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Info Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by NikolaTesla, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Deadpool.

    Deadpool. OG Forum member

    Jan 7, 2013
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    NAME: Wilheim
    CLASS: Knight/Cleric/Sorcery
    RACE: Non-Nordic/White Other
    ALIGNMENT: Sunlight Warriors
    HOBBY: Drinking Estus for good health and praising the sun

    Looks: 6 foot 5 inches, blonde bowl cut hair, sharp features, muscular.

    Ring for fast stamina regeneration, A ring for increased carrying capacity and HP, a ring that increases magic damage and a ring that increases lightening damage

    Estus flasks (for health regeneration), souls as currency, a talisman that prevents health regeneration when thrown at someone, a powder that when out on a weapon gives it the ability to give lightening damage.

    Magic used:
    Crystal magic weapon (applies sharp crystalline shards and gives the weapon an ability to do extra bleed and magic damage), great crystal spear (a spell that produces a crystalline projectile that does magic damage), sunlight spear (a thrown bolt of thunder)

    Manslayer- a 4 foot katana, wielded in an Eastern fashion, has bleed damage
    Aged Smelter sword- a HUGE greatsword, with a demonic look; it has a fiery blue glow that does magic damage
    Smelter Sword- the aged smelter sword but with a fiery glow, does fire damage
    Sunlight shield- a round shield that is good for parrying, and has the symbol of the sun

    Armour of the sun
    Helm of the sun
    Gauntlets of the sun
    leggings of the sun

    Long ago in lands far from Skyrim, Wilheim lived a life as a warrior of sunlight, he was a family man with a wife and two kids. Unfortunately something started happening to people, spreading over time like a disease. A black ring appeared on the back of Wilheim, it was the mark of the curse. The bearer of the curse would forget everything- their family, their ambitions when hollowed, roaming the earth as an undead, searching for souls to keep themselves going. Wilheim set off on a journey to the kingdom of Drangeic. Keeping his allegiance to the covenant of sunlight warriors and fought on to keep himself from going completely hollow, keeping his memories of family and ambition. Wilheim fought many demons and other undead for his weapons. But never gave up his uniform and allegiance to his covenant. One day he decided to slumber by a birds nest that had bought him to a far away land. He walked for weeks before finding a settlement- riften, famished for food and seeking guidance he came to the inn.

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  2. Championne Ignisiel

    Championne Ignisiel New Member

    Sep 7, 2018
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    Name: Ignisiel Ferdona
    Race: Nord/Dark Elf
    Age: 28
    Height/Weight: 5’9/202 lbs
    Class: Assassin (Mage/Thief)

    Appearance: A tall, slim-but-muscular, charcoal colored man. Short hair, stands up in the front with short, thick beard. Inner iris is red, the outside iris blue, mixing for a ring of purple. A piece of the left ear the size of a nickel missing (from an arrow and covered with a red mage hood). Wears a leather cuirass and pants with leather boots. Silver rings and necklace accompanying his figure. When being the sneaky man he is, he equips a dragon priest mask.

    Personality: A Silver-Tongued charmer. Soft spot for women and children. Will not tolerate any form of abuse, will become violent. Though he has a flirty front, he is always looking and analyzing everyone and everything.

    Abilities: Uses mainly an ancient Nordic Bow, enchanted with fear. The bow was passed down by the patriarch of the Ferdona’s (a dark elf clan). His destruction magic abilities allow for him to lay down rune mines. Illusion magic renders him invisible, as well as allowing people to be deceived by false images. A dragon priest mask boosts his destruction magic.

    Summary: Ignisiel Ferdona is the child of Asba Ferdona (Third Son of the Ferdona clan) and Juline Bearlow (Recently deseased resident of Falkreath). As the Ferdona family has banned the relation between Dark Elves and any other race, Ignisiel was sentenced to exile at age 6.

    Before the exile, Asba told him of his mother; a strong, hardy women from Falkreath. After his birth, the house they had was set on fire. The wicked deed done by the patriarch of the Ferdonas. Juline did not survive the fire, and his father was sentenced to death not long after.

    Ignisiel, new to the wilderness, stumbled through the plains, fell down mountains, and chased by animals. Hate for his family had taken his heart captive. After 5 years of living in the wild, he grew accustomed to the environment. Eating berries, killing small game, and stealing from weary travelers.

    3 AM, Ignisiel witnessed a woman dressed in black, riding a horse as black and wicked as night. He followed her back to a door, ominous and silent. As he approached the door, it asked him a question.

