.”

    Zeyla made her way to the exit, then back to town.

    As Layla and Brutus picked up firewood, I just got distracted by, well, everything. The tall green trees, the noisy animals, the flowing river, at least I think there was a river. Either way, I didn’t really do much work, because I kept getting distracted.

    “Zeyla,” Layla said, snapping me out of my trance, “come on, don’t get lost.”

    “Oh, sorry Layla.”

    “Stay focused. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

    “Okay. Um, where is uh….”


    “Yeah, Brutus’s brother.”

    “He’s in town, buying us clothes, among other things. And we’re going to work to repay him.”

    “Oh.” I started picking up more wood, when I noticed “Look, a cave.”

    “Yeah, let’s stay away from it.”

    “But Layla there-”

    “No!” she said in an angry sounding way. She softened her voice, “Zeyla, you’re not going in there. I’m not letting you get hurt again, you still have your scars.”

    I looked down at my chest, where that wolf had scratched me really bad a couple of days ago.

    “Please, just forget about adventuring for a few days, at least until we really get settled down.”

    I sighed, “Okay… I’ll try.”

    “Good. Now, be carefull.”

    “I will.”

    Torius found Zeyla sitting on a log just outside town. He noticed the dry tear marks on her face and decided to sit next to her. “Hi, Zeyla.”

    Zeyla didn’t respond. A part of her hoped he would go away, but at the same time, she was glad he was there with her.

    “Are you okay?”

    She stayed silent for a moment, then said “I…. No, I’m not.”

    “What’s wrong?”

    “I… I can’t tell you, but….” She looked into Torius’s eyes.

    He gazed into hers. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

    “I….” She whispered “I killed someone.”

    “Torius’s eyes widened. “You- What happened?”

    “He… tried to hurt someone… I cared about. I,” tears began to fall again, “I shot him to try to stop him and… it killed him.”

    Torius didn’t know what to say, so he just wrapped an arm around her, to at least try to comfort her. He noticed the dried blood on her clothes and said “Come on, let’s go back to town. You should change out of those clothes.”


    “I’ll make sure no one sees the blood. Let’s go.” He stood up and held out a hand for her.

    “Okay,” she reluctantly agreed as she took his hand.

    He wrapped his arm around her again as they made their way back to town.

    Earlier I wrote that the day would begin normally, but it wouldn’t end that way. Here’s where things go wrong. Layla, Brutus, and I were collecting sticks, but I was just kind of bored, and I kept thinking of exploring that cave. Well, while I was distracted I…. Well, I got into a bit of trouble. First I heard a loud snap! Then I felt the pain, and I fell to the ground.

    Layla and Brutus heard my screaming and they dropped the wood and ran over to me. “Zeyla!” Layla exclaimed, “stay still!”

    I looked at the bear trap that clung to my leg, and the pain worsened, but I tried to stay still.

    “Brutus, help me,” Layla told him as she grabbed both sides of the trap and tried to pull them apart. “Hurry up!”

    Brutus grabbed hold on the opposite side and pulled. The two sides were heaved apart just enough for me to pull my leg out.

    “Zeyla, are you okay?” Layla asked me.

    “No,” answered, trying to hold back tears. Blood was pouring down my leg. I think that was the most pain I had ever suffered.

    “Brutus, can you lift her?”

    “Probably,” he answered.”

    “Then come on, let’s get her back to the house.”

    “Okay. Can you carry some firewood?”

    “Brutus,” Layla said angrily, “Zeyla is hurt!”

    “I know,” he said as he lifted me up with both hands, “but we’ll need that for the winter.”

    “You- Fine, but get her back to the house now!”

    “Okay.” He started carrying me back to the house, while Layla picked up a little bit of the wood and followed. I’m not sure, but I think I saw a bear poking its nose out of the cave, watching us. After feeling one of those traps, I feel bad for those bears.

    When we reached the house, Brutus layed me on the bed Layla and I share, then he closed the curtain and left. I’m not sure where he went. Layla walked in a minute later to check on me, and I asked her if she could give me my journal and pen, so I could at least write, instead of just laying here. I really hope Layla’s not still mad at Brutus for asking her to stay and get firewood.

