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PC Bane of my existence: CTDs

Discussion in 'Skyrim Mods' started by seeker23, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. seeker23

    seeker23 Looking for the Snitch in Skyrim...

    Aug 11, 2013
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    Sooo long story long, I started modding skyrim properly a couple of months back (properly as in doing in a methodical way, before that i was just grabbing whatever I fancy from wherever i felt like and installing it however I wanted). I started studying a bit, understanding and doing stuff properly (things like cleaning).

    I wanted to get real vision since I've never had it before (didn't have a good PC till recently and stuff). So I proceeded as was instructed. I got Real Vision for CoT, not the original one. The game was okay for some time, only problem i noted was I couldn't enter red eagle redoubt (CTD). Installed race menu after sometime and boom can't enter dragonsreach now (which was fine before that).

    So I thought maybe its something to do with installing race menu after the ENB. Installed skyrim clean, miscellaneous mods first and after everything mods for RV and RV itself last. I was all hopeful :yay:and all and boom, CTD at dragonsreach. :sadface::sadface::sadface:

    So I have attached a file with my load order can you go through it and pick any obvious errors that might be the reason for the CTDs? Or should I do the long process of installing one by one to figure which ones giving me trouble?

    TLDR? I'm having a CTDs when entering locations. Can you check my load order for obvious errors?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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  2. maievoience

    maievoience Member

    Mar 12, 2017
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    For me, when CTDs happen (which happen a lot of times since I download mods left to right lol), I usually go on Steam to verify the local files for SSE. That's the first thing I do before LOOT or xedit. Steam > Game Library > Right click on SSE > Properties > Local Files > Verify. It takes a couple of seconds or minutes depending on the amount of your files to verify, but not too long. If it says there are x files that need to reacquired, LOOT and xEdit is where I go next. Basically check conflicts between mods, make sure that my LO is in correct order to prevent further conflicts. After that, I verify again and when it says all files were verified, the game doesn't CTD every time I try to save.

    NOTE: This might not be the proper way of fixing CTDs (since I'm not very well known as to how to properly fix CTDs) but I found that this method has always worked for me. Hope this helps!
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