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Discussion in 'Literary Arts' started by Skyrimosity, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Skyrimosity

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    Dec 20, 2011
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    Jacob Griffin woke up early in the morning. He looked out between the cracks of the boards on his windows. He saw no signs of anything alive or dead. Smiling, he walked downstairs. He grabbed a can of soup and slowly cooked it over a fireplace. After a while, he pulled out his knife and cut it open. He then began to drink the soup out of the can.

    After his breakfast, he walked to the back door. Slowly, he unlocked it and even more slowly stepped outside. He closed it quietly. Jacob glanced around to make sure he was safe. He then walked slowly into the forest. After a few minutes he walked upon a fence. Inside the fence was a clearing in the wood. The clearing had a garden planted with apple trees, potatoes, carrots, and other things.

    Jacob had been growing the garden for a while now. Nearly 6 months, he reckoned. Scavenging was fine for a while but it was dangerous and soon it would require going further and further out. No, a garden was a better way to make a living. As he began his farming for the day, he heard the same familiar moan he had heard hundreds, no thousands, of times in the past. Jacob grabbed his machete and walked in the direction he heard the sound coming from.

    A Walker, otherwise known as a Zombie or an Undead, was pushing against the fence. Jacob mercilessly took his machete and stabbed it in the head. It fell to the ground, dead. He then returned to his farming. He started whistling the tune to "Fortunate Son" while picking weeds.

    The world has turned to chaos. Government is a thing of the past. Some have formed small communities, bands of survivors looking to start anew. Some such as Jacob have remained solitary, surviving in boarded up houses and eating scavenged food while expecting the world to one day be normal again.

    Walkers, those infected by the virus, roam the lands. They are dangerous and spread their infection through biting. The key to killing a Walker is to take out the head.

    In this dangerous land, being alive is a precious thing. Often it is all that a person has. In a world where so much has been lost so quickly and millions upon millions have died, it is important to remember a fact that must be protected above all else: You are still alive.

    Alive - Pearl Jam

    (Author's Note: This is set in the universe of The Walking Dead for easy reference. However, no prior knowledge of The Walking Dead is needed in order to read. Thank you.)

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