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Child of Skyrim

Discussion in 'In-Progress Mods' started by Jasmo, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Jasmo

    Jasmo I love children but I could never eat a whole one.

    Jan 30, 2014
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    I'm going to post a very short synopsis of a very large idea for a mod. I'm not sure how plausible it would be to execute the idea(I'm sure with enough time it could eventually come to be) but I want to throw it out there anyways.
    Child of Skyrim​

    It has always bothered me that you start out in Skyrim as an adult with literally zero skills. Sure, you may have some racial bonuses here and there but, they really aren't much. It's as if you have lived your entire life sheltered in a town or village and have never done a hard day's work or did any exploration/hunting of any kind. Like you were kidnapped from your moral, comfortable, unassuming life and plopped into relative chaos.

    I know people have made back stories for their characters but, has anyone ever gone as deep as a thorough childhood? Where they grew up, what they did? Wouldn't a mage child have a little more experience casting spells and a thief child a little more experience picking pockets?

    • What I would like to do is create this childhood mod, starting with playing as a 15 year old. I've got broad and specific ideas and concepts and yes, it would mean you start out picking a 'class'. I have come up with six different childhoods and because of this the mod would be rather large and extensive, including a few new skills and skill trees.The conclusion of the mod would be the start of the original game complete with accumulated skills and perks.

    If this mod were able to come to light many things would be needed including voice actors and experienced mod makers and lots of time.The time would be spent making entirely new character bases and clothes/items for those characters. Also the scripting, voice acting, coding, etc.

    Unfortunately I am just a writer in all of this and the actual mod would depend on that aforementioned experienced mod maker(s).

    I would love to learn how to make smaller mods, like my previous post, so that I could either take on this larger mod and/or make other small mods in the future. Any help/ideas from experienced mod makers would be very much welcomed.

    If you are a mod maker and are interested in this idea let me know, I would be more than happy to share my thoughts and ideas.

    Also- if this idea is outside the realm of possibility I wouldn't mind reading the reasons. ;)

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