    When Zeyla and Torius arrived at Raxen Desand’s house, he wasn’t home. Zeyla looked to Torius “Um, you can keep a secret, right?”

    “Of course.”

    “Okay. I thought so, but… I just wanted to ask.” She reached under a pot with a plant in it and grabbed a spare key, that she then used to unlock the door. “Mister Desand left this for me, just in case I needed to get in when he wasn’t around.” She sighed, “And I’m glad he’s not here to see me right now.” They walked in and Zeyla dropped the strap that held her bow and arrows on a table next to the door. “Um, can you close the door?”

    “Sure,” Torius said as he did so.

    “Thank you. She walked over to her little room, and opened a drawer. She pulled out another outfit, the pretty blue dress she’s worn ever since the night the Empire betrayed her. “Um, can you go to a different room, so I can change?”

    “Oh, of course,” he left her alone.

    Once he was gone, Zeyla pulled up a chair and sat down. She gazed at her blue dress, longing for the simpler times. She sighed, realising that those days are gone, at least for now, and changed clothes as fast as she could.

    She walked out of the room to find Torius, “I’m done.”

    “Okay. I always thought you looked good in that dress.”

    “What?” Zeyla never thought she’d hear him say something like that.

    “I said you look nice, Zeyla. Now, let’s go somewhere.”


    “Why don’t we go to the inn?”

    “Why would we do that?”

    “Just to hang out there. To talk.”

    “Oh. I guess we can.”

    “Then come on, let’s go!”

    “Okay,” Zeyla agreed as he led her out.

    When they reached the inn, they had a seat at a table on the wall opposite the door. They are almost the only people at the inn, and they are the only people at the table.

    “Hi, Zeyla” Zaarthius said.

    “Hi, Zaar,” she said back.

    “Oh, would you like something to eat?”

    “I didn’t bring any money.”

    “I did,” Torius said. “Do you want something, Zeyla?”

    “I don’t want to take your money.”

    “You’ve been through a lot.”

    “I don’t want to-”

    “Give her a sweetroll.”

    “But I-”

    “Here’s the money,” he gave two gold coins to Zaarthius.

    “Thank you,” Zaar said as he went back to the bar to get a sweetroll.

    “Torius,” Zeyla complained, “I said I don’t want anything.”

    “You said you didn’t want to use my money. But I’ve already paid for it, so if you don’t eat, then you’ll be wasting my money. Do you want that?”

    She sighed, “No.”

    Zaarthius returned with the sweetroll and handed it to Zeyla. “Is that all?”


    “Okay,” he said as he went back to the bar.

    Zeyla took a bite out of the snack. “Mm, I forgot how good these are.”

    “Glad I bought it for you?”

    “I guess. Why’d you do it, though?”

    “Because you need it.”

    “Hm?” It was all Zeyla could say with part of the sweetroll in her mouth.

    “You’ve been through a lot lately. Honestly, you’ve been through more than most people have in their life. And… you need something like this. Besides, you’ve been out of town all day, and I assumed you were hungry.”

    Zeyla waited until she didn’t have a mouth full of food before saying “Well, thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    She looked at the sweetroll, then at Torius. “You know, I… I’ve always thought you didn’t like me.”


    “I mean, the first day we met, you were really mean to me, and I guess I just never got over that. Andyla even kept telling me that you really like me, a lot, but I never completely believed it. Now, though…. You’ve been so nice to me since then, and you’re there for me when I need it… like now. And I’m glad we’re friends.”

    “I am too.”

    Zeyla weakly smiled at him, trying to overcome the feelings she’s had since she….

    “Aw, come on now,” Torius said as he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close, “I didn’t pay for that for that for nothing.”

    Zeyla laughed softly. “Don’t rush me when it come to eating,” she joked as she leaned into him.
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    I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since…. Nevermind. I just have to keep my mind on happier things, like… my new friends. Oh, that reminds me, I’ve got to get ready to meet someone soon. I’ll write more later.

