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Custom made equipment

Discussion in 'General Skyrim Discussion' started by SkyrimShark85, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. SkyrimShark85

    SkyrimShark85 New Member

    May 27, 2018
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    I have a decent process for creating powerful gear for your character. First, I will save enough gold to buy breezehome in Whiterun so you have a place to stash your crafting materials. Next, I will max out the alchemy skill, which will give you a pretty big amount of profit when you sell your created potions, and select all the perks on the alchemy skill tree so you can create the best potions you can. Then, I will max out the enchanting skill and select all the perks on it. You can do this easily if you make the non enchanted items at the blacksmith first. I usually make leather bracers to do this, and you will need about 250 of them to max out the enchanting skill. Make sure you have learned the fortify alchemy and fortify smithing enchantments, and you use the grand soul gems to make a helmet, gloves, ring and necklace of fortify alchemy, which will be at 25 percent. Make 3 or 4 potions of fortify alchemy, then you can use them to make gear of fortify alchemy at 28 percent. Do the same thing again, and make sure you have the extra effect perk, and make sure you have a non enchanted circlet and a falmer helmet, (you can wear both at the same time) and make your gear with the fortify alchemy and fortify smithing enchantments, which will allow you to create a 37 percent enchanting potion and a 147 percent smithing potion. You make the alchemy skill legendary and get the perks back, then max out the smithing skill and use all the perks on the smithing skill. Use your created smithing potions to improve your gear on top of the perks you have on your equipment, then do the same with the enchanting potions to improve your desired enchantments for your gear. You make those skills legendary to get your perk points back, which you can use on your desired skills. I always use this process, and usually when I'm finished I am already more than a level 50 character and only completed about 8 or 9 quests, and my daedric greatsword alone is worth more than a house.
  2. DdraigGwyn

    DdraigGwyn Cymru

    Jan 4, 2012
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    I would suggest it is quicker to get Azura's star and a weapon with Soutrap; then hunt bandits. After every death use the star to recharge the weapon and watch Enchanting grow!
    For Smithing, as soon as you can make Dwarven armor (Halted Stream and Kolskeggr) : raid Nchuand-Zel with a follower acting as a mule. This yields enough metal to make ~200 improved bows which can then be enchanted. Since Nchuand-Zel respawns very quickly, repeating this gets you up in both fields really fast.
  3. JoeReese

    JoeReese Well-Known Member

    Sep 14, 2012
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    Just one point there. If you're hunting humanoids, far more abundant than mammoths) then you want the black star. Find it in Ilinalta's deep, like normal, but take it to Nelacar, rather than back to Azura's shrine. That will make it considerably easier to keep charged.

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