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Creation Kit hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by KritikalPT, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. KritikalPT

    KritikalPT I have two weapons, "Sarcasm" and "Irony"

    Apr 1, 2012
    Here are a few basic hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to help you manipulate the camera and the objects when fiddling with the Creation Kit. Hopefully it'll be as useful as it was to me.

    Camera manipulation:

    Scrolling - Mouse wheel

    Small zoom - Hold V
    This one will make the camera zoom slower and smoother.

    Panning - Click MMB (Middle Mouse Button)

    Rotate camera - Shift

    Snap view - Shift + F
    As long as you have an object selected and you use that shortcut, it'll instantly focus on it. Useful when you get lost in the void, or just want to get back to where you were, just remember to have an object selected.

    Cycle camera - C
    It'll cycle through some default camera positions in relation to the object selected.

    Top-down view - T

    Toggle markers - M
    This will make markers, such as character position and actions, for example, appear or disappear to facilitate editing whatever you're working on.

    Object manipulation:

    Move object - Click-drag LMB (Left Mouse Button)

    Move on axis - LMB + X/Y/Z
    You can move the object on a specific axis.

    Drop object - F
    This will make the selected object drop to the next collision surface, in case you lifted it from the ground and want to set it perfectly on the ground again.

    Move object faster - Arrow keys
    Pretty self-explanatory, allows you to move your object quickly.

    Move object faster on axis - Arrows keys + X/Y/Z
    Same thing as the previous one, but on a specific axis.

    Rotate object - RMB (Right Mouse Button)

    Rotate on axis - RMB + X/Y/Z

    Scale object - LMB + S
    Word of advice: don't make items too big or too small, keep it reasonable, otherwise it'll ruin their textures.

    Duplicate - Ctrl + D

    Gizmos are visual aids to help you manipulate the objects you want with more precision.

    Movement gizmo - E
    This is the only gizmo that has "planes", where you can click and drag with the LMB to move on two axis at the same time, instead of just one.

    Rotation gizmo - W

    Scaling gizmo - 2
    While it does have planes, it's not a specific scaling, as in, scaling only one part of the object, whilst the rest is the same, instead, it's uniform scaling.

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