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OOC [18+] A Dark Promise

Discussion in 'Skyrim Roleplaying' started by Matthias+, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. Matthias+

    Matthias+ Down among the dead men let him lie!

    Mar 27, 2018
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    *The formatting I wanted for the text wasn't working, so I just took a picture of it.*

    *I am aware that 'A scream, and a dark promise.' comes from something else, and is unoriginal. However, I have had this goddamn sentence stuck in my head for MONTHS, and I cannot remember where it came from or where I heard it.
    Google Search brings up nothing but books, and chapters of that same book.
    If someone could find out where it came from, it would make me happy.*

    It is the 24th of Sun's Height; the year of Akatosh 186. These are the middling years of the Fourth Era.

    A decade after the Great War, the lands are plagued with infirmity. The people of Tamriel still reel from the blows struck to the land, hearth, and home by the mutual struggling, battering, and biting of both the Aldmeri Dominion, and the Empire. This struggle for the domination of Nirn has weakened both Empires, as well as the lands they fought for. The Empire is in disarray.

    Though they both fought bitterly, the Empire suffers far more in comparison to the Dominion; even after the Empire renounced Hammerfell as a province, and the Dominion moving in only to be fought to a standstill, losing nearly a third of their invasion force; the Dominion still holds it's ground. It continues to recover at a much faster pace than the Empire ever could. The war between Hammerfell and the Aldmeri Dominion ended in 4E 180, after 5 years of war, hastening the Dominion's recovery.

    In the province of Skyrim, what was referred to as an 'incident' began in 4E 174. Forsworn took the city of Markarth and declared themselves independent from 4E 174 to 4E 176 before Ulfric Stormcloak at the behest of Jarl Hrolfdir was asked to take the city back, but accepted only on the condition that Talos would allowed to be worshipped freely in Markarth. Hrolfdir accepted, and Markarth was retaken, much to the chagrin of the Reachmen.

    The wars are over.

    However, something yet stirs in the elusive darkness, and there is another war to come...


    This is the OOC thread.

    This is a sort of roleplay/history type thing I'm going to be running for as long as it takes to explain the stories of characters. You may join with present day characters on the condition it's plausible for your character to be alive this early before Skyrim. As for meeting characters in the past your character knows in the present? Retcons have happened before.

    This was made because I, like many, cannot seem to have any fun writing a backstory. It takes me hours, and my writing style is weird without other people interact with, and I end up making the characters seem edgy, and it annoys me, so I always end up scrapping the character.

    I figured this would be a more fun way to do it; that, and it would help other people develop their characters history while making connections with other people's characters. I suppose this way it might also be more fun to link characters together through situations in the past rather than keeping Skyrim perpetually in time-freeze, and having characters just be meh towards one another, or inexplicably in love in less than a single year, that kind of thing.

    To clarify: This thread takes place in 4E 186, and eventually it may possibly lead into the present time of 4E 201. My character Matthias is 34 in present times, but here he would be 19.


    Currently this is just a synopsis and a reasoning statement. I'm garbage at writing rules so this may take me awhile; if anybody would like to help with that, I'd be grateful. Also, feel free to constructively criticize my grammar, or use of words; maybe give me a few pointers. I've only gotten a few chances to try RP, and they've usually ended quickly, usually because the forums I go on die before I can even get a character finished(usually because they force me to write a history).


    1.) There is no Dragonborn. The last Dragonborn Emperor sacrificed himself years ago, and 'The Dragonborn' from Skyrim is either non existent, or obscure. Nobody may play as a Dragonborn, and the Dragonborn will be uninvolved with this thread in this timeline.

    2.) Any character with authority, be they Kings, Queens, Jarls, Guild Leaders, Faction Leaders, or otherwise will be RP'd by me in situations where they are involved. I'm not talking about player characters here, I'm speaking of characters either from the game, or Kings/Queens where you'd expect to find them. The unnamed King of (insert city here) in the Fourth Era, or Jarl Balgruuf for example. This includes entities such as the Greybeards, who are not in authority over man, but over voice.

    3.) You may join factions, and gain rank in them, but you may not become the Leader. You also can only join two factions, and you are restricted to lesser rank in the second one. If you become a Speaker in the Dark Brotherhood, you may only become a Cat Burglar in the Thieves Guild.

    4.) No Daedric/Divine championing. Any who owned the Daedric Artifacts before Skyrim have either died, or lost them; anybody who has these artifacts WILL die or disappear. The Dragonborn will get you in 15 years.

    5.) No Daedric/Divine artifacts. You can have your own enchanted items, though they must be within the scope of Vanilla Skyrim in terms of enchantment. They can look however you would like them to look.

    6.) You may be related to any NPC from the original game, or to any characters of your own making. No marriage, though, at least not to any vanilla Skyrim NPC.

    7.) I must approve your character before you may join.

