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Argonian Class

Discussion in 'TESO Discussion' started by Benthos, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Benthos

    Benthos Proud Mer

    Nov 8, 2012
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    Let's begin the thread simply by saying I'm glad I waited until recently to get the game because I got a brand new game on Amazon $10 cheaper than a pre-owned game is sold at Gamestop. Now onto the main topic...

    Alright, so when I was creating my first character (as an Argonian as usual), I figured I would like to try out Templar class. I worked my way up to around level 8 by the time I could speak to anyone in person anywhere near where I lived and it came down to discussing build focuses. Templar Tank, healing/buff, and DPS. I figured from my run so far I would focus more on DPS even though I would LIKE to try the recovery/buff route but since I already tried to run through the world (locally from starting city or treading the vast landscapes) and almost every region had monsters that would do me in from time to time. I was so frustrated that I quit playing this character at level 10 and started anew with a female Bosmer Nightblade. It seems to be running quite smoothly then I tried another approach with an Orc Dragonknight. He was also doing pretty well... So with that being said, I checked around online and it's ENCOURAGED to try a recovery Argonian Templar due to their built in recovery/healing abilities. But my guy was so spread out and the game is built on which skill points you invest in rather than what you're doing and your best method of leveling up is by quest completion not by dominating the fields like in Skyrim. What do you guys and gals think? I tried again with an Argonian Nightblade instead and the SAME bastards who gave my last Rumar incarnation a real tough time are being bested in a few swings by his new incarnation.
    Is there any recommended paths to take? Skill points to invest in rather than certain others? I mean some people say Recovery Staff are considered overdoing it since they already get decent recovery moves and skills. My Templar path went from focusing on the built-in skills to trying to beef up his reco/destru staffs and bow. This punished me in the long run...

    It's more like Oblivion rather than Skyrim from the feel I was getting so of course you wouldn't have as much freedom when it came to control, navigation, etc. No quick saves because you have NO choice but to play online, now you can tackle dungeons "solo" but there's still people hopping online and running through. Thankfully, I haven't had much dry spots where I'm the only living player running around.
  2. ZeroDragon

    ZeroDragon Bring me my broadsword, and clear understanding.

    Jan 20, 2012
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    While I haven't gotten around to Argonian yet, I would suggest that you don't get too negative on your build early on. Yes there are purists who say that Argonians should be healers, Imperials are the best tanks/dps, bretons are the best .... maybe so in a purist sense. But you can respec later in the game. My first character was a Nord Dragonknight which was somewhere between tank and dps. Sort of I want to dps and not get killed so I ran with that up to vet 5 in heavy armour and reallocated the skills, swapped to medium armour and at V12 I have a killing machine. Not perfect, not a purist build but pretty close to one of Deltia's builds. So don't give up.

    I'd suggest join a guild if you haven't already done so. I'm in one on both servers, mainly Ebonheart but happy to help. The US one is only a couple of days old so is small. But we all use the Line app for messaging so it's easy to get advice if not always direct help.

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