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18+ Demons in the Dark

Discussion in 'Active Stories' started by Thesius, Jun 12, 2018 at 7:39 PM.

  1. Thesius

    Thesius The Imperial Paladin

    Sep 22, 2013
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    Every place has dark secrets. Some, are darker than others. Such is the case in this story. In the fiefdom of Anticlere, in the Breton homeland of Highrock, there once existed a noble house, of the name of Gravus. They dwelt in a grand castle, on top of a large cliff, overlooking a small hamlet. In the old days, the village was plagued by necromancers and other foul creatures. The house Gravus responded with a force of knights and men at arms, the lords of the castle leading many assaults themselves. For centuries, the battles continued, and house Gravus continued these wars against evil, even as the rest of the Breton people fought their petty wars of succession and conquest.

    The royal house lost many of its' people, and gained itself the enmity of dozens of necromancers, liches, and other foul creatures. For every noble warrior that fell in battle, the enemy gained a mindless minion. Eventually, their foes took the upper hand, pressing the noble house again and again- to the point of breaking. However, their end came not from without, but from within. One of the Gravus sons, fascinated with the occult, and necromantic arts, became ensnared. A night of summoning, terror, and bloodshed took place, and come the dawn, house Gravus was no more.

    The village below endured though, with necromancers and cultists using the peasant population for their dark rituals. The castle on the cliff became known among the commoners as Château de désespoir. As the decades passed the village and its castle became largely forgotten, and a forest sprang up around the castle and village. This is no normal forest, however, but a blighted place, filled with darkness, and foul, mutated beings, that prey on foolish hunters or merchants. The village has become a place under siege, with palisades and high wooden walls. The castle above became a cursed place, where screams of agony and mad cackling can be heard on moonless nights.

    Shortly after the end of the civil war, a Breton lord, naming himself as the lost descendant of the Gravus family appeared. He waits in the city of Crossmore, south of the village, and has sent out an announcement: Any who help him reclaim his ancient home and purge the surrounding lands of evil will be rich beyond their dreams.

    This is a grand opportunity for the brave, foolish, greedy,and desperate. However, there is no guarantee these mercenaries, adventurers, and 'heroes' will be able to overcome what lurks in the woods, and the villagers have become less and less trusting of outsiders, due to their years of bitter strife.


    Important NPCs'

    Lord Jonathan Gravus, head of the expedition
    Gavin Feller, Master of Coin
    Tollis Thraen, advisor to lord Gravus

    (standard npc dialogue colour.)


    Thesius :
    Pyrus Vanius and Jysella Vanius

    EpicVakarian : Kira Woodsley

    Specter of Death :

    Madrar : Aldrem Dane

    TheDreamerverse : Breyrenna Ferrow

    Signus : Andros Haorsson

    Screeching Spasmodically : Khajira

    TheArgonianDrell : Sothas Abrium and Aylira Taliir

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  2. Thesius

    Thesius The Imperial Paladin

    Sep 22, 2013
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    Pyrus Vanius, sitting on bench of the wagon they'd hired to take them to the Breton town of Crossmore, grunted as the wheel struck a rut in the road, and sent the impact up through the floor. Across from him, his younger sister, Jysella Vanius, glanced out at the driver. It was the fifth day of their journey that had started at the Paladins' headquarters in Cyrodiil. The journey had been uneventful, mostly. A few random bandit attacks, of course, but that was to be expected.

    The war had just ended a few months ago, and hundreds of soldiers had come home from Skyrim. Most simply returned home and reunited with their family and friends and lived their lives. Not everyone was like that, however. Some men, once they'd started fighting and killing, they were unable to do anything else. Or worse, they found they enjoyed killing, and decided to continue doing so,along with robbery and rape. Neither Pyrus nor Jysella had hesitated in giving the latter type of men their just rewards.

    Sitting across from him, Jysella stared off into space, the fingers of her left hand drumming against her thigh. She was restless. They both were, but Jysella had always been the more fidgety of the two. She caught his stare, and her fingers stilled. His sister turned to the driver, who has humming softly to himself as they made their way along the road to Crossmore. "How much farther, driver?"

    "Not long now, ma'am. You can see Crossmores' tower from here, see?" The man pointed at something in the distance. The man took a deep breath a looked up at the sky, "Aye, you can be sure the town will be busy today. Weather means the fishermen will be coming in with boatfuls of fresh catch."

    Jysella thanked the man and leaned back against the side of the wagon. As the driver had said, it was not long before they were at the gates of the town. Pyrus dropped a heavy sack of coin in the mans' waiting hand, and hopped out, glad to have his feet on the ground again. With one hand, he adjusted the hammer at his belt, the other shifting his shield so he could comfortably carry it and his pack. The gates of Crossmore were open, allowing entrance to any who wished to do so. The scent of sea water and fish that had been left too long in the sun reached the pair on a light breeze.

