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Alduin's Bane BUG: Alduin no show!

Discussion in 'General Skyrim Discussion' started by Skullrattla, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Skullrattla

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    Dec 25, 2011
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    THE BUG:
    When you read the Elder Scroll and receive the vision, Alduin wil not land and the Nord heroes will just stand there waiting forever, and you have to reload an earlier save. This is one of the game's high cinematic points, and I cannot see the best of it. Having to go through that scene again and again in an effort to get it to complete, completely ruined the flow and immersion in the story . Now I can’t take this game seriously, it is just too bugged, so I may as well cheat my way through the rest and wipe everybody out.


    Now I have to catch this scene on YouTube...

    As I got into this game and discovered the quest bugs, I became more and more concerned that the Main Quest would break as I seemed to not be following what Bethesda imagined people would follow in terms of quest sequence. I became worried I would come across a bug preventing me from completing the game, and it would probably show up at some critical moment.

    I was partly right. Thankfully it's not a total game -breaker, as the console worked to proceed with the quest and onto the fight with Alduin, which was too easy thanks to Paathurnax!

    This is described in the UESP wiki as a bug affecting PC users.

    Has anybody had this problem and managed to fix it? Suggested fix of reading the Elder Scroll elsewhere first didn’t work, it would just trigger the vision , my follower would appear in the vision after a minute (lol), but it would not conclude... I was forced to reload.

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