    “What is the music of life?”

    Confused, he stares at the door. He stares for hours, trying to think of an answer. The door opens, standing behind was the same woman he had seen riding by. As his conscience fades, she whispers:

    “Do you have a wish? A wish that a life would be taken from someone who has wronged you? Do not wish, but act. The Night Mother awaits...”

    A small window in the storage room opens. A slender figure slips in. Sneaking through the estate, not making a sound, the figure reaches the room he had been searching for. Opening the door, a man lay asleep in a grand bed. A faint red glow emits from the bow laying next to the sleeping man. A dagger is raised, point dripping with hate and murderous thoughts.

    “Good bye, Patriarch...”
  3. thaioden the nord

    Apr 8, 2015
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    Name: Fa’sien
    Age: 69
    Race: Khajiit
    Height: 6’7”
    Weight: 260
    Class: spell sword

    Looks: he has white fur mottled with black and brown, he has massive scars on the left side of his face from numerous battles during the Great War, which caused him to lose his left eye. He is extremely tall and bulky for his race, at 6’7 he towers over most of his family in Elsweyr; and while weighing in at 260, he is anything but fat, his shear size commands attention when he enters a room. Even for being as large as he is, he is every bit as graceful, nimble, and silent as just about every other member of his race.

    Personality: while there is still animosity toward the Aldmeri Dominion, he stays generally positive. The white gold concordance left a very bitter taste in his mouth, as well as being treated like a criminal after it was signed, causing him to migrate to the uncomfortable climes of Skyrim. While still pining for the much warmer sands of Elsweyr, he has come to enjoy the odd customs of the local nords, as well as all of the mischief of the region in general.

    Fighting Style: Fa’sien has developed his own highly unorthodox( and in some circles, frowned upon) yet overtly effective style of combat, combining both destructive magic and sword play. He started showing an affinity and skill for magic at a young age, and chose to hone the talent while still showing great skill with blades, and there by combined both skills into a beautiful, yet extremely deadly, and wholly unique style.
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  4. AndrewTEM

    AndrewTEM Member

    Dec 22, 2018
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    Name: Qa'bil
    Age: Unknown
    Sex: Male
    Race: Khajiit
    Class: Unknown (Freelancer)

    Appearance: Although he is often seen with a mask or helm covering all but his eyes, he has pale white fur with pitch black war paint covering the entire left side of his face. Average build and weight, with pale blue slit-eyes and a battle scar crossing over his left eye, however it is unharmed.

    Personality: Qa'bil is generally known to not speak often, but he still tries to be a loyal and valuable asset when it comes to combat, whether it be with defence of offense. However when he does fight, his style, weapon, and even armour choices can switch constantly, from sneaky and far ranged with light armour, to up close and personal combat with heavy and hard armour.

    Backstory: There is no way of telling who he was or what he did in his past, all that can be relied on is the rumours of the random townsfolk...
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  5. Stone99

    Stone99 New Member

    Jan 12, 2019
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    Name: Hamelyn Swet

    Race: Breton

    Class: Conjurer/Cultist

    Gender: Male

    Age: Around 30, from his appearance.

    Looks: 5'10", sort of scrawny, with pale skin and short, dark hair along with a trimmed beard. Blue eyes with more bags underneath them than Sanguine has realms in Oblivion. Typical cultish, evil-acolyte-prepping-a-sacrifice attire.
    Personality: Ham is rather flighty, having joined up with and subsequently abandoned several dark cabals over the years. Somehow, no survivors from any of those groups are ever found to tell about him, and if asked about his involvement in that sort of thing he will vehemently deny it. He tends to be standoffish and mostly sticks to plain, simple and polite answers to questions, although the tone of his voice can be best described as 'perpetually done.' He tries to avoid large cities if at all possible, and exists in a nearly permanent state of homelessness. He can be easily swayed into service by threats from large groups or just larger opponents, but will generally try to weasel his way out of unwanted tasks at the first opportunity. The exception to the rule are jobs and relationships that end with him gaining more magical knowledge. He also absolutely hates being called "Ham."

    Gear: A simple wooden staff for summoning fire, a basic steel dagger for cutting things, two sets of robes (in all black, of course), a thick cloak for those cold Skyrim nights, a large pack to hold food and haul a small tent, basic grooming supplies, various scrolls and soul gems, and four leather-bound books whose covers have been painted over along with ink and a quill.

