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Comments on Profile Post by Deadpool.

  1. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    What is that, like a Deadpool Haiku or something? ;-)

    Reminds me of the poetry I use to write when I was just a lad.
    Aug 4, 2016
  2. Deadpool.
    I beleive a Haiku is 50 words long ;)

    And no I just send you random song lyrics ;D
    Sep 11, 2016
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  3. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    I really want you to write me a Haiku; something related to the Dark Brotherhood would be nice... ;-)
    Sep 11, 2016
  4. Deadpool.
    Bruh okay, ill post one in the lobby soon
    Sep 20, 2016
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  5. Black Orchid
    Black Orchid
    Btw, found this (sorry the info. is a little late; it's been a busy season at work this year)...There are no specific rules for writing haiku; however, the structure of haiku is always the same, including the following features: Only three lines, totaling 17 syllables throughout. The first and third lines are only 5 syllables. The second line is 7 syllables.
    Dec 4, 2016
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  6. Deadpool.
    Okay that's cool, guess I learnt about haikus today :)
    Dec 10, 2016
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