    Part 14
    A friend's departure

    Zeyla walked into the town’s local inn, looking for a friend. She was surprised not to see him when she first walked in, so she decided to take a seat at the table in the middle of the room; the same one she and her friends had sat in on her birthday.

    I’m seventeen. It’s been just about a year since that night, when everything turned for the worse, and I still don’t really feel any better about that. I was starting to feel better, before….

    She looked up to see Zaarthius walking towards her.

    “Zeyla, hello,” he greeted her.

    “Hi, Zaar. So, you wanted to hang out today, just the two of us?”

    “Yes, but I didn’t expect to see you so soon.”

    “I came as soon as I woke up and got ready.”

    “Well, it’s too early for me to go out,” he replied as he glanced towards his mother behind the bar.

    “That’s okay; we can just hang out here and talk until you’re ready.”

    “Okay.” He sat down in the chair right next to hers.

    “So, why don’t you want to go right now?”

    “Well, it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that… my mother won’t let me go out too early, or get back too late. I guess you’re a little lucky to not have all those rules.”

    “No, Zaar, I wish I still had those rules…. I wish I still had my family.” She took a deep breath.

    I still can’t get over that. I loved them.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, Zeyla. I just forgot-”

    “It’s fine. Please try not to bring it up again.”

    “Okay.” He seemed to study her for a moment, “You seem a little… different.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “You usually look and sound more… cheerful. But you seem less cheerful now.”

    “Well, you did just remind me of my family.”

    “Yes, but before that you were this way, and last night with Torius. Is something wrong?”

    “Well,” Zeyla paused for a moment as she studied him, “yeah something is wrong. Something’s been wrong ever since… since that night. And things haven’t gotten any better, I mean, I thought they were, but then things just get worse again. It’s been happening since… you know.”

    “So, did something bad happen yesterday? Zaarthius asked with a concerned look on his face.

    Zeyla sighed, “Yeah.”

    Once he realised that she wasn’t about to tell him what happened, Zaar asked “What happened?”

    Zeyla looked into this sweet, caring eyes, and said “I’ll… tell you later,” not wanting him to actually know what happened.

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yes, I’m sure,” she answered, knowing that it was probably a lie. “And I’m fine. As fine as I can be,” she added that last part quietly. Zaarthius didn’t appear to hear her.

    Zaar, you’re so nice. But you’re too shy to push me into telling you the truth. That’s not really a good thing, but in this case I’m glad.

    “Okay,” was all Zaarthius said in response.

    After a few moments of silence, Zeyla decided she had to say something. “I don’t think you’ve ever told me, do you have any siblings?”

    “Well, I do have an older brother, but he’s in Black Marsh.”

    “Why isn’t he here with you and your mother?”

    “He is old enough to be on his own, and he had good friends there, so he decided to stay. We send letters to him, though, and he always writes back.”

    “Well, that’s good at least. When my brother left, he wrote back for a while, but then he just stopped eventually. We haven’t heard from him since.”

    “Was he a… good brother?” Zaarthius asked carefully.

    “I can’t imagine a better one. I really miss him.”

    “I am sorry.”

    “It’s okay. I still had my sister, Layla, and now I have you and the others.”

    “I suppose things could be worse than they are.”

    “Yeah. That’s why I’m grateful to have you and the others, Zaar.”

    As soon as she said that, Zaarthius looked away, breaking their eye contact.

    “Zaar, is something wrong?”

    “Everything is... fine.”

    “Are you sure?”


    “If something were wrong, you would tell me, right?”

    “Of course.”

    “Okay. So are we allowed to go yet?”

    “I have to go ask Mother, but you could go ahead.”

    “No, I’m sticking with you today.”

    “Thank you. I’ll go ask if we can go.” He stood up and walked across the room to his mother. When he returned, he appeared a bit happier than before. “We can go now, if we want.”

    Zeyla nearly jumped out of her seat, but she settled for calmly standing up as she said “Then let’s go.”