    9.) 18+ Violence/Gore/Suggestive will be present, as it says on the tin.

    10.) This roleplay will mainly revolve around the characters, but will also have events that take place from time to time. This does not mean your character will be forced to the wayside by them, for your character may have a hand in it themselves if you so wish it, and plan it with me.

    11.) You may ask me questions if you feel you don't understand something. Feel free to give suggestions should you have them as well.

    12.) None of that God-modding nonsense.

    13.) Please try to make any posts at least a paragraph or two long.

    14.) You must check the OOC for event/time-skip warnings before posting. Daily.

    15.) Your character may start outside Skyrim, but must eventually end up in Skyrim before the second event.

    Post your characters below. Use a template of your own make, or copy the one I have posted below. DO NOT post a link to your character profile; your character is in a different time now. Your history may be brief, but I will not stop you from making it long.

    (CURRENT YEAR 4E 186)

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  2. Matthias+

    Matthias+ Down among the dead men let him lie!

    Mar 27, 2018
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    Weight ~ 113 lbs
    Height ~ 6'2

    Eye Color ~ Blue
    Hair Color ~ Platinum Blonde | Long
    Build ~ Wispy
    Facial/Bodily Marking(s) ~ None
    Accessories ~ None


    Outerwear: Light traveling clothing consisting of a middle class, light blue tunic with dark accents and a set of dark brown trousers, both outfitted with many added pockets in places where it is convenient to reach. Over the tunic, he is equipped with a very light leather armor, as not to compromise his light frame. In the armor are Snow Wolf pelts stuffed in the places on his body where heat congregates. He wears over this base clothing a dark linen cloak that is big enough to envelop his entire body, save his face; covering his body, and concealing him both. On his feet he wears a fine pair of dark brown leather boots, the only two articles of clothing that could be considered 'fine'. Over his hands are leather gloves, lined inside with Black Wolf fur. Matthias also has taken the liberty of creating a sort of 'tool belt' for himself, containing many vital ingredients in small pouches that dot the belt, as well as vials for holding medicinal fluids, and concoctions.

    Casualwear: The same as above, with the main difference being that he removes the cloak.

    Armor: Very basic leather armor, light brown of color, and lightly decorated graces his chest, his boots, and his hands. Chest-piece, gloves, and boots.


    Weapons: He carries a small dagger, along with the many scalpels and such tools that linger in his medical kit, though they could hardly be considered weapons, despite their sharpness. He also carries a cane to assist in trouble, and it is blunt and sturdy enough to be of use as a weapon if the situation arises.

    This man is no great fighter.

    Tools: Matthias carries a medical kit filled with tools for such work, as well as many medical/alchemy ingredients and concoctions in the pouches, and vials on his belt respectively. He also keeps a sort of backpack, or carry-on bag around with him containing scrolls, and tomes of magic to assist him on his journey, and teach him what he could not learn from his teacher before she 'died'. He also keeps a few books for pleasure reading, and some maps.

    Other: Among other things, he carries a decently sized money-pouch on his belt, along with at least two lock-picks at all times, though those are only rarely used if he runs out of unlock scrolls.

    Tomes: Matthias is a Journeyman in Alchemy, and in Illusion an adept. He also claimed some minor skill in Alteration. He knows many spells for utility sake alone, though he only knows the bare minimum when it comes to Alteration, limiting himself to such spells as 'Detect Life', and so on. He also carries many scrolls on him for utilities sake, such as unlock, and invisibility scrolls.


    Personality: Suffering frailty from birth has left Matthias cynical, and harsh; often he does not pay mind to people's feelings when speaking unless he knows he will suffer if he does not. More than one time he has spoken the hurtful, awful truth, and nearly paid with his life. He dislikes the gods for letting him be born suffering such frailty, and while not an outright hate yet, he dislikes the upper class for how they shun those lower than them, and he dislikes the lowest of classes simply for letting him be born. Matthias has learned not to be generous from the poor of Daggerfall, who would take advantage of that kindness at the slightest sign of weakness; for these acts upon him he no longer shares anything freely unless he either likes the person he is sharing with, or he believes he can get something out of the bargain.

    Matthias has been known to show kindness to those legitimately downtrodden, however. He will give to those both poor, and sickly out of the kindness of his heart, provided they let him. Matthias also in general conversation sounds uncharacteristically jolly and optimistic, despite his behavioral traits.

    Matthias prefers to be alone, though he does enjoy a conversation now and then. A worthy theory would be that to win someone like him over, one would have to engage in conversation over a mutually interesting subject. Matthias does not suffer fools lightly.

    (just a touch higher pitched)
    "Ah, hello! You don't look Hollow, far from it!
    I am Solaire of Astora, an adherent of the Lord of Sunlight."