    "Now all we have to do is find this lord Gravus." Pyrus stated as they entered the town itself. The driver had not lied about the chaos in the town. People were out in large groups, eager to get their supper, and, Pyrus suspected, curious about this lord Gravus, if he was indeed somewhere in the town. Jysella brandished a carefully folded piece of parchment.

    "We're to go to the town square. He'll be waiting for us." She informed her brother.

    The paladins of Arkay let themselves be carried along by the crowd, until they reached the town square. It had, for lack of a better word, been conquered. Standards flying a silver crescent moon on a field of blue were at each corner. Soldiers in the same livery stood nearby, carefully watching the crowds. Several pavilions had been set up, a couple which had tables covered in food, as if some great feast was expected. In the very center was a large tent, its' inhabitants hidden from view, but guarded by half a dozen heavily armed and armoured men.

    "I assume that is where we'll find the lord." Pyrus guessed, nodding towards the tent. With Jysella beside him, the pair made a beeline for the tent entrance. When they were less than a few metres away, the guards crossed their halberds, blocking access.

    "State your business!" One man, presumably a captain, ordered.

    "Pyrus and Jysella Vanius. We are here on behalf of the paladins of Arkay, to assist lord Gravus in reclaiming his home." Pyrus announced.

    The captain bade them to wait, and he entered the tent. Leaning close so that only Pyrus could hear her, Jysella murmured
    "he certainly takes his security seriously."

    "As the last of his line, he may be right to be cautious." Pyrus said back, just as the guard captain emerged from the tent.
    "His lordship, Jonathan Gravus, will receive you now." The guards lifted their weapons, allowing the two imperials passage. The interior of the tent was dimly lit by several candles, held by candelabra stationed at the corners of the tent. A table, nearly the width of the interior, was a little further in, covered in scraps of parchment, inkwells, used and fresh quills, and an old map. Beside the map was a tattered looking book, with no clue given as to what it was.

    Leaning over the map was a young looking breton man, dark haired and clean shaven. His bearing hinted that he knew how to use the sword at his hip. He wore a rich burgundy tunic, but plain pants, that had clearly seen travel recently. A ring graced his right hand.
    "Welcome!" The man exclaimed, face lighting up in a genuine seeming smile. " I, am lord Jonathan Gravus. Head of the expedition to reclaim my ancestral estate. It means much to me that you have come, noble paladins."

    The siblings exchanged glances, taken aback by the lords enthusiasm. Both bowed at the waist, "we are, of course, at your service, lord Gravus." Jysella said.

    " I am relieved to hear it. Allow me to introduce my companions, Gavin Feller, my master of coin, " a corpulent man bedecked in jewelery smiled and nodded at the pair. "And Tollis Thraen, my dear friend and advisor." The second man was extremely thin and dressed in plain robes. His gaunt face was framed by graying hair. In one hand, he clutched an intricately carved staff. The mage inclined his head fractionally. "Now, please, take some rest. We can discuss the details of the trip once the rest of our companions arrive. Food and drink await you outside."

    The pair of paladins bowed once more, before retreating from the tent.
    "He seemed nice." Jysella noted, as they headed for the shade of one of the pavillions. "Agreed. I just hope our 'companions' will not seek to take advantage of his kindness."

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  3. Madrar

    Madrar The Shadow in the Dark.

    Jun 10, 2012
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    Aldrem Dane approached Crossmore on foot. His horse had been shot out from under him the day before, victim of a bandit ambush. The would-be murderers presented little challenge to the experienced swordsman. His seeking of a challenge was what had lead him to the town in the first place. What little he'd heard of this 'lord Gravus' and his expedition, sounded like it would be full of dangers. And perhaps, Aldrem would finally find an opponent worthy of his skill. The lords' cause seemed noble enough, though the imperial had never heard of house Gravus before, but that was to be expected. He'd only been to High Rock a few times in his life, and most of those he'd been more concerned with tournaments involving skill at arms, rather than rumours that popped up in dark tavern corners.

    The imperial ran a hand through his short dark hair, as a cool, gentle breeze came from the ocean. The rumours of Gravus' expedition hadn't exactly specified where in Crossmore he'd be, but Aldrem suspected the lord would be out in the open. If a lord wanted to attract mercenaries and adventurers, it would behoove him to set up shop somewhere obvious. With that in mind, the imperial started forward, easily slipping through the crowd of people. Most, he assumed were local, dressed in simple clothes and headed, for the most part, the same way Aldrem himself was. Looking over the heads of the crowd, he noticed several standards, shifting in the wind. A silver crescent on blue. Almost certainly not local then, if the murmurs of the townsfolk were to be believed.

