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Barbarian Guide (No crafting build)

Discussion in 'Skyrim Guides and Tutorials' started by aena68, May 12, 2013.

  1. aena68

    aena68 New Member

    May 12, 2013
    I just wanted to give some advices on how to make a pure barbarian immune to almost anything but physical damage.

    My build does not rely on crafting loops tha i consider as "cheating" or at least absusing the crafting system. I was not interested in using a serie of alchemy/enchating loops to end up with an overpowered smihting kit.

    I completed the main quest at 22 with the following skills :

    Smithing ~ 70
    Light armor 55
    Restoration ~ 45
    Two Handed ~ 80
    Alteration ~ 50

    Some other skills are high (enchating 40, speaking 45) but i never really focussed on them.

    Race : Breton for the 25% magic resistance.

    Explanation of the choices :

    Light armor : The perks are much better than heavy armor ones (there are 2 useless perk in the heavy armor tree that must be taken) , moreover you can carry much more things, you run fast and perk give you stamina regeneration.

    Two handed : Mainly because they stagger the opponent much more and do have a much larger range. I usually used a two handed sword. Note that even if you don't smith you get a nice 2 H sword during the companion quest line (when farkas turn into a werewolf).

    Smithing : To improve your damage output and counteract the lack of heavy armor. I got steel skill perk at level 3, elven around 12, advanced around 16, glass around 20. I was unlucky since i found only one smithing item (+12%) and I used only basic smithing potions from shops. Around the end of the main quest i finally found smithing filter on sale (rank 2 potions).

    When i completed the main quest the damage of my weapon was around 155. and it was more than enough.

    Alteration : Allow you to significantly raise your amor before charging in, and later to increase your magic resistance by 10-30%.

    Restoration : For the mana regeneration and to self heal (typically fater using unrelentin force or whlle running away if things get a bit bad).

    Early game (level 1-8):

    a) Pick up a cool sign :
    As soon as you can buy a horse simply rush to the Lord stone.

    => from then you magic resistance is 50% and you absorb 50 damage. The stone is guarded by 3 bandits that will have your level.

    b) Agent of mara :
    Go to riften and do the agent of mara quest line (simply go to temple there).
    The quest does not involve any fighting but may be some random wild animals that you may encounter.

    => your magic resistance is now 65%.

    As your alteration skill grow you will be able to raise it to 75% and then 85% (2 perk).

    c) Dealing more damage :
    Look for fortify two handed items in each shop you visit.
    I first got one (heavy armor gloves), then light armor glove (so i broke the first one). Then 2 others : ring and necklace. Late in the game (~20) i made my own boots with fortified two haned on them.

    d) Poison ( Falmer cat and dogs)
    Around 15-18 find valthume and go there. Kill Hevnoraak and get his helm that provided immunity to poison. The dagon priest is very easy to kill since he deals no damage, the undead bosses that deal physical damage were quite harder.

    e) Choice when leveling up :

    80-90% in health, the rest in stamina or magicka.

    Perk choice are quite obvious :
    light armor : max out your armor rating,running speed and stamina regen.
    two handed : max out your two handed damage ,decrease stamina cost.
    restoration : Get apprentice restoration (at least), regenerate, respite.
    Alteration: apprentice then 10, 20 or 30% magic resistance (if you go to 30% you may decide to change the Lord stone for another one).
    Smithing : Left tree, i completed the main quest before reaching the Dragon armor (100).
    Indeed i got glass smithing only a bit before killing alduin.

    f) Usefull shouts : Unrelenting force, the one that freeze your target. Some other shouts : become ethereal, whirlwind are occasionnaly usefull.

    => the two most important shout (unrelenting force and whirlwind are automatically obtained).
    I found breath spells to be very weak.

    Dragonrend is nice but you get it way too late in the game.

    Other cool items/quests :

    Weapons :
    There are plenty of quest giving nice 1 handed weapons and cool shields, but almost none -- but an horrible one that i refused to do : ebony blade -- providing a 2 hander. When completing the compagnons quest you get a quite decent axe, but if your smithing is above 50 your selfmade weapon may be better. This is due to the fact that the compagnon axe cannot be tampered (sadly).
    Completing the game with a skyforge 2 hander tampered with a moderate smithing skill is certainly possible.

    Armor :
    The Darkbrotherhood armor is good early in the game, but my barbarian refused to kill an old lady so i never got it. Destroying the thalmor ambassy or freeing the dragoreach prisonner from the thalmor will provide you with ton of elven armor.

    The thieve guild armor is not impressive at all, but i enjoy that quest line.


    Morrokei mask is one of my favorite (end of mage quest line).

    Saving the nice dog (a daedra best friend) is one of the rare Daedric quest that does not require the character to murder anyone. It can be done at any level and can help with money (since the mask allow you to get better prices). You cannot miss the quest if you go to Falkreath.
  2. aena68

    aena68 New Member

    May 12, 2013
    I forgot to mention Galdur amulet, to get the quest simply look around in the mage library (the one with the funny old orc) after completing saarthal ruins.