    Modus Proelium: Matthias is a sneaky, backstabby type. When forced to battle, he will promptly use an invisibility scroll, and take out his dagger. He will usually then try to out-think, or trick the opponent. If the scroll wears off, he will resort to chameleon spells. A tactic he often uses is casting invisibility, and then stomping real hard as he fakes a retreat, and as the opponent is left wondering where Matthias is, or running for him in the wrong direction, he plants the dagger in their throat or back. It's not usually the dagger strike to the abdomen, or the back that kills the opponent; it is the poison that kills. The poison makes the enemy writhe in agony, turn different colors, vomit their own blood, and eventually expire.

    • History
    • Alchemic Theorem
    • Practical Medicine
    • Sleeping (sleeping is nice and stuff i like to sleep he likes to sleep its all good)
    • Gardening
    • Scents (food, flowers, the cold etc.)
    • Snobby mages
    • The Upper Class
    • The Underworld (Criminal) (Thieves/Prostitutes)
    • Disease
    • Restoration (The only reason he doesn't like it, is he is inept with it, and can't get any better no matter the effort.)
    Alignment ~ True Neutral

    Class ~ Wanderer

    Major Skills:
    • Alchemy
    • Illusion
    • Sneak
    Other Noteworthy Skills:
    • Herblore
    • Alteration
    • Medicine
    • 'Surgery'
    • Historical Knowledge
    • Poison-Making
    • Matthias is generally physically weak. He is not fast, he is not strong, but he is smart, and that makes up for it.
    • He also has some mental weaknesses, such as arrogance. On more than one occasion he's almost met his end not accounting for an individuals resistance to poisons.
    • Matthias cannot fight an open battle. He must isolate and kill one of any group he may fight, one at a time.
    • While Matthias knows how to use a knife in basic terms, he is no warrior or cutthroat. He does not wield a blade with the precision an assassin, or your average cutthroat would. His only precision is that of a surgeon's touch; a touch that is very precise, and slow.
    Brief History

    Matthias was born to a prostitute in the streets of Daggerfall in 4E 167 to an unknown father. After being abandoned, and left to die, he was taken in by a high-born dark haired woman, a woman beautiful in his eyes who he called mother.

    Father? Never knew him. The closest thing Matthias has ever had to family was his former teacher.

    A frail boy, taken from the streets, saved from the cold fate that crept upon him in the cold alleyways of Daggerfall, he never knew much about warmth or the touch of another. That is, until he met her. Passing out due to exhaustion in the streets, he awoke some time later with a woman hanging over him, smiling. She was old, that much he could tell. Her hair was dark, but graying. Her eyes were dark, but upon seeing him wake, they lit up like day's sky, unclouded, and clear.

    She was an Alchemist(a good one, too), and an Apprentice of the school of Illusion. She tutored him for the years they shared. Within a decade, he was 18, and now himself a Journeyman in Alchemy, and a Novice in Illusion both. She had also taught him the basics of something she called 'Surgery', a term she used broadly, though it's meaning in the books she had let him read was quite specific. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and to that end, they did.

    She died a year after his 18th birthday, leaving him the small bit of money she had left, and what books she had on the various subjects she'd tutored him in over the years...
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  3. Alty

    Alty Caw Caw

    Mar 31, 2018
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    M o r t h a i n e E v e r
    | Nord | Adolescent | Chaotic Neutral/Good |
    An unfinished portrait found in a majorly incinerated journal.
    Vague History

    Nestling, oh tyke

    How Mommy wishes your presence so. She knows you are officially beyond tears, beyond any sorrowful emotion, beyond any feel for misery.
    Mommy is full of apologies yet spoken for how you stand, but she only knows air will be in your wings' favor.

    Mommy made quite the mess today. She did not bother cleaning it. It stained the floor. But Mommy did it for the best. Mommy was attacked by a thirsty man. He pinned her to the floor. Don't fret, darling, she ended his thirst and more. All liquids he could have ever needed are merely red stains on the floor. He was served well by Mommy's ebony throwing knife. Messy was the engraved tattoo on his throat that led down his chest.

    Your name is engraved as well, fledgling. She hopes this new light will serve your path. She hopes that light will give you good friends. She hopes that light will serve and be served with your admirable mind of the shadows.

    My darling, you always were skilled in playing hide and seek in the dark. More than ever.

    The journal was almost obliterated by the flames, but with second thoughts, Morthaine hurriedly scrambled for it with the fire poker, the same fire poker that left the home messier than the story within the journal scrap. Furniture was skewed out of the burst of a pulsing mental vein, a burst of fury alone, that the only person that could ever understand her (disturbing) love of violence was no longer amongst her being. Too much effort, a phrase never to cross her very mind, was put into not reaching for the poker, and that effort didn't take five seconds in Morthaine's head to register that the effort was given up. Her hands just became spastic.

