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Custom Race Idea: The Arcanoids [INCOMPLETE]

Discussion in 'General Skyrim Discussion' started by ElectiveToast, Nov 8, 2018.


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  1. ElectiveToast

    ElectiveToast Nice and Toasted

    Nov 8, 2018
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    Hello everyone! I hope today finds you well. I've had this race on my mind for a while now, and I wish to share the idea with you all. If it is received well, and greenlighted by the mods, we might be able to RP as this race. I'll use a format similar to the RP section's character introductions.

    Race name: Arcanoids

    Race Type: Human...... ish.

    Race Specialization: Magic

    Racial Appearance: Slender and lanky builds, pale skin with brightly colored hair and eyes. The color of hair and eyes depends on the school of each Arcanoid. There are six schools of Arcanoid for each of the six schools of magic.

    Racial Bonuses and Drawbacks: Arcanoids are incredibly magically proficient, even beyond Altmer and Bretons. However, and individual Arcanoid only has the mental capability for one school of magic. The six different schools of Arcanoids are as follows.

    - Destructive Arcanoids: Their spellcraft revolves around charging elemental energies used to eliminate threats or destroy surroundings. These are often the footsoldiers and guardsmen of Arcanoid society. Their color is red.

    - Alterative Arcanoids: Their spellcraft revolves around manipulating their physical surroundings and their properites. These comprise the backbone of Arcanoid society, taking on menial tasks that other schools would shy away from. In combat, they substitute their lack of offensive magic by taking on the role of warriors and shock troopers. Their color is orange.

    - Restorative Arcanoids: Their spellcraft revolves around healing the ailed and wounded, banishing Deadra, and turning back the undead. Ironically, they are also skilled in poison craft. They serve as medicinaries and rank-and-file clergymen in Arcanoid society. Their color is yellow.

    - Illusory Arcanoids: Their spellcraft revolves around crontolling the minds of other creatures and bending their will. Within Arcanoid society, they serve as spies and agents for the Patriarch. In combat, they can confuse enemies into attacking each other or command animals into battle, as well as bolstering the ferocity of the other troops. Their color is green.

    - Conjurative Arcanoids: Their spellcraft revolves around summoning the Deadra, raising the dead, and summoning weapons to their aid. In comat, they are often tacticians and suppliers of auxillary troops. In society, they are often higher-ranking clergy. Their color is blue.

    - Mystic Arcanoids: Their spellcraft revolves around manipulating the world's magical attributes and "mastering the rifts" of magicka itself. In society, they are the rarest and considered the most sacred of the six schools of Arcanoid. They serve as generals of their war efforts, and the highest of the clergy. Their color is purple.

    Of the schools, Alterative and Destructive Arcanoids are the most common, Restorative and Illusory Arcanoids are somewhat rare, Conjurative Arcanoids are rare, and Mystic Arcanoids are very rare. That is, within each congregation of Arcanoids.

    Other attributes and drawbacks:

    Arcanoid blood is different from the blood of other creatures. Rather than being a dark red fluid, it is instead a gooey, sparkling, and translucent fluid colored according to their school. This blood also gives them a tint to their pale skin. It is also from their blood which they derive their profound magical power, meaning that an Arcanoid that has suffered a lot of damage will be less effective at their spells.

    Each Arcanoid is immune to enemy spells within their school, only serving to feed their magicka reserves. A fireball at a Destructive Arcanoid will only feed their magicka, a posion rune on a Restorative Arcanoid only feeds their magicka, etc.

    Temperament of the Arcanoids: Cold, enigmatic, calculating, apethetic, amoral. Not necessarily evil, but not able to comprehend the conundrums or perceptions of the dichotomy between good and evil. They are, in essence, robots.

    Any questions anyone has before I dive into the lore?
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