    Magic: Ham proficient in enchanting and manipulating souls trapped in soul gems, although he rarely has an adequate workstation, and can conjure up lesser Daedra such as atronachs, scamps, and clanfear without much trouble. He knows a bit of destruction and is passable at wards, but mostly relies on his staff to defend himself given the draining nature of summoning up minions.

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    #1225 Stone99, Jan 13, 2019
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  6. Billiam

    Billiam New Member

    Jan 13, 2019
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    Name: Bilkor
    Race: Nord
    Age: 21
    Class: Warrior/Rogue

    Looks: 5' 8", short dark brown hair with a dark brown beard with hints of ginger on the chin mostly. His stature is a mixture of fat and muscle, good build for fighting although may struggle in long lasting combat situations. He has blue eyes, however his sockets are surrounded with dark rings making look like he's constantly fatigued.

    Backstory: found by a traveling group of Argonians, he has little memory of his childhood before. His camp was ravaged by Bandits while he and his Argonian friend, Ushesi. Both of them would spend years together clearing Bandit camps and fighting off any dangerous they would find in the wild. They overheard a potential gold-making job that an innkeeper had passed out. They thought they could use the money to move out of Skyrim and into safer lands. Sadly Ushesi didn't make it out of the hold, and Bilkor was lucky to survive. This led him on a dark and lonely path.

    Personality: tends to stick by himself after an accident that happened to his best friend and travel mate. He has a rough exterior, ignoring most people around him. Almost like he's in a dark daze when in groups. Will often try to stay out of trouble and groups unless he has no further options. He will often be seen alone at a local inn or walking the wild.

    Gear: steel armour chest piece, braces and boots, he carries an Orcish sword, Iron dagger, mixture of basic foods and drink.
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  7. NutsnBoltz

    NutsnBoltz New Member

    Jan 30, 2015
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    (Reference Picture)
    "Is Evil What We Are? Or What We Do?"
    Basic Information

    Name: Ko'esi

    Aliases: Esi

    Birthplace: Torval, Elsweyr

    Birthdate: 21st Of Sun's Dusk

    Birth-Sign: The Lover

    Affiliations: Dark Brotherhood/Thieves Guild

    Former Affiliations: Companions/Fighters Guild/Bards College/Blood Horkers

    Occupation: Assassin/Thief

    Political Affiliation: Highest Buyer

    Wealth: Substantial

    Race: Khajiit(Cathay)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 29

    Alignment: Chaotic-Evil

    Sexuality: Straight

    Relationship: Single

    Faith: Baan Dar/Sithis

    Fur Color: Black/Grey/White

    Eye Color: White

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 181 lbs

    Hair/Facial Hair:
    Long Black Hair Semi-Braided/Short Mane Like Beard That Is Roughly Cut

    Two Deep Long Scars Along The Nose Of Ko'esi

    3 Piercings on each ear. Two on the lower lobe and 1 placed at the very tip of the ear

    Ebony Bow(Poisoned) With Ebony Arrows/Two Dragonbone Daggers Enchanted (Fire & Frost)

    Slightly Altered Dark Brotherhood Armor(Hood Included)
    When Not Under Contract/ Custom Leather Armor

    Favorite Food/Drink:
    Spiced Wine(Infused With A Small Amount Of Moon Sugar) & Elsweyr Fondue/Lavender Dumplings


    Drinking/Moon Sugar/Killing/Stealing/Assault/Coin

    Law & Order/Good Deeds/Prison/Hierarchy

    Creating/Consuming Illicit Substances/Crafting New Armor/Weapons & Learning about New Poisons To Craft

    Addiction To Moon Sugar(In Any Form)


    Rebellious/Violent/Cold Hearted/Two-Faced

    Short History

    Upon Arriving in Skyrim Esi had already formed a rather unique bond with many criminal empires that had been established in Skyrim due to his rather vicious history in his home land of Elsweyr,but he was attempting to leave that life behind him and escape custody and law of his own kin. However when he attempted to try to carve out a rather good life for himself joining with the companions. Having fought against both preducide from rather tradinalist nords and against his own violent tendencies he maintained status within the companions for a few months until he had a large visible outburst against a fellow member of the companions which resulted in him being exiled due to his unwillingness to accept his mistakes for killing a fellow companion. Upon being thrown out of the companions he worked as a hunter for Whiterun, catching prey and selling it to the Inns and Shop keeps in the markets to make a rather meager sum of coin.
    However this rather unsatisfactory life made Esi realize the futility of the bond between Nords and Khajiit. To escape any unwanted prosecution from Whiterun after the companions had finally mourned enough over their lost brother to inform the guards of Esi actions, he fled via a fellow Khajiit caravan to the so called capital of Skyrim where he would assume a role of being a passive watcher. Over a few days of learning about the city he had heard of a rather unique group of people called bards, being in the Inns in whiterun he was aware of the bards but did not know they had a collage of their own.