    I probably completed the quest around 12 or 15, the main problem is the fact that bosse may disarm you. So bring extra weapons or raise conjuration a bit to be able to buy the summon two handed axe spell, a fire atronach that may help too.

    It seems that you can block the disarm spell but i cannot confirm it.

    The amulet is very nice at low level since it provide 30 mana/stamina/health.
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  3. Joker

    Joker Cook, Wine Taster, Scotch Taster, Adventure Seeker

    Mar 6, 2013
    Very interesting build. I have just started an Orc build, intended to go Heavy Armor (for the Wolf armor) and 2H, but I like your build. I might have to try this instead. Out of curiousity, what armor did you end up with?
  4. High King of Skyrim

    High King of Skyrim King of the barbarian horde

    Aug 25, 2012
    Firstly, love your work. Barbarians are my favourite build at the moment. I have a level 49 Nord and he's basically a wrecking machine. I've only completed companions main quest and am basically just side questing atm. My barbarian, unlike yours though, is a crafting specialist. I agree with you about the loops and whatnot being cheating and for me that spoils the fun too. So I have slowly built up my barbarian naturally. The first essential skill is indeed two handed, then block and light armour. Once I had raised these three main skills to a high level I then branched out into crafting. Smithing was important for my weapons and enchanting followed suit but more for defensive purposes than offensive. You see I never got into alteration for magical immunity like your build. I rely instead on enchantments and masks to protect me from spell casters. I'm also kind of role playing in that I've only ever used fur armour. Once I'd maxed enchanting, alchemy became to tempting to resist so now I'm levelling that in order to become even more powerful. No restoration loop, just natural alchemy. The Black Books of Hermeaus Mora are worth collecting too as their bonuses are helpful to the barbarian character build I've found. I'm constantly seeking to perfect this build and will incorporate what you've done to compliment my character. I can't wait to see how my barbarian stacks up against the ebony warrior!:)
  5. aena68

    aena68 New Member

    May 12, 2013
    Note that i don't blame people who optimize with crafting, but for that toon i wanted to really be a barbarian fighter that would be interested mainly in smithing. She tried to play with herbs but decided that it was too complex for her. She ended up making decent enchantement (skill ~40-50) only because she would break anything new she found.

    Since I did some smithing regularly while leveling i ended up with a full set of self made glass armor. Part of it was made with a smith filter effect and a minor smith ring (nothing spectacular indeed). But i was quite close to finish the main quest with scaled tempered armor.

    I used a tempered skyrforge 2 handed forge till i got wuuthrad. Remember to pick up the sweet skyforge that vulkas (or was it farkas??) drops when he turns into a werewolf.

    Light armor is really nice to catch up those annoying mages, mobility is also nice if you need to retreat or if you want to charge some archers. Last but no least it is also good for stamina regen (once you get the perk), this allow you to put most of your points in health. You should probably put still 20 points in magicka just to allow yourself to heal, cast a stoneskin or pop a fire atronach.

    I should certainly had focused a bit more on blocking, but i usually got out bad situation using unrelenting force and healing me, or simply running away.

    This build has some weaknesses :

    - Killing dragons is slow, they never did really anything (with over 70% of magic resist their breath barely move your health). With no perk in archery I must wait them to land. Once i got rich enough i decided to ignore them, unless they landed.

    - Bandit boss or undead lords are actually the most dangerous encounters.

    Hevnoraak mask is there only to deal with Chaurus and giant spiders. If you don't feel like doing valthume early in the game (believe me around 16 you will find there undead lord hitting you with ebony weapons ... yes they do hurt a bit), you can decide to kill grelock to obtain the brotherhood armor which provide 50% resistance to poison. Poison resistance is situationnal but very important, so i only wore Hevnoraak when i heard the sound of nearby chauruses. It's also possible to find poison resist necklace at some shop but it's random and may be you need to be high level to start finding some. Since almost any dwemer ruin had been partially invaded by falmers poison resist is truly important.

    Ps : Almost the same build can be used with either shield + sword or dual swords.

    - The dual sword deliver way more damage, but your range is lesser and you cannot block. And well it does not feel so cool ;-) even if it is indeed a stronger build especially with dual power attack perk.

    - Shield + sword is way safer (especially if you take block perks), but again it is not barbaric at all ;-)
  6. Joker

    Joker Cook, Wine Taster, Scotch Taster, Adventure Seeker

    Mar 6, 2013
    Wuuthrad is awesome, I have that on my Barbarian that I built over the weekend as well.

    I am doing the smithing, but no alchemy. There are shops in every city that specialize in that skill, I buy & sell potions there instead.

    Draugr lords suck. Between the Ebony sword and all that damn shouting, I struggled. I honestly wish we could shout that often. Then again, the game would be far to easy.....

    I like the Hevnoraak mask. All the local creatures no longer give me rockjoint or other niggling poisons when they bite me. My leather helmet is only for cave diving when I see bandits.

    I cannot have my barbarian go the DB route, sneaking is not in his nature, so they must be eliminated.

    I think that with the sword & board that this would be just as good. Not all barbarians were 2H monsters. Some had the S&B, some were proficient with the bow as well. Would not be nearly as powerful though.
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