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Buildable Skyfall Auto-Sort Issue?

Discussion in 'Skyrim Mods' started by Rumor, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Rumor

    Rumor Member

    Jul 7, 2012
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    Cross posted this directly to the nexus page too.

    Wondering if anyone can help me understand/use the auto-sort in Skyfall Estate. When I put things in the sort/drop-off barrels, they stay there. They do not proceed to the quick access areas. I've tried many things, including rebuilding 3xs, leaving the area and coming back, dropping only a tiny amount of stuff at a time, leaving the area and coming back. I can put things directly in the quick access area (like the bow, meats...ie displays on the shelves), and they stay there - and they never mingle with the things placed in the sort/drop-off barrels. The house is amazing and I can live without the feature - but I'd love to see it work.

    I've had most of my mods since the start of the game, and I use LOOT. I don't believe that I have any conflicting mods.

    Scoured the web and didn't see a bunch on others having this issue, so hoping it's something goofy that I am overlooking and someone can enlighten me.

    Thanks, :)

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