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Beta Testers

Discussion in 'TESO Discussion' started by Lifts-Her-Tail, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Lifts-Her-Tail

    Lifts-Her-Tail Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2012
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    It has been released via facebook that the first wave of testers have been chosen by Bethesda to become Beta testers. This small wave would not have consisted of many people and there will be more waves later on in time. If you did not get in then do not fear as in a later date you many be asked to become a beta tester so keep your hopes up and open your mind to what could become!

    Now I doubt if anyone here would get one as the chances were very low for each person even if you got an excellent as the amount of people that entered was significant. So many people entered it has taken this long for Bethesda to choose the lucky buggers who got invites. ;)

    I was very disappointed when I opened my email and no "You are a beta tester!!!" email was there and there was just an email from Jack Wills saying I need to collect some clothing -_- I was not a happy person, but I'm keeping my hopes up and praying that the gods will grant me my undying wish to become one of the lucky people! :D

    So if you haven't already check your emails, CHECK THEM!!!!!! You never know you could be lucky! :D:p;)
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  2. Suleku

    Suleku The Grey Knight

    Nov 21, 2011
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    Not too big on mmorpgs like I use to be, but I'd really wanna see this game live up to it's name atleast :p *cheers for all those that got into beta btw*
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