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Private Compromised Divinity

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by CapObvious, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. CapObvious

    CapObvious A Rotten Scroungeral

    Mar 29, 2013
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    Masterminded by: CapObvious and Hlif'Ulfr

    The inn was silent, bereft of any movement as the old man spoke. His words weaved around them like the warmth from the fireplace positioned behind him, warming them all both in body and in spirit. The people watched in a silent curiosity, the wisdom the man had begun to impart intriguing them. The man had let loose whispers of a secret threat, something lingering in the dark that awaited the perfect moment. Whether they believed him or not, they listened regardless, ready to see what the old man was all about.

    “War. The world always seems to be at war. Seemed like yesterday it was simply man against elf. Dominion against Empire. One group of supremacists demanding the other fall to their superiority, to declare their supremacy. It was always the same. Dullards too big for their silken robes, overtaken by greed, pride, what have you. Always wanting more. Though the days of the great war are long past, another cause has risen. Another banner raised in stark defiance, another wave of fresh-faced lads and ladies rushed to their early graves for squabbles that had resulted from the war before. Should this man who had ascended above the others be proclaimed a god, or is his claim of divinity a farce?

    Then another query rises to greet the first. Does it truly matter? It’s only an excuse to spill more blood and weaken an already belabored people, draw them further into submission to those who would come to overtake us when we are down, kick us when we show them our fragility, when the fight has been stripped from us and we are broken. Is there no end to this? Is war all there is in this life? A constant struggle to attain more, whether it be knowledge, wealth, or even power. Surely this cannot be all we are here to create.

    Though the evidence only proves this fear to be a fact.

    Even now, while this war for “independence” is waged on Skyrim’s already weathered soil, there is something drawing upon the chaos it sows. This force does not wear the face of any enemy our world has faced before. This is no man, no elf and no beast. At least, not any longer. It and the dark forces it commands are growing in strength while our people are instead fighting one another. Focused on such minor offenses when the world is in grave danger! It’s shadow creeps over us now as we sit in this infernal den of iniquity. A great creature, created from a pact with the devils we fear. Grown to immense strength, then cast aside when the gods themselves drew back in utter horror at the monstrosity they had created. He is here! Now! Listening to our every word, drawing his strength from our division, building his army in the shadows while we are busy floundering in the light! Our focus deterred from the true threat to us as a people while he waits for his moment to strike! Surely there must be someone who can see that we are in terrible-”

    “Quiet you old fool. That’s more than enough of your fear mongering. You’re scaring the children.” The stubborn old man heard from behind him, causing him to turn aggressively to it’s source from behind the inn’s counter. As his eyes caught the face of the owner’s torchlit visage, his eyes tightened with a pronounced squint, not a word spoken while the woman continued to allay any concern he had attempted to put into the people who had gathered around him, clinging to his every word. “There is no great creature among us. Just a codger who wants to scam you out of your hard earned septims. Ignore him, go back to your drinking, let this old bastard talk himself to death alone.”

    The old man let loose a great harumph as he stood to his feet uncharacteristically, the chair once beneath him quickly scraping across the floor behind him. His hands dropped to his waist in clenched fists, his brow bent into a darkened scowl.

    “I will not be spoken of as if I am a fool! The creature is real! He is alive and well, ready to feast upon our souls, devour our flesh, and rise to rival any god you and your hoodlum friends whisper to before you slumber. He is coming to destroy us all. Just. You. Wait.” This warning was once again ignored, the people who had once listened intently now going back to their business, their interest in the old man’s story long since forgotten. He grumbled fiercely beneath his breath, grabbing his satchels and storming toward the tavern door. As he reached the door he stopped short, his hand inches from the door handle. With a grunt he spun on his heel, turning to look out among those who had dismissed him so easily, clearly not finished with them.

    His voice rang out through the den as he passed, the words he spit out with such indignation bringing a chill to those who listened.

    “Fools. The lot of you. Even now as the world falls around your feet, you will wait until you are crushed beneath the rubble before you take heed the words of your elders. Typical. We will see, when the creature along with his vast legions that he will soon command, will be picking the flesh of those same fearful children from their teeth with your bones.” Before another word could be said the man turned and left, the bitter cold that the inn had all but halted once again wakening the drunken louts who were now chuckling at the man’s last words.

    How foolish they would feel, when they found that the man’s silly tales were instead prophecy. That as they drew upon their company and their ale, each laugh and word they shared amongst them would be their last. For as the world around them flowed like every day before, something stirred in the depths intent upon shattering the balance, ready to finally lay claim to the world it had promised itself, and then been denied by those who had feared it.

    The creatures arrival was nigh, and his first lesson would be swift. Those who dare mock, or deny him the respect he has long deserved, will feel his wrath upon them as he dashes them against the stones, then again, as he ground their bones to dust.

    They would soon know the name of this creature, and with it, soon know the true meaning of fear.

    And with that, Welcome to Compromised Divinity!
    Please note that this rp will contain adult themes, such as blood, violence, death and much more. That said, reader discretion is advised, and we suggest that only those of the ages 18 and above peruse this content.

    And now, a word from our lovely authors:

    Hello all! This roleplay is a collaborative effort between myself and Hlif'Ulfr. As such, while we appreciate any interest in the story, we are not currently, nor will we ever be, looking for any additional writers or characters to fill any gaps or roles. While I’m sure your lovely paladin is just fantastic for this, or you know this one writer who made this sick mage you may or may not have created a fanclub for, we simply are uninterested in having anyone else join us in this venture. Any and all attempts to include yourself in this journey will be met with fierce resistance, including, but not limited to, close proximity dramatic screaming, being chased from our lawn by a freaky Gramos, or being subjected to wee-woos of the amberlamps until your ears bleed. We are not responsible for any physical harm brought upon you by these horrific responses, as warning was indeed given up top. You signed the waver, you paid the fee. IT’S ON YOU. That being said, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy reading our latest turmoil-riddled adventure.

    Character List:


    Dolmas Hlerayn
    Falco Loran
    Na'ima at-Akim
    Sebastian Laurent

    Cosset Beaulieu
    Etheril "Ther" Matius
    "Sera" Naide Sil Ka’im

    Small note: This is the IC thread, not the OOC. If anyone has something to say about the rp, please do so in pm, to avoid cluttering the IC thread. Thank you.

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    #1 CapObvious, Apr 19, 2017
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