    “Okay,” Zaarthius said as the two friends walked out the door.

    Outside, the sun lit up the sky, just visible over the jagged hills and trees. The sky was mostly cloudless, the only clouds there were resembled white wisps strung about the sky.

    Zeyla looked into her pouch to ensure she still had her journal. She closed the satchel, satisfied that it was resting safely in there and continued walking with Zaarthius.

    He noticed Zeyla looking through her bag, and asked “What is in there? If you don’t mind telling.”

    “Oh, just my journal, pen, and a few other things.”

    “I’ve seen you writing in your journal before. What do you write about?”

    “Well… it’s personal, it’s kind of like a diary. And you know you’re not supposed to ask someone about their diary,” she teased him.

    “Oh, I am sorry.”

    “I’m just kidding , Zaar,” she chuckled. “It’s fine. I might even let you read some, at some point.”

    “Oh, well thank you. Um, when did you start writing in it?”

    “Well, I only really started when… when Layla and I found a new home after… you know. But I got it when I turned sixteen, and I still write in it now. In fact, I just wrote some... last night.

    “Why do you sound sad when you speak of last night?”

    “I’m not sad about last night; I’m actually really happy I got to spend some quality time with Torius. It’s what happened before that, that makes me sad.”

    “So what happened then?”

    “I’m still not ready to tell you, yet.”

    “Oh, okay. That reminds me, yesterday Mister Desand was looking for you; he even asked me if I’d seen you.”

    “Really? I’ll go see him after we’re through, but we are not going to rush this. I like being with you.”

    “And I like being with you, and we haven’t really spent time together in a while.”

    “That’s why we’re here now. So what do you want to do now?”

    “I suppose we just talk.”

    “And go on a stroll through the forest.”


    “Then let’s head that way,” she said as they started walking in the direction of the forest, though they weren’t going anywhere in particular.

    “So,” Zaarthius began, “I suppose I should go ahead and tell you now; my mother and I are moving away soon.”

    “Zaar, why?”

    “We are going to visit my brother and stay for his wedding.”

    “He’s getting married…. Well, that’s good. But I’ll miss you. Do you know when you’re coming back?”

    “No, but we should be leaving in two days.”

    “Two days.” She thought for a moment about the date, “That’s when….”

    “When what?”

    “When the worst day of my life happened, last year.” The sadness in her face didn’t completely disappear, but a new idea brought a hint of excitement to her expression, “Zaar, I have an idea, follow me.”

    “Where are we going?”

    “To a nice spot, come on.” Zeyla swiftly changed direction as she walked deeper into the woods, with Zaarthius right behind her, not knowing where she was taking him.

    I had been resting in bed for a while when I heard a knock at the door. Layla and Brutus were inside. Layla was sitting close to me, and Brutus was doing something on the other side of the room; I couldn’t tell what, because we had the curtain pulled across to separate us. When she heard the knock, Layla went to the other side of the curtain to get the door. I could barely see Brutus also heading for the door through the open curtain before it closed.

    I heard the door open, and a man’s voice came from the other side. It was a voice I didn’t recognise. “Hallo, uh, are you the one who, um, fell into my trip?” He had a weird dialect, or at least not one I was used to hearing, and he seemed a bit nervous.

    “What?” Layla asked.

    “In the woods. It was, um, a bear trip, or it ‘peared to be.”

    “Why do you want to know?” Brutus said before Layla could answer.

    “Well, you see, the trip was not meant for a bear, even though I did use a bear trip. It was made for… something else, and it was… how do I put this? The trip contained a certain… poison.”

    “Poison!” Layla exclaimed. “What kind?”

    “One I made myself. Now, please tell me if it was you-”

    “My sister was caught in it.”

    “Yes, what is she and how old it she?”

    “She’s a sixteen year old human.”

    “Ooh, not good. Um, may I have a look at her?”

    “Uh, sure. She’s right back here.” The curtain flew aside to reveal Layla, Brutus, and the man.