    Upon further investigation Esi had began to attempt to join to collage proving he had experience with musical instruments and a rather well toned voice to accompany himself. Upon joining the college he soon realized that their was more than met the eye about this place, every student seemed to have it out for one another to always best one another, Esi thought of this as friendly competition at first but experienced how cruel they truly can be to one another when he was falsely accused of thievery due to his race, out of spite and anger Esi struck out against fellow students,this time stopping himself from going to far however he was much stronger and faster then the average nord.
    After the incident had been put to rest Esi was arrested and locked in prison for over a week where he would experienced great torture at the hands of a dark vicious nord who seeped blood from him at every chance she got. having been one of the only few to survive this treatment he was finally released into skyrim, however this time with nothing to his name and an undying passion to get revenge for the way he had been treated. Over the span of a few nights Esi lashed out on his former so called "friends" at the college, stealing and assaulting them as an act of vengeance for the way they treated him.
    These actions caught the eyes of a rather sinister group who offered employment to him if he would just travel with them out to Windhelm, upon seizing the chance to finally make some coin any thought of seeking a fair life was gone, Esi was filled with a violent passion for the Nords and how he was treated and now he could unleash it upon unsuspecting merchant ships traveling through treacherous waters. The time he spent as a Blood Horker honed his violent tendencies he became more patient, more ruthless and cunning with how he acted. Unbeknownst

    to his new group over the span of several months Esi had been hoarding gold and planning a means to escape from the cold grasp that was the Horkers home,so under a fateful night Esi began to unfold his plan attacking and killing several of his fellow raiders and marauders,some who even called him friend. Striking in violent yet quick actions he had gutted many of his "friends" in a dastardly attempt to haul his loot off into a rather beaten small merchant ship the Horkers had taken for their own. This event had weakened his former group as he had escaped with armor/gold/weapons and more fleeing back into skyrim to strike his own fortune.
    Sailing back into Skyrims cold grip Esi began to strike out on his own and purchased materials to rebuild the merchant ship he had stolen away from its former procurers. Over the span of a few months Esi coin started to dwindle,but the improvement of his rather small yet newly redesigned and renovated ship had become his home. With free reign to travel around skyrims port cities he slowly started to map each city out upon arrival, learning guard posts and interchanges.

    With this newfound knowledge he began to create strife among many families,those rich and poor,breaking in during night or day whenever his needs suited him and stealing coin and anything of importance that he could fence off to his fellow caravans. During his rather daring house raids he came across another who was picking from a home he had chosen to take from himself, upon closer inspection he had come across a thief of the mysterious thieves guild. At first Esi was furious with someone else stealing his loot,but soon came to understand that he needed "friends" in higher places if he was ever going to achive that 'peaceful" life he once wished for.
    So in typical Khajiit form he played two sides of the coin, a friendly face who wishes to work within the group as a unit and help it grown, and a tail who steals from the group while they are unaware and uses the guilds information as a means to learn about their signs and opposing factions as well as rather wealthy targets for him to hit. The rule of not killing anyone did affect Esi over time as he grew more agitated and prone to violence, so instead of cutting ties completely with the guild he simple lessioned the time he spent with them thus not allowing them to think he has turned against them or strode off on his own,while still allowing him freedoms.
    His rather violent nature became unhinged during some of his house raids as he now attacked unaware citizens, stealing right from the corpse he just made,however in most cases he strode to knock them out as over time the killings he was committing slowly started to fall onto his conscious. However one night he was approached by a masked figure on his boat,who offered Esi a new job one that gave him much more freedom when it came to the violent nature of this particular Khajiit.
    Thus over an extended initiation he became a rather exceptional member of the struggling dark brotherhood, something that was starting to become more aware to him as both the thieves and brotherhood were struggling to remain relevant and a viable threat. So over time he became a free-lance thief/assassin who would let the highest bidder pay for his work, while still keeping good faith with both the Brotherhood and the Thieves due to his cunning,charismatic ways that he had adapted over time due to living in skyrim.

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