    The closer he got, the more thicker the crowd grew, their curiosity compelling them to investigate. As he broke free of the press of bodies, Aldrem saw the reason for the gathering. Several pavilions, most providing shade for soldiers that shared the same livery as the standards, were placed in the town square. By one of them, a pair of imperials stood, engaged in conversation. Their gear indicated that they weren't with the group of soldiers present int the square. A large tent, heavily guarded, hinted at Gravus' location. The imperial made for the tent, but when he was a few paces away, the guards, six in total, barred his way with their halberds. One of them, Dane guessed a captain, demanded his business.

    "I come to offer my sword arm to lord Gravus. I heard he was looking for adventurers to join his expedition."

    The man ordered him to wait, so he did, locking gazes with each of the remaining five guards, mentally calculating the most efficient way to kill them. The guardsmen stared blankly back at him, doubtless doing the same. It was nothing personal, of course. Neither Aldrem nor the soldiers knew each other. It was something that went through the mind of every warrior, at first meeting. Several moments later, the captain came back and told him to step inside. Aldrem strolled easily past the soldiers, moving the tent flap aside, and stepping inside.

    A trio of men stood around a wide table. An older man, standing to the right, was so thin he appeared skeletal. The staff in his hand, along with the robes he wore, indicated he was a mage. On the left was a man that, physically, at least, the mages opposite. Clearly well fed, and if the rings on his fingers were any indication, more than a little wealthy. The center man, however, had a warriors build, despite the rich tunic he wore. He smiled, seeming perfectly pleased to have an armed stranger not three metres from him. "Welcome to Crossmore, sir. Might we know your name?"

    Aldrem bowed, before answering "Aldrem Dane. I assume you are lord Gravus?"

    "Yes. My companions are Tollis Thraen and Gaven Feller, my advisor and master of coin respectively."

    "A swordsman." The man who'd been introduced as Gaven Feller remarked, "how...unique." There was a hint of sarcasm to his tone.

    "Begging your pardon, sir, but every swordsman is unique. Each has a different style of fighting, unique as different gemstones, for comparison." Aldrem stated.

    "Indeed," lord Gravus agreed, "I am sure you'll have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills on our expedition. For now, please avail yourself of the refreshment outside. There are a pair of paladins you may wish to make the acquaintance of. "

    "As you wish, my lord." Aldrem bowed again, and left the tent, making a direct line for the shade of the pavilion where his two fellow imperials stood. "Greetings. Aldrem Dane, of Cyrodiil. You must be the paladins lord Gravus mentioned." Spotting a goblet of wine sitting on the long table nearby, he seized it, following Gravus' suggestion.
  4. TheDreamersverse

    TheDreamersverse Brit Fahiil Vahdin

    Aug 1, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Pulling the hood of her cloak further down, covering her face, Breyrenna snuck by all the townspeople of Crossmore. More or less wishing she could just push them out of her way would it not have brought to much unwanted attention to her. Ever if she had left the group, she still found herself acting like she was a criminal. Hiding from the public eye, and those of Guards alike. She had heard of this Lord Gravus and his 'noble quest' to reclaim his home completely by chance while she was sitting at an inn she overheard a conversation about the unheard of Lord requiring help in the reclaiming of his home. She then decided that she would come to Crossmore and find the Lord Gravus and inlist to help the man. After all, she knew what it felt like to lose a home, plus she was in dire need of coin. And where Lords are, coin flows. Halting her inner monologue she notices a rather large tent, and starts towards it at a brisk pace. She passed a table with with three people sitting on it, two of them seemed to be Paladins, the third a swordsman. Breyrenna then shook her head of the thoughts and dicked inside the tent. Three men were standing around a cluttered table, clearing her throat to announce her arrival she said to the men, "I assume one you you is Lord Gravus," the young Breton man was the one who answered her "Yes indeed, I am Lord Jonathan Gravus, it is a pleasure to meet you. Now is there anything I could do for you Miss?" Such manners, well what was to be expected from a Lord. She looked to his companions before she answered. "I have heard that you were in need of people to help you reclaim your home. I would like to offer my services to you Lord, if you would have my help that is." The young lord looked her over, though she may not have looked like much under her dark leather armor she was mostly muscle. The Lord seemed to be in deep though, and Breyrenna was sure he was about to turn her away when he finally replied "yes, I think you will do nicely. Please help yourself to some food and meet your companions for it will be a long journey. You might have seen them on your way in two Paladin siblings and a swordsman. I suggest you go meet them." "Of course my Lord." She replied and bowed deeply before she turned and walked out of the tent, rolling her eyes as soon as she was sure he wouldn't see. "Great now I go 'make friends' with the others chosen to help with this so called quest." She quickly noticed said warriors and made her way towards them. She only heard the last part of their conversation though. "You must be the Paladins, Lord Gravus mentioned." Said the swordsman, Breyrenna then took this as her chance to sit beside the man. "Yes, you must be the swordsman. My name is Breyrenna Farrow, it's a pleasure to meet you all."

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