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Spoiler Basic Guide to making a Cat assassin

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by FalseAdept, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. FalseAdept

    FalseAdept New Member

    Nov 25, 2011
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    This guide contains minor spoilers!

    I'm currently a lvl 32 Assassin class w/ 23hours of play. I chose the Khajiit race, since this race comes with extra skills in pretty much all the vital assassin skills. There are many different ways you can build this class. I'm posting an all-combat build, that will result in high backstab damage and high damage output. I never really wrote a guide like this, but if you guys have any questions, just ask. I hope this guide helps some of you out. This is the build I'm currently using.

    Race: Khajiit
    Stone: Shadow Stone (Invisibility for 60 sec)-main escape mechanism
    Horse: Shadowmere: 2x stamina, just about impossible to get killed, and helps you fight if youre in a battle(obtained from a quest in the Dark Brotherhood). badass horse
    Current lvl: 32
    Health: 300
    Stamina: 200

    Current Armor=140 armor total
    -Epic Ancient Shrouded gloves(double backstab dmg)
    -Epic Ancient shrouded boots(muffle)
    -Epic Ancient Shouded Cowl(+35% bow dmg)-equip this, then cicero's hat to equip both headgears
    -Epic Ancient Shrouded Armor(+100% poison resist)
    -Cicero's hat(+35% sneak)-obtained from "A Cure for Madness" quest
    -Amulet(+25% sneak), Ring(+15% sneak), Amulet(+25% smithing), Ring(+15% smithin)
    -Elven Gloves(+12% smithing)
    -The ancient shrouded set is only obtainable if you complete the BONUS mission in the "Breeching Security" quest for the Dark Brotherhood. Gabriella will tell you to get your fortune read by some lady in whiterun and it'll lead you to the quest where you get this armor.

    Main R: Legendary Daedric Dagger=58 dmg+10 health absorb(forged and enchanted)
    Main L: Legendary Blade of Woe= 60 dmg+10 health absorb(Obtained from Astrid's charred body in the "Hail Sithis!" quest)
    Secondary: Legendary Deadric Bow or Legendary Finriel's bow

    Main Skills to focus on

    Sneak: 100!!!
    -I power lvled this in the Thieves guild(look up videos if you want to know how to, there are other ways)
    -Get Assassin's blade ASAP!
    -Got every skill except I stayed at lvl 3 stealth.
    -Im literally able to massacre a whole city just from sneaking around and backstabbing guards one by one without being noticed.
    -This is definitely the most vital skill if you're going assassin
    -night time is when you can truly bring out your inner assassin

    One handed: 70+
    -Upgrade your dmg as much as the lvl allows.
    -Dual flurry lvl 2, lvl 1 Dual Savagery, lvl 5 Armsman, lvl 1 Fighting Stance, lvl 1 Savage Strike
    -This skill is probably the most challenging for me to lvl

    Smithing: 90+
    -Go through the right side of the tree if you're planning on making more weapons
    -Go through the left side, if you wanna make light armor and slightly weaker daggers.
    -This is probably the fastest skill I lvled up, Smith iron daggers like no tomorrow.
    -I only use this so I can make my weapons and improve my equips.
    -I got all the smithing upgrades including dragon, but 90 is all you need if you plan on staying with your ancient shrouded armor.

    Light Armor: 50+
    -Personally I didn't put any points into this, since I rarely ever die in battle. But I do consider it an important skill, but I focus on dmg rather than def.
    -If you feel like you're getting owned too quickly, go ahead and pump up some skills in this section.

    Secondary skills

    Archery: 40+
    -This is probably the last skill i put my points into

    Enchanting: 40+
    -lvl this by enchanting all the iron daggers you smithed with petty soul gems
    -Soul Siphon for recharging weapons

    Lockpicking: 40+
    -Dont even bother distributing points in this, once you reach 40+, just about any luck is pretty easy to open with lockpicking gloves.
    -Early game, get as much lockpicks as you can
    -Join the thieves guild

    -If you want to get into making poisons and other cool stuff like that, this is the skill for you.
    -If you complete the last main Dark Brotherhood quest, you'll be the leader and will be able to buy a master bedroom, poisoner's nook, torture chamber, and banners for your sancuary in Dawnstar. The poisoner's nook is quite useful for alchemy users, especially assassins. Along with the alchemy table, there's a garden right next to it that spawns ingredients you would need to make poisons.

    -I didn't really pay attention to this skill, but if you like role playing a thief class, GO FOR IT!

    -Personally I don't use any spells, but if you wanna try using magic, go for this.
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  2. Skyrim Madman

    Skyrim Madman New Member

    Jun 26, 2012
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    thanks i just made a khajiit save so this will be helpful
  3. Boom

    Boom Member

    Sep 3, 2012
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    becoming a vampire is also a good thing for the assassin khajit, you will get extra sneaking bonus and if you let vampirism reach the last level you get a power that turns you invisible and grants you night vision for 180 secs, that way you can forget about the shadow stone and pick a serpent or thief stone, btw this guide can't be aplied to master level playing since archery is a must for a sneaker fighting dragons for his lack of resistance it might die in few hits so the best bet is to fight it from distance and using equipments for resisting the element the dragon attacks (if you are a vampire you will have a bad time fighting fire dragons btw you will take half damage from frost dragons)
  4. Eury

    Eury Dovahkiin

    Aug 15, 2012
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    Pickpocket perk "Poisoned" is good for assassins, especially when you have 100 Alchemy and make your own poisons.
  5. DovahCap

    DovahCap The one cube to rule them all.

    Aug 9, 2012
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    Reverse pickpocket Jarrin Root poison. For the luls.

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