    The man was a human with brown hair that had hints of grey. He was wearing an outfit made of fur; it looked home-made. He walked over to me, and I got especially nervous then.

    “Hallo, little gurl. Now, where is the spot?”

    “Spot?” I asked.

    “Where the trip got you.”

    “It’s on her left leg,” Layla answered for me. She pulled the blankets off of me and pointed at my left leg, which was on her right.

    The man looked at the scars that the bear trap had left. “Yas, I do balieve tha poison got to her.”

    “Do you have a cure?” Layla and Brutus asked, almost in unison.



    “Not with me, nor do I have one at home, but I do know how to make one. We just need the ingredients.”

    “Which are?” asked Brutus. It looked like Layla was going to ask too, but Brutus beat her to it.

    “Oh, yas, um….”


    “Well, most of tha ingredients we can get around the woods. One of ‘em I have to got from ma house; it shouldn’t take long. But… there is one… that we might have trouble getting.”

    “What do you mean by trouble?” Layla asked.

    “And what do you mean ‘we?’” Brutus demanded to know.

    “Well, I have to get one from ma house, and I can collect the rest, except fer one. You will have to get that one; to save time, that’s all.”

    “Okay, where is it?”

    “Tha only one ‘round here is in, um, a cave. Specifically, tha cave with the creature I’s trying to catch with the trip.”

    “So,” Brutus began, “you want us to go and kill that… thing for you, so we can get the cure? How do you know it’s even in there?”

    “I put it there, on accident. Well, on purpose, but before it moved in.”

    “And what exactly is this ‘creature’ you want?”

    “Well, as fer as I know, it doesn’t have a name. It’s a new! Either way, you need to get past it, somehow, to get the last ingredient.”


    “Just tell us what it is,” Layla interrupted Brutus.

    “Can do.”

    When Zeyla and Zaar had stopped to sit down, they were atop the hill that arose above the trees. They both sat down on the seft green grass, and Zeyla retrieved her journal from its spot in her satchel.

    “We,” she began, “haven’t known each other for very long; only for a little over a month, maybe. And because of that, we haven’t really been able to get to know each other as good as we could have if we’d known each other longer. And I… well,” she handed her journal to him, “I want you to read this. I thought it might help… us, in a way. Help you get to know me better, and then I can get to know you better. You can ask me questions if you want, and I’ll try to answer them.”

    Zaarthius accepted the book and opened it up to the first page. “Are you sure?” he asked.

    “Yes, I am.”

    “Okay. But I will warn you; I’m a slow reader.”

    “That’s fine.” Zeyla looked to the sky to find that it still was not quite noon yet. “We’ve got plenty of time.”

    Zaar looked back at the journal. “That was a year ago,” he said after a moment of reading.

    “Yeah, it was.”

    “What… did you look like back then?”


    “Did you look different than you do now?”

    “Oh, well, yeah, a little. My hair was longer, a lot longer; it used to go down to my waist. Now,” she gently ran her hand over a length of hair that rested on her shoulder, “it’s shorter.

    “Why did you cut it?”

    “Well, it got stuck on something, so a friend of mine cut it off. He could have done a better job at it, though. Anyway, afterwards I cut a bit more of to even it out.

    “And,” she continued, “I didn’t have all of these scars. Like,” she laid a hand on the side of her shoulder, right below a noticeable scar, “this one. I think I just got it cut on a rock or branch or something, I can’t quite remember. Then there’s this one, “she pointed at a series of deep scars on her lower leg.

    “How did you get that?”

    “My sister, her friend, and I were walking through a forest, picking up firewood. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going, when I stepped into a bear trap. The bigger problem is that is wasn’t being used to hunt a bear, and it was poisoned. They managed to find a cure for me, but the scar still hasn’t healed. I have a few other scars, and plenty of small cuts and bruised, but…. I don’t really want to talk about that right now. Just, please keep reading.”

    And that’s how their day continued. Zaar read Zeyla’s journal and Zeyla answered his questions for a while. They spent the rest of the day together, and the next day, doing all that they could together before they couldn’t any more.
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