    Father was none known to her world. A father figure was probably a man of her mother's forgotten inn that was one of two that tried dragging the woman to submission, and the only one that succeeded. After that, her mother was overwhelmed with a desire to fight, as it seemed a transparent karma was running through the bloodlines; a desire to fight back. She passed her personal training to her daughter, with the exception that Morthaine was able to be much more developed as the skill began at an early age of nearly seven. She lost her birth-giver at thirteen.

    Her mother's inn is abandoned, and will forever remain. Her mother was still breathing when it was left, and she became a smithy, and a rather good one as well, designing weapons with a grip to enable throwing them. Soon after her mother's death from an intruder unknown, but could be assumed to be in relation to those her mother slayed in self-defense.

    Her mother's written thoughts are within her tactics. Many of the ink that is undone is done by Morthaine to finish tasks that her mother couldn't/wouldn't do, whether it be thieving for survival or the design of armor.

    × Stands at 5"8
    × Hair is short, dark brown, held by a torn white ribbon.
    × Thin, not too muscular though her limbs are strong
    × Her face is young, but sharp, and worn around the near-white eyes
    × Age can be estimated to 15-16, but not certain
    × Almost sickly pale skin
    × Left-handed, working towards her right in terms of wielding a sword

    × Her voice is alto, accents vary slightly
    × Her third fingers are removed by the blade of a "thirsty" person. Refusal to follow him home is what led to the event of painful cries and a metal rod driving into the man's face by the hand of her mother.

    × She wears robes with platinum plates of her mother's witty craft about her left arm (in the shape of a feather) and the quarter of a scabbard on her belt (molded like the skull of a bird of prey). Various tears are displayed about the rims the robes, but nothing too serious.

    × She carries a single concealed ebony kunai, a white ribbon wrapped around the hilt. She is in the process of making more.
    × A platinum sword is supported by the bird skull on her waist.

    Other Apparel
    × A secure pouch hangs off a thick belt on her waist, taken off as frequently as the hood and mouth cover (never). It only contains coin, sometimes even ingredients.

    × An apex predator. An unidentified assassin. She isn't for hire, it will take much convincing with her will to keep discreet. She promises much harm to those that do get lucky enough to be able to bribe her, and even makes them do a swear with blood. Generally, she can be seen as a mere wanderer. She kills for what she believes is beneficial, whether it be for herself or for the world.

    × Due to lack of a true social experience and her solitary personal existence, Morthaine is not very animated, but she does express bitterness and irritation when she is not her generally stoic self.
    × A snarky personality takes place with any contact with any person out there.
    × She does not ask a lot of questions, but she is curious, said for her shameless staring. She is more prone to observe rather than to interrogate.
    × She wants to see the world. She is not very fond of residing in one inn for a whole week.
    × Her sexuality is without a true category, but possibilities linger in either aromantic or demisexual.
    × The (disturbing) interest for blood has always plagued her mind, not that she considers it a plague.
    × She remains in a stubborn glass shell, do to her history. She doesn't let anyone in, sharing only a vague truth as she really has nothing to hide except details.
    × Shameless of any shocking actions.

    × Birds
    × Stories

    × Scenery
    × Heights
    × Alchemy (only in the case of poisons)
    × Sparring
    × Jesting at people for hysterical reactions

    × Politics
    × Dull conversation
    × Sciolists
    × Religion
    × Doldrums
    × Drunkards

    × Major skills: Sneak, One-handed
    × Secondary Skills: Two-handed, Alchemy, Pickpocket
    She does not fight straightforwardly, but rather dancing around her opponent with an eye for weak spots. She has a limitless mindset, seeing the weaknesses of guards and certain opponents with her scrutinizing nature.

    × She is precise as to where the blade goes, noting that it wastes less time than trying to beat your opponent to their knees.
    × She is very swift. What she lacks in muscle with her current youthful age, she makes up for in speed, able to dodge quickly.
    × Her mind is witty, claiming "there is always an alternative if the initial fails."
    × She is a freak of adrenaline; when her stamina runs low, she feeds off her adrenaline. Like a horse at a derby, she saves her power for the ending strike.
    × There's nothing like a frustrated opponent. She can keep a calm act.
    × She is learning the use of the halberd, but her muscles are still that of a juvenile, and therefore not fully capable of wielding anything that requires two hands.
    × She can throw blades with adept accuracy. This is progressing faster than any other skill.

    × She can fight off only so few at a time. She remains with the conclusion it is best to split up the group and bite off little by little.
    × She is not very experienced with the bow in addition to her inexperience with two-handed weaponry.
    × Magic is where she falls. She has better luck fighting it rather than casting, though she is quite an apprentice even at that. She is not even able to use scrolls.
    × Over-confidence, the one thing that may kill her. Then again, who's to stop her when she is currently without a single true ally?

    Dialogue | White
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